James Potter and the Crimson Thread (Print PDF 34 MB) · James Potter and the Crimson Thread BOOK 2: James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper. In case you didn’t suspect it from the title, this is the sequel to James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing. Not only are we following James in. Curse of the Gatekeeper is the next book in line in the James Potter series. Is it as good as the first one? Got to read here to see the answer.

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I don’t think he is a good writer, since the book was filled with unessecary dialogs that annoyed me so much. Aug 25, Cynthia Morgan rated it it was ok. Even though she wasn’t a central character in this novel, I would happily read anything Lippert has to write about Judith, as well as the relationship between her and Merlin, and Merlin’s behavior before falling in love with her, etc.

I really liked learning more about the courses. Retrieved from ” http: But the good parts were not original, and the original parts were not good.

But, they became friends at the end Crazy, huh? But can James allow Petra, his long unrequited love, to leave his reality forever, no matter the cost?

James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing

Rose being in the story and being so much like her mother, Hermione, was like having an old friend back for a visit. Personally, I like the additional cast. They’re just far too special, far too powerful, and suck out all the life of the other characters who are forced into the position of second fiddle to their “awesomeness”. Aug 17, Savvina rated it liked it Recommends it for: Just like the first, I couldn’t finished the second. Also like his father, James is often blinded by his initial feelings of disdain, and misleads himself willingly by pursuing those he dislikes.


As does the integration of Merlin’s story. He reunites with his formidable friend Ralph Deedle, a Slytherin, and the two lament that their American comrade, Ravenclaw Zane Walker, is attending the American wizarding institution Alma Aleron instead of returning to Hogwarts beside them.

He is extremely talented and deserves to be recognized as such. Petra, Tabitha, Voldemort, Harry, or James. Each clue or plot device was given to them.

For example, upon release of the first book in the series, he began receiving flack from publishers and fans alike claiming he would be sued by J. Marisha Darice No, this is the second book. It’s very irksome to hear 11yr olds and 12 yr olds talking about horcruxes and hallows left, right and center as if it’s nothing more than showing the finger!

I liked this book. Rowling by writing from Harry’s son’s perspective, renovating and reliving the settings in the iconic Harry Potter series. JKR was very very clear that he operated alone! Rowling didn’t kill him but no G. The book was published online in Novemberand received critical attention and success upon release. Old English of years ago is more akin to Old High German or Old Norse than it is to modern English; it would be incomprehensible to us or, in this case, to James Potter.

This book worths 4 starts,it was much much better than the first one but something pulls me off,maybe the fact that in some parts was slow. With unexpected events happening all around him, James needs his friends more than ever to keep him on his path, and not the one his father led.


I liked how Victorie is a Hufflepuff and how Lippert is trying to spread the Weasley grandchildren throughout the houses. Lippet subconsciously wishing he were writing 15 or 16 year old characters instead of 11 and 12 year old characters.

For more information, do visit their official website.

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper by G. Norman Lippert

The one who is discovering clues and is trying hard to figure it out. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. It follows James as he enters his second year at Hogwarts, in which he tries to figure out the whereabouts of the new headmaster, as well as the mystery of the bloodline of Voldemort and how it relates to a dark being named “The Gatekeeper”.

What is his overall plan for Hogwarts? It marked me as probably the first thing that seemed age appropriate to the story. This one was actually just as whimsical and enjoyable as the first one.

In he second book, time travel plays an important part quite effectively. When I say that, I don’t mean none of them pointed to Tabitha, but her character just didn’t seem the type to hide such a secret. Zane’s cameos via chaos butterfly and doppleganger were cheesy and annoying. And I kind of felt bad The large gatekeepe of this story was whether or not Merlin was good or evil–which had been the concern of the previous book–so I felt that Mr.