Triclosan (Irgasan DP ) (List of chemicals that may cause contact dermatitis / Chemicalien die contacteczeem kunnen veroorzaken). Triclosan (sometimes abbreviated as TCS) is an antibacterial and antifungal agent present in . Chemicals, which was acquired in by chemical giant BASF. BASF currently manufactures TCS under the brand name Irgasan DP IrgasanĀ® DP Product Info. Description, Language, Legal Area. Material Safety Data Sheet, EN, CA, View (k). Material Safety Data Sheet, FR, CA, View.

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Studies on rats have shown that triclosan exposure modulates estrogen-dependent responses. The ability of triclosan to irgasab is affected by its ionization state in different environmental conditions.

Triclosan is toxic to aquatic bacteria at levels found in the environment. Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Retrieved from Irgasaj Society of Agronomy, https: A critical review of the literature”. As ofthere were five registrations [ further explanation needed ] for triclosan with the EPA.

Retrieved 26 January Fatty acids are necessary for building and reproducing cell membranes. The 19 ingredients are: Uses authors parameter ECHA InfoCard ID from Wikidata Articles containing unverified chemical infoboxes Wikipedia articles needing clarification from June Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from September Articles containing potentially dated statements irgawan It has also been found in land animals including earthworms and species 300 up the food chain.


Irgaasan advisory panel first met on June 29,and the agency published its proposed rule on Sept 13, Retrieved October 29, Triclosan has also been shown to be effective in treating the rare and currently incurable skin disorder, Hidradenitis suppurativa.

Triclosan was used as a hospital scrub in the s. Triclosan has been found to be a weak endocrine disruptorthough the relevance of this to humans is uncertain.

Irgasan DP in a deodorant.

This preliminary assessment confirms that Canadians can continue to safely use products such as toothpaste, shampoo and soap containing triclosan”. British Journal of Surgery. Toxic effects of dioxin contaminations.

Comparison of different methods of cutaneous sensitization with “weak” allergens. At high concentrations, triclosan acts as a biocide with multiple itgasan and membrane targets.

Triclosan is soluble in ethanolmethanoldiethyl etherand strongly basic solutions such as a 1 M sodium hydroxide solution, but only slightly soluble in water.

A comprehensive analysis in from the University of Michigan School of Public Health indicated that plain soaps are just as effective as consumer-grade antibacterial soaps with triclosan in preventing illness and removing bacteria from irgasah hands. American Journal of Infection Control. Under a reflux process, 2,4,4′-trichloro-2′-methoxydiphenyl ether is treated with aluminium chloride.

Irgasan DP300 in a deodorant.

Phenols often demonstrate antibacterial properties. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The duration of triclosan in personal product use is relatively short. Because of potential health concerns spanning from antimicrobial resistance to endocrine disruption, triclosan has been designated as a “contaminant of emerging concern CEC “, meaning it is under investigation for public health risk.


A Practical Evidence Based Guide. Global warming may increase uptake and effects of triclosan in aquatic organisms. Triclosan has been employed as a selective agent in molecular cloning. Once absorbed, triclosan is metabolized by humans primarily through conjugation reactions into glucuronide and sulfate conjugates that are excreted in feces and urine.

In light of mounting evidence on the human health and ecotoxic effects of triclosan, some companies reformulated to remove it in advance of regulation: Effective or Just Risky? Retrieved on October 27, What Consumers Should Know”. A bacterial host transformed by a plasmid harboring a triclosan-resistant mutant FabI gene mFabI as a selectable marker can grow in presence of high dose of triclosan in growth media. In commercial, institutional, and industrial equipment uses, triclosan is incorporated in conveyor belts, fire hoses, dye bath vats, or ice-making equipment as an antimicrobial.

American Journal of Dentistry. Views Read Edit View history.