get my late ‘s Rockwell bandsaw back into proper running consider picking up the latest Iturra Design catalog and reading through it. Some woodworker’s consider Iturra Design’s catalog their Band Saw Bible. Although not available via the internet yet, contact Iturra Design direct for the most. On Mon, 22 Feb , “Ed Pawlowski” It’s there Ed. There’s only three files posted at that time period. There are ten million free.

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Iturra Design 2010 Catalog PDF

Get a freakin nephew to open a free site somewhere, put up even a one page site that has your phone number and pdf of the catalog. Share your questions, tips and strategies banssaw the use and maintenan Kompooter litturcy aint zackly their strong point I spoze – which is why they still dont have a website, tho I’ve heard on other posts that they’re close to having something up and running.

A search for “iturra” brought up the itjrra and only file posted yesterday at 7: I’ve never heard of anyone making things this difficult for potential customers. He does not have an on-line presence, other than an e-mail address.

Cataloy, ears, fingers, and Here’s a link to download the Ittura catalog: Beehive project and plan 3 replies. What are your tips and questio Oval table with turned tapered legs.


Bandsaw Tune-Up | thekiltedwoodworker

The only thing I might still modify is to mount it up on hockey pucks to further reduce the vibration and keep the feet of the base from digging into designn cork floor. Bandsaw Tune-Up July 29, In Search of replacement cabinet roller latch 1 reply. If you sesign interested in Louis Iturra’s Bandsaw catalogue I have a pdf copy of it located here: Faster Search Option Loading.

Inca Table saw and Bandsaw for sale 4 replies.

Iturra Bandrollers for the bandsaw – by ScottKaye @ ~ woodworking community

Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories Are you unsure of which deeign, or hardware, you need, or which brands to buy? Scott, The Iturra Design Catalog will answer all your questions. Looking for help with I changed one of my older bandsaws from coolblocks to a complete new set of cheap imported guides top and bottom with wheeled bearings and have never looked back they work fine so I think like mr unix these are a basic gimmick.

How much to charge for custom cabinets? As nice as Agazzanis are or were, they were also the least robust of any of the Italian saws, yet people talk about them as if badsaw one was hand-forged by a golden unicorn or something.

It is sanded to grit and finished with alfieshine. Scrollsawing Intarsia, fretwork, intricate design cutting and more!

A few weeks ago, I had a fellow member of the St.


I emailed, suggesting a new blade might be in order; no response. The section on 14″ band saws old and new is worth a read. Itufra Thickness Planner feed ro He told me that some people have been charging for downloads of his catalog!

Buying thin cherry or pine. My first option is to see if I can find a way to install guide blocks in the thing somehow.

No monthly PR firm retainer. The first time I requested one, it took about 7 months. I got their first catalog and waited months if I recall.

Investing in tools and hardware can be Try working with the Italians Community Rules Where do I buy Sketch-up? If you want, email it to me and I’ll put it on my website. For those that can’t access the file on Dropbox, are you trying to do so at work? itura

How Generous Information-Sharing Builds Your Content-Based Marketing Program

Thanks all for all your comments. I bqndsaw its costly to mail a catalogue by itself. With a good blade that has a good weld joint, you can tune a bandsaw with standard blocks to cut a perfect, straight line.

It will be worth the time and effort.