Questionnaire Response. II. Direct Scoring of the JDI. III. Number of Positive and Negative Items in the JDI. Dimensions. IV. Expected Scores of the. Index questionnaire which are job, pay, promotion opportunity, supervision and .. (JDI) Questionnaire which has been used to evaluate job satisfaction. The JDI and related scales are frequently used by academic researchers and workplace professionals as a means of measuring employee attitudes such as job.

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Academic job satisfaction questionnaire: Construction and validation in Saudi Arabia

Psychological Bulletin,— The measurement quesionnaire wellbeing and other jsi of mental health. Demographic variables in general job satisfaction in a hospital: Gillespie —as well as past and present members of the group for their assistance and support. The effects of biographical variables on job satisfaction among nurses. To compile and determine the psychometric properties of a proposed Academic Job Satisfaction Questionnaire AJSQ suitable for university faculty, and amenable to future upgrading.

The personality dispositional approach to job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Application, Assessment, Causes, and Consequences. The primary dependent measure was the overall level of JS. Am J Pharm Educ. Experimental items were developed by the JDI research group for each facet of the JDI in order to replace any items questionnairr no longer functioned well. Materials A total of of all the jvi staff of U0D returned their completed questionnaires making a response rate of The response rate of Predictors of work-family conflicts, stress, and job satisfaction among nurses.

Development of the emergency physician job satisfaction measurement instrument.


Specifically, we aimed at assessing the instrument’s psychometric properties in terms of factor structure and internal consistency, as well quesionnaire inter-item and inter-factor correlations. Personnel selection and placement. In addition to the overall national norms, select subgroup norms were constructed based on important demographic questinnaire industry variables, including organization level, education, management status, age, tenure, and organization type i.

Special thanks go to all faculty members who readily completed and returned the questionnaires. Int J Nurs Stud. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 2431— Factors influencing turnover and absence in nurses: Constitution of a Job in General Scale: Five measures were to be estimated: Job satisfaction of female Saudi nurses.

Academic job satisfaction questionnaire: Construction and validation in Saudi Arabia

Factor analysis — Part 1 Table 1b: Rigor and methods of psychology are applied to issues of critical relevance to business, including talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organizational development, performance, and work-life balance.

The correlation matrix and the pair-wise inter-factor correlations used Pearson’s correlation coefficient.

Despite the sizable literature on JS of academic staff, most studies have employed relatively generic all-purpose instruments. The following five attributes make AJSQ strongly commendable for the investigation of the state of JS in various academic settings.

Before describing the current update, consider why we believe that frequent scale updates are important. The psychometric properties of the instrument in separately questilnnaire subgroups divided by sex, nationality, college and clinical duties produced fairly comparable findings.

Positive and negative affectivity and facet satisfaction: Different instruments have been developed.

Table 4 provides the main psychometric properties of the instrument in separately analyzed major faculty subgroups. We strove to ensure that the individual items were psychometrically sound, that the JDI facets e.


What is I-O?

A study in university hospitals. Factor analysis extracted eight factors which conjointly explained Two factors contained nine items each, three factors contained five each, and the remaining three factors contained four each. Hdi also that scale items may be interpreted differently over time due to factors such as language use. The overall explained variance of The data analysis of JS indices in separate faculty subgroups followed the same statistical procedures as for the whole faculty sample.

The scales can be directly downloaded from the official JDI Web page: However, to encourage greater use of the scales, we are no longer charging for the use of the scales and no longer requiring data sharing. About one-third of human adult life is spent in breadwinning activities. Home About Us Sitemap Contact. This article briefly describes the importance of periodic scale updates, the procedures recently used to update the JDI family of scales, and how the newly updated scales can questionnaide obtained and used free of charge.

The Job Descriptive Index: Newly Updated and Available for Download

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Development and testing of the Satisfaction in Nursing Scale. We are pleased to announce that, for the first time, the JDI family of scales can be used free of charge with no strings attached. The second goal of the current update was scale refinement.