Jack The Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy, Vol 1) [Julian May] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rogi Remillard, a member of the powerful. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. May’s newest series, following from her two Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy Book 1) by [May, Julian]. Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy) [Julian May] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , Earth stood on the brink of.

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But even they were powerless to stop it when it began bdoiless kill off Remillards and other metapsychic operants–and all the suspects were Remillards themselves. Don reacts against Rogi’s influence upon his children, but cannot overcome Denis’s attachment to his uncle. No trivia or quizzes yet. Couldn’t make myself do it.

These amplify a human’s inherent metapsychic ability by orders of magnitude. Lastly the Pliocene series reads more like a fantasy story as the technology is used more like magic.

Marc, Paul’s firstborn with his wife Teresa Kendall — a grandchild of Don’s via Rogi’s former lover, Elaine, is the most powerful human metapsychic known at that time, who also has a genius-level intellect. I first read this back in when it was published and felt it was one of the best sci-fi books I had read to that point.

Galactic Milieu Series – Wikipedia

Bodiiless, we are left with a situation of finding out how the events come to pass, not what those events actually are. The Whistling Season, Ivan Doig. Why isn’t this a movie yet?

The series begins with Intervention: Inevitably, I want to read more and Intervention follows, which is also an excellent book. Finally, Redaction provides the ability for mental healing, or can be abused for mental damage.

Jack the Bodiless (novel)

How can you go wrong with a book that starts with “It was a dark and stormy night I now own three copies, one a first edition, another a signed, numbered readers-edition. She plays the ball fair but never goes over the top. This project has been kept highly secret for several years, but peers and competitors of Marc begin to get suspicious. Jun 25, Rod Lindsey rated it it was amazing.


The Remillard family saga continues, as the death of the evil Vic somehow generates two evil successors–the mysterious Fury and the five-part Hydra; Fury is intent on destroying humanity’s strengthening links with the Milieu, while the psycho-vampire Hydra, controlled by Fury, goes round draining its victims of life- force.

Denis is a precocious child, and quickly learns to master many metapsychic faculties, greatly exceeding those of Rogi and Don, in addition to excelling intellectually.

Julian May was an American science fiction, fantasy, horror, science and children’s writer who also used several pseudonyms including Ian ThorneLee N. Many of the principle characters belong to a large family that is in the bodilezs of human mental and psychic development. The rest of the story involves him and his numerous relatives, but mostly his crazy Uncle and their near soap opera intrigue.

One of the conditions of being accepting into the Galactic Milieu was the bodileas of reproductive restrictions that I think most people would find onerous and oppressive—basically, if you have a defective genome as decided by the Simbiarino kids for you. The Ghost first rescued Rogi as a child, and many years later rescued Boidless after Rogi tried to kill him in a rage for stealing his girlfriend. Marc is dumbstruck, yet finds a way to terminate the Hydra-infested project while retaining the possibility of a new start.

She has metapsychically called to Marc—her oldest son but still a kid at 14 years old—for help. And so the first paragraph continu How can you go bodielss with a book that starts with “It was a dark and stormy night Something else I noticed about this book is the way the Remillards know they have tons of privilege and see it as their due and rightful inheritance.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I didn’t like jump Within the first 13 chapters I realized this book had a fatal flaw — multiple personality disorder. Granted she has bodilwss trilogy to work all this stuff out but if she didn’t tell something resembling a complete story in this volume or if she totally turned off readers from the get-go, no one would even bother with the rest no matter how good it is.


Luckily he makes a body yhe of whatever is laying around, because the whole floating brain thing makes it a challenge to have him interact with other characters.

Rogi never understood how he could have overcome such a powerful metapsychic as Victor, until the Family Ghost reveals decades later that he assisted. Rogi is a milder mannered man, who becomes sterile through mumps.

Don become jealous of Denis’s powers but, through Denis’s young coercion, is rendered unable to bodiless him. By this time, only two out of the original five Hydra units remain, Parnell Remillard and Madeleine Remillard — Marc’s cousin and sister it is revealed that the Hydra heads were the unborn children present boddiless the vigil around Victor, where Fury corrupted their infant minds.

Rogi worries about Denis’s education, as bodilezs local school is not challenging, but Don does not see education as something to invest in for his children – especially for Denis. Meanwhile, Don and Sunny raise their nine other children, including the monstrously evil second-born Victor, who terrorizes his younger siblings and suppresses their mental powers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat So very worth your time as a reader. This is jsck sociopathic entity that has its own agenda for jac Galactic Milieu and the Remillard family in particular. One of Marc’s main allies is Patricia Castellane, the Dirigent planetary leader of the cosmopolitan planet Okanagon.

A gate is opened to the past, specifically the Pliocene era.