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The T Three-Way Tri-Amplified ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker System from JBL is designed for critical film sound production in medium to large. JBL Incorporated, Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box , Northridge, California U.S.A.. JBLM/HF. REV L. PACKAGE. WIRING DIAGRAM. JBL Incorporated, Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box , Northridge, California U.S.A.. JBLM/HF-T. REV J. PACKAGE. WIRING DIAGRAM.

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JBL ScreenArray 4632 3 Way Tri Amplified Cinema Loudspeaker System Good Shape

In fact, its namesake and founder James B. That commitment to the core components of cinema speaker design is why, today, JBL Cinema speakers are found in 6 out of 10 movie theaters around the world. Ever since James B. Lansing developed cinema speakers at the very beginning of talking movies, JBL has consistently set the bar on just how good the movies can sound. Unparalleled in experience, technical leadership and customer support: JBL offers two ScreenArray systems to meet the challenges posed by lower cost installations.

All three products provide ultra smooth and accurate sound reproduction in a compact and highly cost effective system. The N Passive system, the N Passive system and the Bi-amplified system feature the ultra-low distortion ScreenArray high frequency horn with SSC and dual 15″ low-frequency sections.

The and Jgl provide smooth and accurate reproduction of cinema soundtracks in a compact and very cost effective system.


The system is comprised of two parts: Jbp N passive system utilizes a sophisticated crossover network. Developed using computer optimization technology, it provides seamless transition resulting in excellent power response and controlled directivity.

The ScreenArray horn features a patent pending design that compensates for high frequency spreading caused by perforated screens for greatly improved audience coverage. All of these components come preassembled to reduce field assembly time 4362 reducing installation costs. HF 8 ohms N: The ScreenArray design provides ideal power response and directivity control with seamless transitions between acoustic sections. The is available for bi-amplified or tri-amplified operation T.

Designed for tri-amplification, the hbl BI is also available. This array orientation allows the four drivers to create maximum output, while minimizing destructive interference effects caused by the use of multiple drivers operating in the same bandpass region. For extraordinary convenience, the all-in-one enclosure requires no field assembly, simplifying set-up and reducing cost of installation.

The D is a wide bandwidth system with remarkable dynamic range and consistent coverage.

In fact, the performance of the D is the foundation for true big-screen commercial cinema jhl. The C consists of: The C-4LF consists of: These are the speakers chosen when nothing but the very best in full-range two way systems will suffice. The series delivers uniform frequency response throughout the listening area with high sound pressure levels.


The C-4LF 4 ohms and C-8LF 8 ohms are designed for biamplified applications where an external electronic crossover or cinema processor is 6432 in conjunction with separate amplifiers for the high and lowfrequency sections.

The offers surprising performance at an equally surprising price. The A three-way features a mm 8 in low-frequency driver for smooth, extended bass response; a mm 5 in midrange transducer for the critical midrange and a 25 mm 1 in titanium-laminate dome tweeter providing wide, even high frequency coverage.

Add a modern, jl black textured enclosure with black grille and you know why the A is the industry standard in its class.

Bulgarian Multiplex

The Jbp Surround speaker is an unbeatable choice when very high power handling, high sensitivity, extended bass response and a remarkably compact cabinet are the requirements. At 19 pounds, installation is quick and painless. This high-performance, cost effective Watt system is ideal for low-frequency augmentation when smooth response down to the lowest audible frequencies is required. Also available with grilles.

The C is the choice whenever a premium performance single mm 18 in Watt system is required for low-frequency augmentation. It’s a jbll project which helps to repair anything.