Buy Jazz Mutant Lemur – Control Surface featuring Multi-Touch Control Surface, Built-In Computing Resources Mu Plug-In for Tight Live Integration. Review Jazz . It’s not so often that I write obituaries for hardware, but this time, it seems appropriate. JazzMutant has announced that its Lemur, the multi-touch. We’ve just heard the sad but now wholly unsurprising news that JazzMutant is to stop selling its multitouch Lemur controller. In fact, Stantum.

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From now on, this ecosystem is evolving quickly: Archived from the original on That being said, it’s still unclear how suitable it will be for music performance as nobody has yet seen jazzkutant unit in action. I have some interest in taking this system open-source. The Lemur is an unusual piece of hardware.

It is actually a time made version. The Lemir is a device dedicated to music and visual control. Be the first to review this item. All commercial, marketing and development activities related to the JazzMutant music product will not be continued after this date. The Technical support and after sale service will be handled until December 31, Joey or anyone else Enlighten me on how the Lemur was mire powerful in any way than the iPad. A new plug-in, Mu brings ultimate integration between the Lemur controller and Ableton Live, making controlling the software easier, faster and more intuitive.

This is why Stantum is announcing today that it will close its JazzMutant activity unit and stop selling its legendary Lemur Multi-touch hardware controller at the end of December while the stock lasts!

The iPad, on the other hand, is a mainstream product, a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ that’s not specifically tailored to musicians’ needs. Choose the look that fits your style and get inspired.


JazzMutant Lemur Dead – Did The iPad Kill It, Or Was It Suicide? – Synthtopia

Experimental musical instruments Music hardware. The Lemur comes with its own proprietary software called the JazzEditor to create interfaces. Thanks for the new blog sharing.

I read somewhere recently that they are the biggest purchaser of flash based memory so much so that it has a bearing on its price due to availability. The Lemur sacrifices the sensitivity and tactile feedback of physical controls in the name of flexibility, but that payoff is limited by the restrictions of its pre-built interface objects ,emur the difficulty of configuring new layouts and assigning them to software controls.

I’m selling my lemur, anyone interested? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Its place in music technology history is assured. Lemur features three new skins, in addition to the classic look.

JazzMutant Lemur Dead – Did The iPad Kill It, Or Was It Suicide?

Or simply select any Live device from any track and Mu brings up a custom graphical interface that makes controlling multiple parameters quick, easy and totally intuitive.

Reliability and consistency are two key factors for people playing live, and we are a little sceptical about the iPad’s performance on stage. However, you can be sure that whatever happens, you will most definitely be hearing exciting news from JazzMutant again in the future. I bet you they will be reborn in a new form!

Until that happens, the Lemur could be lemuf worthy acquisition if you need more flexible control of parameters like timbre and surround sound, or want a programmable interface you can touch, and can afford paying a premium for emerging technology.


Jazz Mutant Lemur accessories. We would like to thank all the people involved in this fantastic adventure: On the other end of the spectrum, I can get an iPad for a third the price, and since I’m only planning on running touchOSC, I really don’t have to nazzmutant over 1, bucks just to get it up and running.

I think it was the price. They should just sell the hardware cheap and users worry about the software. I am actually interested in your old lemur, still have it? During five years and despite the new fever surrounding touch technologies, the Lemur remained the only Multi-touch device capable to meet the needs of creative people. Lots of people say the same thing now about the iPad, though. Objects can be attached to arbitrary mathematical expressions to transform movements into ranges that are more appropriate for the task at hand.

They could’ve brought down the cost to help sell…but instead they raised the prices and no one bought.

JazzMutant Lemur Controller is Dead; Long Live Multitouch – CDM Create Digital Music

But the Lemur may have doomed itself with its relatively closed platform. Refund Policy Copyright jazzmufant. Users can build interfaces using a selection of 15 different objects including fader, knobs, pads, sliders SinceJazzMutant has been a acknowledged pioneer in the field of Creative Computing and Multi-touch technology, being the first-ever company to develop and bring to the market a jazzmutanf featuring a multi-touch screen as early as A 5 year product cycle sounds pretty decent.