The Lost Continent of Mu [Col. James Churchward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mu was an immense continent covering nearly. LOST CONTINENT. OF MU by. Colonel James Churchward. (). James Churchward (). This material has been reconstructed from various. The Lost Continent of Mu here shown is a handwritten letter from Colonel James Churchward to Dr. Charles (Chas) D. Hart, dated 20 December The letter.

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How did enormous sheets of ice travel over mountain ranges? Churchward’s writings were satirised by occult writer Raymond Buckland in his novel Mu Revealedwritten under the pseudonym “Tony Earll” an anagram for “not really”. Discoveries of non-biological methane gas were made in by the research ship Melville in water samples collected above a crest of the East Pacific Rise, suggesting that the gas is released when major earthquakes open “escape channels” to the surface.

An amusing anecdote was related by Charles Berlitz: Had there been ice accompanying the water wave, the bodies and bones of the animals ov have been ground to a pulp, as they were in Europe and N. But countless ruins remain, the construction of which cannot be copied today with our advanced engineering techniques.

Hte also claimed that he was able to discern writing from Mu on a mysterious set of tablets discovered in Mexico by an explorer named William Niven.

In the town library at Nance, France um is a globe, six inches in diameter, with a recorded history dating back to ; its continents of N. Hutton has recently Nov. Churchward served with the British Army for thirty churchwadd. Churchward, in Children of Mudescribes the Cortesianus now in the National Museum of Madrid as “an old Mayan book, written 5, years ago from temple records, which are now in an underground cave in Yucatan. The Oxford Companion to Archaeology.

The brouhaha had brought names like U.

Full review on my blog: The idea that atomic power is exclusive to the past years, is of it in the 1. And cuneiform tablets of the Babylonians, containing religious concepts identical to those reported in the Naacal tablets by Churchward, were discovered in the mid s.


The matter of South Pacific ruins, above and below ocean level, built with megalithic blocks from six islands away should be given the same deference as evidence in a court of law.

James had four brothers and four sisters. Its about the existence of a lost continent off the Pacific Rim called “Mu”. The notion of a pre-Atlantean civilisation is intriguing, but this does not help the case much, in my opinion.

The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchward

Some corroboration is provided in the discovery of large amounts of volcanic dust completely mixed in the Alaskan, Asian and Siberian “muck,” indicating volcanism occurred at or tbe before the phenomenon which instantly flash-froze entire herds of imperial mammoths 10, years ago. What was in demand seemed impossible: According to Churchward, Mu “extended from somewhere north of Hawaii to the south as far as the Fijis and Easter Island.

Their flag is the emblem of Mu, Empire of the Sun, and many traditions have been passed down. According to Japanese legends, “Kamiyo moji” or “shindai moji” letters of the divine age were the 2, different kinds cgurchward letters used by people of Mu, only inverted.

The “cradle of civilization,” Le Plongeon believed, was in Atlantis, and Mu-ans came jqmes, or maybe were transplanted Atlanteans. Supposedly, this preceded the colony started at Sais, the “mouth of the Nile” by Thoth, son of an Atlantean priest, in 14, BC, with a temple for teaching the Osirian religion.

In Peter Vogt of the U. By a Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Umbgrove, in Pulse of the Earthhad already ascertained that the deep trench off part of the Andean coast of S. Johnstone of Liverpool University, in Introduction to Oceanographysays. The mind at first is irresistibly hurried into the belief of some great catastrophe; but thus to destroy animals both large and small, in S.


James Churchward

Morgan, and a Krupp Munitions rep to the courtroom, and P. I highly doubt, for example, that anyone has ever observed a Mexican person speaking indigenous languages in conversation with a Japanese person without need for a translator. Theorizing proves unnecessary, when one has physical proof at the ready. Recent research into the Mayan “alphabet” has shown it to not consist of letters but logograms. Over hills it is unstratified drift; in river valleys it is stratified drift.

Would he have mentioned the more than 10, earth mounds in Ohio alone? Archived from the original PDF on James Churchward is best known as a British born occult writer. The ancient name continebt Japan, “Yamato,” means “nation at the top of the pyramid.

While his comparison of Egyptian and Maya alphabets was according to E. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Rishi had shown him ancient Hindu holy writings describing early metallurgy, where extreme heat temperatures were used in metal allay melts! For one thing, his science is absurd. thw

churchdard A flood of icy water poured down the Valley churcwhard Mississippi to raise the Gulf waters feet.

Eight sites were spotted, with coral encrusted stone walls and buildings, one topped by carved turtles. If James Churchward was alive today he’d be working for the History channel. According to Cayce and Churchward both, as well as Max Muller, there was a time that a single language was used throughout the world though whether this was spoken or written, or pictographic. Map of Bimini Road drawn after aerial and underwater surveys carried out by the Poseidia 75 expedition, sponsored by the A.

Various combinations had been tried ,ost experts: And just recently, the discovery of human hair dating back 10, to 12, years ago at an archaeological dig in Woodburn, Oregon, during ?