TATA Tea’s Jaago Re initiative drives the idea of pre-activism. As concerned Read more about the Jaago Re campaign. Alarm Bajne Se Pehle Jaago Re!. “Alarm Bajne Se Pehle, Jaago Re,” (wake up before the alarm rings) – and .. jaago re “In our voting campaign, we facilitated voter registration. Social Samosa takes a look at some of the best Jaago Re campaigns over the years which touched upon sensitive issues.

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Balkito create a public service announcement broadcast on television. Whether it would take the Jaago Re theme forward? Hindi GEC hits have dried up But how many of us are actively involved in pitching in with these solutions, other than posting online updates to create awareness? However, over the years, as with any innovation or new thinking, the space has become crowded.

Tata Tea encourages ‘Kala Teeka’ for women. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They dropped the ball.

Related Stories Top 3 Ads of the Week: Tata tea Women soch badlo Rishi Chadha. Under Armour’s Marketing Dilemma. While voicing opinions, jqago causes and signing up for petitions does create momentum, most of these are simply reactions to incidents that have already taken place.

It set the way for brands embracing social change as part of their DNA. The female protagonist drives this conversation with a compelling storyline that showcases the current reactive nature of people — rallying for an issue once it has happened or taking to on-ground and social media after something bad has happened.

Over the years, jaayo campaigns have been instrumental in igniting a capmaign revolution of sorts by provoking an entire generation of Indians to wake up to socio-cultural issues affecting them. Yet, most of us choose to do nothing but complain about how inconvenient it is. Pre-activism is all about acting today, instead of reacting tomorrow.


This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat Sharing about the challenge the agency faced while coming up with the concept, Amer Jaleel, chairman and chief creative officer, Mullen Lintas, says, “It was challenging to come up with the thought.

Piyush Pandey’s iconic ads over the years Jaago Re to Corruption. LinkedIn’s Akshay Kothari joins Notion. We asked our ad expert KV Sridhar Popsfounder and chief creative officer, Hyper Collective, if this ad was likely to be a success and make an impact on the viewer’s mind like the previous ads.

A Look Back at the 10 Years of Tata Tea’s Jaago Re | Adage India

So that was the challenging part. Thanks to social media, there seems to be a lot of outrage, opinions and even solutions arising, but all of this comes quite late — it happens when there is a tragedy or an incident.

Tata Tea intends to encourage ‘pre-activism’ – a behaviour of timely activism which happens before, to prevent unfortunate things.

The ongoing TVC will be on air for the next eight to ten weeks. This insight led us to realize that the second edition of Jaago Re needed to be at the cutting edge of this new consciousness. We realised Jaago Re has helped move the needle. We asked Sushant Dash, regional president – India, Tata Global Beverages how different was the brief this time around.

If we needed to do that, we needed ree go the next level. The current Jaago Re campaign has centred on women’s empowerment. The previous Jaago Re campaign was released in the year By Suraj Ramnathafaqs!


To a large extent, most of us jasgo aware of the problems that surround us, but we choose to ignore them. He says, “The brief remained the same saying we need to establish thought leadership, stretch our media monies more and wanted to get into the youth habitat and speak the language of the youth.

The JaagoRe campaign has been well received both by media and by the audience.

Tata Tea’s new Jaago Re campaign urges India to pre-act, not react

Pulse Candy attempts brand story in seconders Advertising. Tata Tea encourages ‘Kala Teeka’ for women Advertising. Why do we get jzago with reacting and not pre-acting on issues? It shows how people tend to rally for an issue once it has happened. This article has been nominated to be checked campaig its neutrality. Jaago Re continued on a platform of positivity to ” Simplify “, where though partnerships with Subject Matter Experts, it would attempt to offer deeper insights on important matters in newspaper headlines.

The Jaago Re 2. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Some of these topics range from women empowerment, corruption, pre-activism, student pressure and others. The first edition of the Jaago Re campaign focused on various topics ranging from corruption and bribery to voting and women empowerment.

Like the previous ads had politicians – that was more relatable.