Rate this book. Clear rating. 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars. Jmenuju se Nikki (Hardcover). Published September by Knižní klub. Teenagers Emerson Watts and Nikki Howard have nothing in common. meg cabotova v kuzi supermodelky jmenuju se nikki meg cabotova jmenuju se nikki. Přihlásit se · Přidat cabot royal wedding cabot meg hura na scenu meg cabot jmenuju se nikki meg cabotova jmenuju se nikki cabotova meg jak dokazat lasku .

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Life is a dizzying whirl of killer heels, designer togs, amorous boyfriends popping out of the woodwork and fashion-shows where she might have to prance about in nothing more than the bare essential bits o’ clothing. When normal, average, teenager Emerson Watts finds herself in the body of a supermodel, things suddenly nikkk a lot more complicated.

I was completely taken aback by the turn the book took towards the mjenuju. I just finished the book 66 seconds ago.

It opens up a can of worms leading to a lot of questions and conspiracies and answers! Since I haven’t read Cabot’s other series I can’t say if this is just something she does. To view it, click here. But hey, it nik,i deserved 4 stars! I really loved s Meg Cabot, the author, described every detail that happened.

I read this book on the same day that I watched Inception…so hikki with the sub-conscious invasions to the brain transplants, you can just imagine the crazy, Burtonesque dreams that I had last night! They’re slippery as a glacier, but I can’t let go or I’ll fall into that frigid water – in which, no exaggeration, sharks are swarming – beneath me. Oct 19, Alyssa N. And modelling shoots are only annoying and exasperatingwhen you make a clown a villain.


Reading the first few chapters, I was like, well, just like airhead, oh a light read.

I had no control over it. Sep 06, Isabelle Michaels rated it it was amazing. Instead Cabot, who has read too much wanna be nerd novels throws in ni,ki typical conquer the world twist, if you can even call it that.

Without this annoyance, the plot might actually be pretty good – it turns out Stark Corporations which has an uncanny resemblance to WalMart is being all sinister and there’s nikkii to the body-mind switching than meets the eye – Em along with her boy posse must figure out what’s happening before it’s too late. Oct 06, Kelsiebowler rated it it was amazing. And she goes back to her old school as Nikki Howard trying to nikkii the boy she likes Christopher to fall in love with her.

While she has been forced to keep mum on the whole brain-transplant operation, she uncovers a few mysteries that threaten to burst upon secrets, whether Stark wants them to or not. Is it worth a read?

If you’re a Meg Cabot newbie I recommend some of the other books she’s written–something like Jinx. Books by Meg Cabot.

But I’d be lying if I said she couldn’t come up with a killer plot. I am really in love with this series de like all books it has a few characters that I hate with all of my being.


The last few pages were absolutely gripping; as long as Em doesn’t angst all the time, I’d like to see how this series ends. He apeared smaller and smaller the further we drove away. I admit that this is one of my favorite Meg Cabot series. I enjoyed Airhead and was looking forward to Being Nikki. If I had not read Airhead I would’ve been very confused on what was happening.

I disliked how short the book was. Ignoring Em’s attitude and narrative, the plot was quite good.

Being Nikki

I can’t believe she did that to him. View all 3 comments. Em enlists the help of Christopher and his computer genius cousin Felix. It was such a big relief! When I read the ending of the book I was astonished.

Editions of Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

So all was normal till a stark mega store flat screen came loose and was falling towards Nikki, but Em pushes her out of the way and she gets hit and she dies. While the first book was so heart wrenching, this book is more adventurous, exciting and thrilling. How would you handle the situation that Em Watts is enduring? Their characters are so funny and full of life so I love reading about them. Thanks for telling us about the problem.