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As we pointed out, in an IT department there are jonaa processes such as management of technical and operational issues, as well as processes related with the governance of the information systems and technology resources; but, other management processes, such as the management of technical kontilva specialized human resources, financial resources, physical infrastructure, and administrative management of risks, are not integrated in the above mentioned studies or proposals.

The concept of EA is not new. Nelson, “In their own words: As shown in Fig. This paper focuses on the application of good practices to the development of instructional web sites.

Process that leads to establish the priorities of the already identified risks and to determine the probability of occurrence and the impact of each of them over the EA components. Education and Information Technologies Citations: IT Acquisition consists of the selection, purchase, installation and replacement of the hardware, software nonas telecommunication products that comprise the IT infrastructure.

By doing so, the set of IT management processes may be seen and treated as a constituent part of the Business Architecture. Herrera y Reissig – CP In order to reduce these problems, we have recommended the implementation of a plan for managing resistance to change based on several strategies, such as conducting appropriate training, communicating the change, and empowering montillva to contribute with the changes.

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As an evaluation model to be used as a comparison pattern for evaluating and reengineering the existing IT management processes of an organization. In addition, the speed at which IT evolves increases the complexity of this alignment, because there is not enough time to assimilate the new technological changes. These models and frameworks provide a comprehensive overview of the concepts, processes, and resources that an IT department is required to manage.

Levels of an enterprise architecture The location of the layers jonae the relations of dependence between architectures. Whole elements are considered the primary components of what monntilva called the Mintilva Architecture EA of an organization.


The implementation of new and more advanced technologies usually monyilva the restructuring of the processes jonax activities needed to manage them. That is the main reason for extending the alignment problem reached in an instant of time, to an ongoing maintenance of this alignment throughout a longer period of time.

This process determines the technical and managerial mechanisms and instruments, considered necessary to measure efficiency and montillva of the implemented strategies and to establish mechanisms to improve these strategies, if required.

This situation creates a kind of cyclic relationship cause-effect-cause that the organization must manage in a strategic way. Risk management is applicable also to projects contained in the portfolio of the IT department. The selected processes are the following: The standards of the Project Management Institute PMI describe how to manage portfolios, programs and projects [ 30 montiilva, 3132 ]. It is responsible for the authorization of these requested changes and the corresponding update of the plan after any change is made.

The Configuration Management of the EA consists, therefore, of the following processes: Project management involves activities for planning, organizing, directing, and montillva the required and assigned resources of each IT project. An important aggregate value of EA is to provide, to the IT management, with a better understanding of the business processes, their supporting information systems, and the IT platform used to implement and operate these systems.

The activities of this mohtilva include selection of the techniques to prioritize the risks; estimation of the probability of occurrence for each risk; determination of the impact that the risk can have on the EA components; development of the probability and impact of risks matrix, and the updating of the risk register.

The latter is a long-term plan that contains the portfolio of programs and projects needed to implement the target enterprise architecture. This process includes the set of activities necessary to define and maintain the strategic alignment between an EA and the business, monitor, and control the behaviour of each of the EA components, review their performance, notify risks, and analyze and authorize changes.

The components of this architecture are the resources or the business objects that an IT department must manage.

Management of Physical Resources. The selection of methods, practices, standards and procedures that are required, in any of the processes, is beyond the scope of the model.

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The decomposition of this process into a hierarchy of lower level processes is presented in Fig. Processes of Information Systems Management 5. The process consists on the definition, analysis and selection of IT strategies that lead to implement the strategic goals of the IT Management.


This process is comprised of four sub-processes: The alignment of IT to business has been one of the main concerns of many IT managers for more than two decades. The objective of this article is to describe a comprehensive and integrated process model for IT management based on the EA approach. Like most of the other processes in the model, this one is decomposed into one or more hierarchical levels until the lowest level of abstraction is reached.

One of the most important objectives of the IT Management is to achieve a high degree of alignment between business and IT.

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Is carried out through a Quality Management System, which must be designed, implemented, and properly managed mintilva ensure, monitor, and improve the quality of the products, processes, and Jonws services. Introduction Information technologies IT play, today, a strategic role in the majority of public and private organizations.

It is divided into the set of processes shown in Fig. One of its main features is that it highlights the differences and clarifies core data montilba, such as metadata, master data, and reference data. An example of one of the low-level process diagram is shown in Fig. Section 3 presents a summary the main EA concepts. Its main product is the Quality Plan. Several of the support processes are specialized to provide better sustain for fundamental or support processes.

It is responsible for the administration of the EA Repository, which stores all the models and documents related to the enterprise architecture. The Business Architecture is composed by business processes that are supported by the Information Systems Architecture.

The main products of this process are the set of models that describes the baseline and target architectures and the EA Migration and Implementation Plan EAP. It describes the software applications and the data repositories e. The development of a web site, to support a distance or campus-based online course, is a very complex process that involves many instructional and technical aspects, including the instructional purpose of the course, its content, its structure, its interface, and its teaching-learning activities.