Iside Svelata, opera scritta da Helena Petrovna Blavatsky nel e sottotitola ta “Chiave dei Misteri antichi e moderni della Scienza e della Teologia” rappres. Iside svelata (Le vie dello spirito) by Helena P. Blavatsky at – ISBN – ISBN – Armenia – – Softcover. Il secondo volume del libro fondamentale per la teosofia. Con il secondo volume di Iside svelata, l’imponente lavoro di analisi e ricerca di HPB trova una sua.

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Equal magnetic polarity will violently repulse the ethereal man from the decaying organic mass. God thus is the primary substance, the rest, the secondary; if the former created matter with a power of moving itself, he, the primary substance, is still the cause of that motion as well as of the matter, and yet we rightly say that it is matter which moves itself.

Reason answers, avelata cannot be.

Franco Volpi 5 filosofo italiano. The whole difficulty lies in that 1, the ultimate moment of separation between the two is believed to be that when the body is declared dead by science; and 2, a prevailing unbelief in the existence of either soul or spirit in man, by the same science.

Francesco Fiorentino 9 filosofo italiano. Despite missions, despite armies, despite enforced commercial intercourse, the “heathen” find nothing in the teachings of Jesus — sublime though some are — that Christna and Gautama had not taught them before. It is no concern of his whether his help benefits a man in his worldly or spiritual progress; his first duty is to be ever ready to help if he can, without stopping to philosophize.

This is one edge isde the sword, and this the other: August Strindberg 39 scrittore e drammaturgo svedese. Imagination, Pythagoras maintained to be the remembrance of precedent spiritual, mental, svvelata physical states, while fancy is the disorderly production of the material brain.


In altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. The indestructibility of matter and force being discovered and proved, the great problem of eternity is solved.

Giorgio Colli 6 filosofo e filologo italiano. Sinnett The Mahatma Letters for A. This is no coincidence. Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. And so, to gain over any new converts, and keep the few already won by centuries of cunning, the Christians give the “heathen” dogmas more absurd than their own, and cheat them by adopting the habit of their native priests, and practicing the very “idolatry and fetishism” which they so disparage in the “heathens.

Autori simili Leopold von Sacher-Masoch 10 giornalista, romanziere e scrittore austriaco. Spirit leaves no skeletons or fossils behind, and yet few are the men on earth who ssvelata that man svealta live both objectively and subjectively.

Finch, Sinnett divenne il presidente della London Lodge nel gennaio[9] conducendola per un certo periodo in maniera piuttosto indipendente dall’organizzazione madre, anche per l’avvenuta cessazione delle lettere da parte dei Mahatma. The radical difference between the two, was however, so thoroughly indicated by Wordsworth, in the preface to his Lyrical Ballads, that it is no longer excusable to interchange the words.

Frasi di Helena Blavatsky

Frasi di Helena Blavatsky. The visible universe becomes disintegrated, its material dispersed; and “darkness,” solitary and alone, broods once more over the face of the “deep. And if untrue, what are they? Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. Marshall McLuhan 92 sociologo canadese – Psychologists tell us that it is the plastic or selata power of the soul; but materialists confound it with fancy.

Thus there come Enoch, Irad, Mehujael, Methuselah, and the fifth is Lamech, the second svekata, and he is Noah’s father.

By drawing the five-pointed star of Lucifer which has its crown-point downward and writing the name of Cain beneath the lowest point, and those of his descendants successively at each of the other points, it will be found that each fifth name — which would be written beneath that of Cain — is that of a murderer. Siva is the Destroyer, but he is also the Regenerator. Eugenio Garin 1 filosofo italiano. Tra il e il lesse con entusiasmo il libro scritto dalla teosofa Helena Blavatsky di recente pubblicazione, Iside svelata.


Gustave Thibon 23 filosofo ieide scrittore francese. Cain is a murderer, but he is also the creator of nations, and an inventor. The greatest proof of it is the distribution of the characters in the Bible.

This process has been going on from all eternity, and our present universe is but one of an infinite series which had no beginning and will have no end.

Iside Svelata – Google+

This star of Lucifer is the same one that John sees falling down to earth in his Apocalypse. Socrates invariably refused to argue upon the mystery of universal being, yet no one would ever have thought of charging him with atheism, except those who were bent upon his destruction. Upon inaugurating an active period, says the Secret Doctrine, an expansion of this Divine essence, from within outwardly, occurs in obedience to eternal and immutable law, and the phenomenal or visible universe is the ultimate result of the long chain of cosmical forces thus progressively set in motion.

Anniversari di oggi Giovanni Pascoli 87 poeta italiano –