AssetWise Ivara Performance Management integrates the former Ivara EXP Enterprise software into Bentley’s product development process. is an Enterprise Asset Management system that helps companies manage the efficiency of their maintenance work execution processes. Ivara. EXP is. Why – Helping you do the right work at the right time. Increase the use of predictive techniques; Capture maintenance expertise.

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To download the Bentley Infrastructure Top Owners ranking, a unique global compendium of the top public- and private-sector owners of infrastructure based on the value of their cumulative infrastructure investments, visit www.

Designed with input from The Aladon Network Practitioners, and developed by the leading enterprise software developers at Ivara Corporation, EXP Professional includes the following modules click for details:. EXP includes specialized functionality in the areas of: Get the latest industry news, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox.

I agree ivaraa the Terms and Privacy Statement. Talk to an Aladon representative for more information about potential upgrade credit for certain RCM toolkits.

The Aladon Network

All other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Its solutions encompass the MicroStation platform for infrastructure design and modeling, the ProjectWise platform for infrastructure project team collaboration and work sharing, and the AssetWise platform for infrastructure asset operations — all supporting a broad portfolio of interoperable applications and complemented by worldwide professional services.

Enhanced security — easy to set up at module, object, field, function levels. To access a professional networking site that enables members of the exxp community to connect, communicate, and learn from each other, visit Be Communities. I believe that by aligning our software advances with your opportunities, we can together achieve unprecedented returns on our investments. The new version provides additional global reach and software administration efficiency, along with Bentley SELECTserver support for increased licensing flexibility.

It allows organizations to define, implement and manage effective and proactive maintenance programs. Additional information about Bentley is available at www. Easy to install and administer. Leading organizations are taking advantage of the convergence of these technologies to implement more proactive maintenance programs to improve the profitability of their organizations. The new version is easily deployed and managed, and lvara scales to support ezp operations.


Easy to use — Intuitive user interface, easy to navigate, short-cuts, spell check, powerful reporting and presentation capabilities.

The Aladon Network

EXP – Helping you do the right work at the right time Increase the use of predictive techniques Capture maintenance expertise Ensure equipment performs within its desired operating parameters Predict equipment failure before it occurs Avoid unnecessary replacement of costly parts Take full advantage of PdM systems Make informed maintenance decisions Have ready access to equipment condition Easily integrates with your existing applications Proven solution that delivers significant benefits Today’s competitive environment is placing increasing demands on the management of physical assets.

AssetWise is a system of servers and services that helps owner-operators achieve world-class asset performance and proactively manage asset lifecycles with assured information integrity. Designed with input from The Aladon Network Practitioners, and developed by the leading enterprise software developers at Ivara Corporation, EXP Professional includes the following modules click for details: Bentley Systems applies information mobility to improve asset performance by leveraging ivaraa modeling through integrated projects for intelligent infrastructure.

About AssetWise Ivara Performance Management AssetWise Ivara Performance Management provides a cohesive and integrated approach to developing, implementing, and managing a living asset reliability program. EXP goes a step further than other RCM software toolkits by offering complementary functionality to support a risk based ivar to determining where to focus your efforts across your entire equipment base.

By enabling global operations and maintenance teams to share the same database, accessed in multiple native languages, benchmark asset knowledge and performance experience can be more advantageously pooled, and implementations can be accelerated across plants, sites, and countries.

Available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. In addition to providing supervisors, even off-site, with uninterrupted operations and safety dashboards, the new app empowers them to respond to alarms and perform approvals via server connectivity. Your analysis will not end up in a binder dxp on a shelf or charts hanging on the wall. Traditional CMMS systems have helped companies improve the efficiency of maintenance work execution, but have focused on corrective and preventative maintenance approaches.


(Expert Maintenance Program)

EXP is an Expert Maintenance Program that improves the effectiveness of maintenance by identifying the right work to do at the right time. Understanding the business risk of safety, exo, operating and non-operating consequences helps you determine where RCM2 or MTA are most appropriate and helps you develop a roadmap for improvement that is technically based and defensible. EXP Pro supports a full suite of integrated modules to help you define a complete reliability improvement strategy. EXP Professional is the leading reliability strategy development software.

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With its facilitation of information mobility for open shareable asset information, AssetWise Ivara Performance Management can help owner-operators to leverage reliability information across the entire asset lifecycle to achieve world-class infrastructure asset performance.

About Us Contact Plant Automation.

Ivara.EXP (Expert Maintenance Program)

Also introduced in version 7. Several emphasized the importance to their organizations of information mobility and of connecting globally.

It is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for operational excellence that helps eliminate unexpected downtime, reduce dxp costs, increase availability and asset utilization, ensure compliance with industry regulations and guidelines, meet safety, quality and operational targets, and eliminate islands of data. About Bentley Systems, Incorporated Bentley is ovara global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.

Company Name Ivara Corporation. Bentley also previewed the forthcoming APM Supervisor Dashboard app to leverage information mobility for operations and maintenance managers.

EXP eliminates the paperwork and allows you to show your analysis, results and action plans to your management team immediately after the facilitation session. In addition, a new Environment Migration Wizard reduces by up to 80 percent the manual effort required of system integrators to migrate and deploy configurations and customizations between environments.