Iyami Osonronga, gbogbo ohun ti mba nwi. Ogbo lo ni e mda gbo dandan. Iyami Osoronga, e mo ohun mi o. Iyami Osoronga, igba l o ni ki e mda gba. Queen Iyami Osoronga. 53 likes. Orisa Oshun, direct descendant of the power of the seven mothers who generated the human species in the world daughter of. Iyami Osoronga: Divine Femininity: Divine Feminniity [Chief Fagbemileke Fatunmise] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Using your witchcraft power for evil is not good for you.

Iyami Osoronga | The Mothers | Pinterest | Black art, Voodoo and African

Good luck to your quest! The male counterpart to Iyami are called Oso meaning Wizard.

Many Kings issued prohibitions for women to ensure they would not participate. Aboru Aboye, thank you for commenting and confirming to be a witch. Iyami became demonized as more patriarchal regimes came into power under Abrahamic faiths causing them to go into complete secrecy to avoid persecution and possible death. The influx of Abrahamic faiths and the European Witch hunts of Europe during the s coincided with the influx of Islamic and Christian colonialism and the slave trade in West Africa.

However, this particular belief is ill informed and is in contradiction to both Ifa scripture and Ifa ritual practice.


36 Signs You Are A Witch

Some Ifa priests Iyanifas and Babalawos have also been trained to offer an Iyami vessel to women as identified osorogna specific Odu verses. All female Orisha are considered Iyami. Like Mother Gods in other cultures, they have a triune function as creators, sustainers, and destroyers of life.

Retrieved August 18, They were also prominent in the marketplace yielding great power and wealth. Women osoeonga Wisdom notes that the contradiction of suggesting no one can initiate or claim to have been initiated while simultaneously saying only Iyami can initiate demonstrates the fallacy of the statement itself.

Existence, according to Yoruba thought, is dependent upon it; it is the power to make things happen and change. Aboru Aboye, iyamj Babalawos on the internet are not fake and all Babalawos off the internet are not real.

Because of the relationship to Mother Earth, Iyami Aje oslronga also known for their extensive use of natural resources such as herbs and other animals for healing and empowerment. The Aje on earth fall into two categories, Oso, which are male Aje and the Eleiye which are female Aje.

They are the gynecologists, obstetricians, general practitioners, counselors, psychologists, diviners, physicists, mathematicians, architects, scientists, navigators, and agriculturalists of their communities.

Rise and Fall of Iyami.

Iyami Aje – Wikipedia

In Yoruba languageIya mi literally means “my mother”. Iyami Aje also continue to occupy essential positions of power in Yoruba sacred societies and political institutions. For one, offerings to Iyami are a component of nearly all offerings made as a result of consultation with Ifa divination. Chief odoronga created being.


It will attract bad karma to you and mess up your life which I doubt you want your life to be messed up. Women of Wisdom notes that the contradiction of suggesting no one can initiate or claim to have been initiated while simultaneously saying only Iyami can initiate demonstrates the fallacy of the statement itself. This page was iywmi edited on 24 Decemberat It is more likely an initiation that occurs on a need to know basis rather than non existent.

Yes ,to almost all the questions above but how do i embrace this supernature power of iyami osoronga? I live in Guyana,south america.

Iyami osoronga

Yemoja becomes the Apetebi woman of Orula. Aboru Aboye, success and failure are deeply connected. To begin your conscious advanced witchcraft training, contact us by using our Contact Us page oworonga our website. Art and Female Power Among the Yoruba. My ancestors have been directing me through this and n my dreams and meditation and prayer.

University of Washington Press.

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