John Wyndham The Kraken Wakes is a brilliant novel of how humankind responds to the threat of its own extinction and, ultimately, asks. John Wyndham either didn’t like the world much or worried about it a lot! In a previous post, I discussed his classic horror/sci-fi novel The Day of. Kraken Wakes The [John Wyndham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Journalist Mike Watson and his wife, Phylis, trace it back to the.

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The science is plausible for the time. Returning from conflict, he learned that his brother had published four wajes. The Kraken Wakes Cover of first edition hardcover. It slowly builds into a frightening account, as seen through the eyes of a radio scriptwriter and his wife, of unseen invaders bent on conquering.

Perhaps Wyndham was predicting the rise of Japan as a technological power, when the story was penned in this would not have been an obvious development. Let Will do the theme song and you’ve got a license to print money. Which perhaps helped me to recognise what makes him stand out in the field of sci-fi.

Skulls in the Stars. I read the blurb about fireballs falling into the oceans, ships disappearing and a world-wide catastrophe John Wyndham loves those, he’d no doubt be writing a story about if he were still writing now and thought: Remember at the time that this book was written the ability to explore the deepest parts of the sea were not as advanced as they are now, and even now it is not significantly advanced that we would be able to succeed where humanity in this book failed.

There is some serious excitement in the well constructed story, divided into three parts, like novella, covering the three phases of the invasion – the descent from the skies well in s traditionthe invasions of the land and the rising of the tides.

The Kraken Wakes

The basic storyline is that some mysterious fireballs from outer space fall into deep oceans and soon ships jhn disappearing in the middle of their voyage. As a human sonic weapon start to kill the aliens, humankind starts to rebuilt their new world, with less habitants and less non-flooded areas.


The core of jraken novel seems ‘real’ even if the carapace surrrounding it is fantastic and satirical in turns. But the really clever thing about it is this: Again a response from humankind.

The politicians and special interests do their thing and the communists are absurd but humanity is kralen ultimately by boffins and the discipline of the Royal Navy. Though things are quiet for a time, eventually ships crossing the surface of the deeps begin disappearing, and the world comes to realize that the wyndhm denizens are hostile.

Phyllis and Mike see a ship sink right before their eyes. The Age of Ostensible Reason 1 7 Nov 30, The whole story is an extension into fantasy of the existential threat of the Second World War with the same ethos of necessary and accepted ruthlessness on both sides.

He quells the fears of Mike and Phyllis more than once, suggesting limits to how far things can ultimately go before the unknown force in the ocean relents. The atom bomb is just a tool rather than a threat just for existing.

The blog covers topics in physics and optics, the history of science, classic pulp fantasy and horror fiction, and the surprising intersections between these areas. Twitter and the Internet also play their part in disseminating information and misinformation. The Kraken Awakes is about an alien invasion of Earth though you never actually get to meet the aliens. It quickly becomes evident why Wyndham chose journalists as main characters. In phase two, the sea-dwelling aliens begin to send out tanks to invade coastal communities, and, with their levitating, jellyfishlike assistants Dr.

The Kraken Wakes

I’m a fan of John Wyndham and his 50’s brand of horror sf. These attacks are eventually met with sufficiently strong retaliation from humanity that they become far less frequent.

Arguably the most interesting innovation was the cameo appearance of Nicola Sturgeon, whose voice transmits from krakem headquarters of the skeletal Scottish government. In the first phase, objects from outer space land in the oceans. Currently the five part series just under two and a half hours in total is available krakej free download.

The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham

BBC Radio 7 presented an unabridged reading by Stephen Moore of the novel in sixteen minute episodes, produced by Susan Carson, and broadcast daily between 12 March and 2 April This spirit of boffindom is exemplified by the character of Professor Bocker who perhaps shares genetic code with Challenger and Quatermass who sticks to his guns as a rational actor amidst the usual hysteria of a media-driven free society.


It is a very British dystopia with much controlled emotion, naval discipline and wry humour while the gender aspect shows the masculine and feminine as different but equal – with the feminine often far the cleverer.

It’s not that scary though — partially, I think, due to the measured pace and tone, and the fact that it’s written after the events have taken place so the characters must, perforce have survived. With other global sightings, social media is agog, for a while. Radio reporters Mike and Phyllis Watson are drawn into the story when a Northern Lights cruise spots five fireballs landing deep in the ocean.

The story takes place on more of an international scale than TRIFFIDS and the various set-pieces are very well handled, particularly that Caribbean interlude with the invasion of the tank-things. A smaller red point, a little up from, and to the right of, the first. It has a husband and wife team of reporters as the protagonists, a scientist that no one believes, and tentacled aliens that rise from the deep in sea tanks to terrorize the surface dwellers.

I give The Kraken Waves an average 2. These were followed by a working, later released as an audiobook, and a production for BBC Radio Seven.

Mike and Phyllis happen to see five of the “fireballs” falling into the sea, from the ship where they are sailing on their honeymoon.

We can say that the book is slightly dated now. She is a foil to the narrator, Mike’s, occasional idiocy and is quite happy to take matters into her own hands when something needs doing. Phyllis avoids all the female stereotypes. This attitude is clearly marked as being completely counterproductive to the defeat of the invaders and, indeed, the survival of humanity.

The first man wouldn’t have that.