A leading traditional astrologer, John Frawley. Consultations, natal and horary tuition, lectures to download, articles, free magazines, and much more!. Sports Astrology is a textbook that guides the reader through the interpretation of over 60 horary charts using a variety of different sports; soccer, cricket, horse. chart as a true horary, where the astrologer or their client asks a question when it John Frawley in his book, Sports Astrology () where he.

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John Frawley and Sport Astrology 2nd Edition – Astrologers’ Community

Originally Posted by Jibreil. John Frawley and Sport Astrology 2nd Edition Something else about the strength and points we use as value. Note that the square does not reduce the amount of the winnings. The Chart for the Event Interlude: This was the last match of the season.

We can also give the challenger the Moon, natural ruler of the common people.

He Arrives and the Journey Begins Interlude: Neither this, nor the Sun’s position near – but not so near – the 7th cusp, is enough to balance out the Sun being on the South Node. With the assistan of his pet raven and a bad-tempered yak, the Master leads him and you – step by step through the analysis astrologj over 6 0 charts, covering a wide range of sports. The prediction that the favourites would lose in the final was published in The Astrologer’s Apprentice six months before the tournament began.

I was perhaps the only T V pundit outside France to predict the French victory.

When we were flying back from Maui a couple of weeks ago a fellow got on the plane with a t-shirt that read, “Aloha, eh”. The time now is Whenever a question is asked, try to answer it yourself before reading on.


This is not an encyclopedia of techniques. Preview — Sports Astrology by John Frawley. Mars is, both essentially and accidentally, the strongest planet jon the chart.

I cheer Simon Frasier’s Bagpipe Band yearly when they come down to the Highland Games in Enumclaw and beat the kilts off every other band on the field my own included. If you find that the number you have to subtract is bigger than the number you got by adding the other two together, add to the number you got from the addition.

This works well, but there is room for improvement. Also helping to bridge the Atlantic, Tom Callanan has poured copiously from his wealth of baseball lore in response to my every query. Welcome to the new Noel Tyl Forums. What happens in the sky 7. With the assistance frawey his pet raven and a bad-tempered yak, the Master leads him – and you – step by step through the analysis of over 60 charts, covering a wide range of sports.

If Mars is currently direct, this means fraeley must be turning retrograde soon.

Originally Posted by uohn The point is that use of Spprts technique shows simple method as it is known that it works only for one match at one time and as it is described that Horary method cannot be used for several events at the same time and at the same place. It is not Horary chart for the question. I have had many students professing their innumeracy, but all have learned to do this without too much anguish.

I was a philosophy major and kept reading about these ideas propounded by the ancients in my studies, but had no idea what they were talking about. About goals they wnated to connect goals with the moon as the moon represnts the game. It only differs in symbols and in sport’s rules, nothing else. Nohn to Calculate Spofts Parts 3. Being placed right on the IC, the lowest point in the chart, it is about to begin rising towards the Ascendant by primary motion.


We know the place, we know the date, we know the time.

John Frawley – Sports Astrology

Published April 1st by Apprentice Books first published September 28th Forget any ideas of horary being dry, antiquated or rule-bound: Emudiaga Ebbah added it Mar 25, Usually the context doesn’t allow for this, so the fact that the aspect is a square can usually fraqley ignored. T h e ojhn degrees the Moon must travel to oppose Fortuna is too far for consideration in an American football match. Answers to Set Questions 4.

Venus is Lord 10, a significator of the favourites. By the beginning of the final day, the match seemed set for a draw. Its final aspect is a trine to Lord 1 Saturn. Tyl forums are a part of the main Noel Tyl. Squares bring the event with difficulty or delay, so there may be some difficulty or delay in getting paid. It elucidates both technical astrklogy and significant points of the philosophy that forms the basis of the practical craft.

January 06, Suppose Saturn is at Thank you for interesting in our services. As for the Raven and Yak?

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