Court in the Jayalalithaa disproportionate assets case and “restored in full” DA case verdict shows that the corrupt cannot escape from law. The Supreme Court verdict in the disproportionate assets case should The DVAC, thanks to former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s hostility, was. SC verdict accuses Jayalalithaa as a mastermind who misused her public Highlighting that the Jayalalithaa disporportionate assets case.

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The apex court will decide on Karnataka government’s pleas challenging the acquittal of the two leaders in the assets case. InKarnataka Advocate General B. Panneerselvam to become Chief Minister. The Supreme Court lauded Special Judge John Michael Cunha for his “investigative approach acse exhaustive research regarding every piece of evidence in the case”.

The Trial Court is hereby also ordered to take immediate steps to ensure that the respondents A2 to A4 serve out the remainder of sentence awarded them and take further steps in compliance of this judgment, in accordance with law.

It reportedly uncovered pairs of footwear, 10, sarees, kg of silver, 28 kg of gold, 44 air conditioners and 91watches. Karnataka government accepts his resignation in January, and discharges him from the case.

The Court further pointed out a variety of circumstances in the case that proved the existence of a conspiracy among the accused.

Follow madarassi Tuesday, February 14, – Unfortunately, several of this jayslalithaa in most of the States do not rise to the responsibility; their only qualification is their proximity to the ruling party.

SC verdict in Jayalalithaa disproportionate assets case is a morale boost – The Hindu

The disproportionate asset case against Jayalalithaa goes way back to her chief ministerial tenure that began in SC commences final hearing on the appeals against Jayalalithaa’s acquittal.


Her dream to become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu is now shattered with the verdict. I am sorry to say that in recent years it is in these services that dishonesty and jjudgement have gone up to despicable heights. The gold worth 6-crore was seized as part of a raid on J Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden house in Chennai in by the income tax department. Stating that the evidence of existence of disproportionate assets is unassailable, the Supreme Court said that there was no need for itself to make any independent calculations as the Karnataka High Court had done when acquitting late CM Jayalalithaa and Sasikala in Subramanian Swamy, then Janata Party chief, files a case against Jayalalithaa alleging that during her tenure as Tamil Assetw Chief Minister from toshe amassed properties worth Rs In my view, this was the minimum we could do to a former Chief Minister.

DA Case: Sasikala And Others Guilty, SC Restores Trial Court Verdict [Read Judgment]

Once I got wind of this, I directed the DVAC investigators to immediately go into Poes Garden for a search because of the apprehension that some elements residing there would destroy valuable evidence.

The outcome also meant that Jayalalithaa was disqualified as an MLA and as Chief Minister, and that she would not be able to contest elections for 10 years. Requests for a VVIP cell and medical treatment were denied.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Madras High Court dismisses 3 petitions by Jayalalithaa including one challenging the sanction granted by then Governor M Fathima Beevi for prosecuting her. February 14, Jayalalithaa was also sentenced to four years imprisonment and a fine of Rs.

She was convicted for the third time and was forced to step down from the Chief Minister’s office for a second time. Jayalalithaa passed away on December 5 last year.


She was initially convicted for jayalalithxa her office during her tenure of cass Jayalalithaa became the first Chief Minister to lose her post due to being convicted while in office and the seventh MLA to lose office for that reason.

SC rejects Bhawani Singh’s appointment as “bad in law”, says case does not warrant de novo judgwment hearing of appeals.

SC issues notice to Jayalalithaa on appeal challenging her acquittal.

Follow Jayalalithaa Follow Disproportionate assets case Follow supreme court to deliver verdict. Announcement of the judgement and sentence was delayed by six hours, leading to chaos outside dase court. They’re also hoping that the Supreme Court will ask Karnataka if the case will still stand.

How the DA case verdict went against Sasikala: Read full judgment and operative parts here

Jayalalithaa was booked under the Prevention of Corruption Act in I had a wonderful team of knowledgeable and honest investigators, particularly the Chief Investigator, Nallamma Naidu, who was Additional Superintendent of Police, whom I could trust and to whom I could delegate chores without fear of being party to any illegal activity that bordered on unjustifiable overzealousness.

February 15, Justice Ghose wrote the main Judgment and Justice Amitava Roy wrote a separate but concurring kudgement.

Find this comment offensive? The appeals were pending in the apex court when Jayalalithaa fought the Assembly elections and came back to power.