manufacturing process capability, and allocation of tolerances and datums for jigless assembly, the definition of assembly features needs to be clarified and. Aerospace Manufacture’ (JAM) project which was set-up to investigate and development of a methodology to design for jigless assembly and a process of. Jigless Aerospace Manufacture-The Enabling Technologies The shear size and flexibility of the larger airframe parts makes it.

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He added that the market trends indicated a global need for a cost-effective, flexible, multirole, armed reconnaissance aircraft. Ahrlac integrates design concepts from attack helicopters, surveillance platforms and reconnaissance aircraft.

The industrial and scientific breakthrough objectives of the project were: Sch of Industrial and Manufacturing Scie Organisation: The project was structured into six work packages WPs as follows: SA-designed and -built aircraft enters test phase 25th July By: This allows every part to fit together and saves [on] costs and time.

SA-designed and -built aircraft enters test phase

This will lead to an innovative analysis and optimisation process, the automatic control of punches and quick adaptation to component design or engineering changes.

This information can now be found on Gateway to Research GtR http: Delfoi Robotics is the world jiless in the field of welding, which made them an obvious choice of supplier. The flight test programme represents the culmination of all our efforts, which makes it an extremely exciting phase to be part of. Volvo Construction Equipment wants to move away from this by introducing a new type of robotization.

WP 3 – Development of digitally adjustable multi-point tooling The primary objective of Manufactufing was to build a novel and efficient digitally adjustable multi-point tooling system based on the principle of MPF and to develop automatic robotic control techniques for a flexible fabrication tooling.

Manufacturing machines for Ahrlac were already on site at the Aerosud Mznufacturing and Training Centre, in Centurion, where the production of the aircraft would take place. To advertise email advertising creamermedia.


Volvo CE invest in Smart Manufacturing in a new pilot project

Corbett, Professor J Other Investigators: The aircraft was designed for military and civilian applications. Knowledge-based platform for predicting mobility bottlenecks and promoting sustainable behavioral change. The industrial and scientific breakthrough objectives of the project were:. Development and implementation of digitally adjustable multi-point tooling and techniques in the manufacture of aircraft products.


WP2 also studied in detail the use of the adjustable jitless tooling technology for the procedures of joining, measurement or assembly of aircraft mznufacturing, in particular on procedures for surface positioning and non-contact measurement.

Ahrlac was digitally manufactured using design-for-manufacture, paperless digital manufacturing concepts, advanced metrology and high-speed computer numerically controlled machinery. Maximum manufacturing flexibility also requires the fast creation of programs when the robots weld a new item. Volvo Construction Equipment is at the forefront of this development and is now investing in a pilot project that will streamline the production of low volume items and reduce production costs.

This will lead to the realisation of rapid jigles forming of skin panels and to the accurate jigless fabrication of panel structures in aviation. Delfoi develops, markets and supports Industry 4.

Paramount Group had also invested in one of only manufacturin of the computer measuring machine facilities in the world for its manufacturing process. Comau U K Ltd. Many manufacturers in the automotive and manufacturing industry have items that are to be produced in low volume, but in several variants. Performance Manufqcturing for Vehicles on Track. Offline programmimg Offline programming means that the robots are programmed in a computer environment without disturbing the process.

Jiggless were four main end results: Mainly, it is about items up to about 60 kilos, but in the long run the concept can also be an integral part in the production of major components such as vehicle frames. The main advantageous features of DATAFORM were rapid, universal, and cost-effective with high flexibility compared with present hard fabrication tooling. Legal notice Cookies Contact Search. It will also eliminate the need for tooling storage and increase tooling utilisation significantly.


WP 1 – Technology assessment and targets specification WP 2 – Research of adjustable multi-point tooling technology WP2 aimed to study the fundamentals of MPF methodology and explore the capabilities of flexible fabrication tooling technology for aircraft panels. Summary on Grant Application Form The research seeks to develop methodologies, software tools, and to exploit technological advances in robotic and measurement technology to build an environment for enabling jigless assembly of Aerostructures.

He added that peripheral applications for the Ahrlac were continuously being found. Skip to main content. Aerospace, Defence and Marine. The assembly of Ahrlac began in January, with the first engine-start of the prototype taking place in March and early jihless trials in May, revealed Ahrlac programme leader Paul Potgieter at a media briefing last week.

Offline programming means that the robots are programmed in a computer environment without disturbing the process. The optimization involves introducing “jigless ” welding in production, i. Two prototypes of dieless stretch forming tooling and jigless positioning tooling with punch matrices manufacfuring developed.

There were no such dieless forming tooling and jigless positioning tooling available on market.

Search this site Search this site. There, Delfoi Robotics’s offline programming system plays a key role.

Details of Grant

Delfoi Delfoi develops, markets and supports Industry 4. The planning, observation and steering of urban mobility is growing manufacturnig more complex due to In particular, DATAFORM aspired to enable rapid, flexible and cost-effective forming of skin panels in aircrafts with digitally adjustable multi-point tooling. Solution of the key technological problems of adjustable multi-point tooling.

The collaborative research involves 5 academic institutions and five major aerospace companies.

This will lead to the development of an adjustable multi-point tooling compositing punch matrices to replace the solid dies or hard tooling. Read more about offline programming and robotization. A theoretical analysis on the mechanism of MPF was carried out for dieless forming applications.