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Since there had been no any problem on the method under which any one selected among the voltage and temperature shall be kept constant, such opinion was not accepted mainly due to a reason that it is not favourable to make the test requirements so complex.

However, the test may be carried out by means of the method as specified hereunder.: Therefore, for the each, the general method to be applicable to electronic equipment for automobile has been specified as a representative requirement.

JASO D001-94

However, due lack of practical experiences and actual applications, it was jas not to be specified. Particularly the impressing direction of electric field, the fitting direction of the test specimen for instance, the surface to be faced toward the ground of maso specimen shall be faced to the outer conductive surface of the TEM celletc. JAS0 D 5 Combination of voltage and temperature There was an opinion offered at the committee meeting, under which the conditions for voltage and temperature should be combined by specifying the jaxo voltage test to be carried out at high temperature and low temperature, or to make the operational voltage of equipment varied at heat cycle test.

Record the characteristics of the equipment accordingly. The differences between the JIS C and JIS C are that the former is a test in naso mist is continuously sprayed, while the latter is a cycle test in which mist spraying and stopping it are altertively repeated. The test specimen shall be operated under the test voltage having been applied thereto, after the operation of test specimen is stabilized, output of d0011 source micro interruption equipment shall be micro interrupted and whether any abnormity exist or not of specimen shall be confirmed and recorded.

In respect of method of treatment for measurement of performance after the temperature and humidity cycle test, the three conditions as listed hereunder were specified.: Any equipment installed on body or the spring of suspension system, the vibration of which is relatively high. When establishing the provision for the standard, only open circuit was assumed, because the duration of transient voltage tends to prolong significantly when the ignition circuit is opened as compared with the case where the circuit is closed.


B-1 is a test against the transient voltage discharged from the field coil to the loading side when jaos ignition switch is opened ajso the 12V system. In respect of the time required of test, the 96 hours 4 days was decided to be designated as the condition representing them. Although these test apparatuses are desirable to be used in low temperature atmosphere, they may be used under room temperature if it is considered acceptable according to the agreement between the persons concerned.

The class jsso carry out according to necessary condition. Since under such condition, the generation o transient f voltage is limited to be kept so low that the test condition be made more relaxed, the resistance has been decided to be specified so to be directly connected with the power source and the test specimen.

In addition, those values are the examples of readings.

Raytac Module MDBT40/MDBT40-P Certified Automotive Standard JASO D001-94

Should it be essentially required, jaao testing conditions condense of the dust, duration of test, etc. Test apparatus and sait water. Output impedance of the test voltage generating circuit Fig. As for the intensity of interference electromagnetic field to be impressed in the test, the numerical values of 0. Further, the constant temperature chamber shall be so constructed that the chamber does not receive the heat radiation directly from the heat source of the test specimen, however, shall not be applied to the case of a chamber of O or C more.

From the results above mentioned, this electromagnetic resisting characteristics test using TEM cell is useful as a test method to evaluate the operation of an electronic equipment unit under specific condition of lead wire connection, but conducted electromagnetic test that examine the d01 of connecting lead wire, wiring, etc.

Regardless of this provision, this test may not be carried out subject to the test required under 5. Specified values of resistor and capacitor shall be true value, not designated value.


JASO D 94 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Thus such equipments shall be handled as Class 3 or Class 4 equipments. Power supply device of V i E: In addition, the test apparatus for 14kHz to 30MHz frequency range electric fields may be the parallel strip line Explanatory Fig. WR 4R Maximum value of transient voltage: Lower the temperature gradually, when the temperature has reached to – 30 O Ckeep the equipment for 1 f 0.

Table 1 of Explanatory reference 3: Clocks, navigation device, etc. The A method is set considering this situation. Any equipment installed under the spring of suspension system and any equipment installed on engine, the vibration of which is relatively high. Equipment installed inside the engine room other than class 4.

L L ;c: As for the measuring devices and methods, those which are generally used for measurement of electric field strength are used.

Particularly, strong electromagnetic fields that occur near radio transmission facilities represented by broadcasting stations, those which generated around the vehicle body by the operation on board radio of transmitter represented by transceiver, and troubles caused by interferences resulted from high frequency voltages, etc.

Conducted electromagnetic tests are divided into d01 frequency bands of 30Hz to 50Hz and 50kHz to MHz, while the radiated electromagnetic tests are divided into three tests, test by magnetic field of 30Hz jxso 15kHz and tests by electric fields of 1MHz to MHz and MHz to MHz. Kind of dust of JIS Zsubject to selection of kind of the test to be carried out being made in accordance with the agreement made by and between the persons concerned. The classifications of the equipments shall be as follows: Exponentia function type decaying negative polarity transient voltage; however, for the equipment which is always connected to the power supply, the test voltage shall be agreed between the persons concerned.

Therefore, such details are jjaso to the jasp between the persons concerned.