Full text of “Jack Hamm Drawing Scenery Seascapes Landscapes” Those drawings involving brush or pen and ink (and per- haps pencil combined) were. The how-to handbook that exactly explains and illustrates the step-by-step processes for drawing complete, succesful landscapes and. ###Front #Pagejpg#Pagejpg#Pagejpg#Page jpg#Pagejpg#PagejpgPagejpgPage

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This is one of the chief attributes of a good picture: The three illustra- tions presented here are but a few of the possible examples of pen- ciling which are storytelling without being explicit scenes.

You can sesacapes the roar in fig. D E The rock cliff fig. F are made by a 6B round-leaded pencil not overly sharn- Let’s put the brush-like pencil strokes to work. Does the eye fol- I low only the trails of light? The action of fig. This is not to say that the subject we’re now speak- ing of scenery must be divorced from the manner in which it is presented. seascapee

Lest someone might think the foregoing is striking out at the severely plain concept in favor of the multistroked, this is not so. It may be exactly the same area, two-dimensionally speaking, as is that occupied by many prize- winning pictures of the ages.

One thing for sure: The sketches 11 through 13 are done with a soft- leaded pencil on a fairly rough surface and are kept in a rather light key.

The darks in figs. Dale Moore rated it really liked it Feb 15, Look for them as they have been incorporated in the drawing and painting processes of the artists represented in the museum. Besides becoming an intrinsic part of the picture in the above-mentioned ways, these stationary verticals and horizontals of the frame amplify the movement or action sought after within their confines. Reflected light comes from another surface somewhere which is reflecting a measure of light.


As the base of a house demands early attention in the building, so the base of a picture should have certain precedence also. Very coarse papers seldom should be used for small drawings. The rock 2c has planes and angles; although all rocks are not so structured, it does make them look hard. The light ridge of fig.

Too many students do not think of the mass of leaves on a tree as having form, and consequently their trees look flat and unlifelike. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The mental concept may seem quite clear, but to transfer it onto paper, board or canvas is something else again. Now, let’ s go back to fig. With paint one may achieve more values discernible to the naked eye the claims as to number vary enormously than in drawing. Felt-surfaced papers are not good for pencil, but they work well for pastel and soft chalk.

Jack Hamm – Drawing Scenery Seascapes Landscapes

The “c” and “d” swatches were done on a regular sketch pad: From the design standpoint there is no limit. Just the widening of lines in front and the narrow- ing of lines in the back lend distance to linear work fig. The temptation is to jump from pure line to values, to fill in the spaces with tints and shade. So, in a short stroke one may press so lightly that the lead scarcely registers, up to such pressure as it will go no darker: If a composition has many curves or diagonals, a very straight tree going across or appearing nearby can be helpful.


Sep 22, Pages Buy. One may go from one to the other in an alternating way. It is not hastily done, but certain deliberation was taken in its development.

Whenever one comes across rock of any kind, look closely, walk around it, size it up — there may be a picture, or many for that matter, which call out to be drawn or painted. By “follow-through” we mean the connected course the eye takes in the travel experience throughout the composition. Observe the several values in the earth suggest- ed in figs. Some artists make a partial root appear even when the real tree doesn’t show one.

Take the smaller white at the right in fig. Good composition comes first, even if it f means moving tons of rock in our planned arangement. People have different op- tical or panoramic ranges when the eyes are stilled and looking directly ahead.

Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes – Jack Hamm – Google Books

How- ever, one should not bind himself into thinking in terms of threes in every instance, but there is no de- nying the reality of it.

People Who Read Drawing Scenery: The masters of times past saw to it that many of their important lines would leave-off and TAKE-UP again somewhere in their composition. They should be placed closer together as they retreat in the distance.