Buy Viagem a Portugal 17th by Saramago (ISBN: ) from José Saramago was born in Portugal in and has been a full-time writer since. Buy VIAGEM A PORTUGAL by José Saramago (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. When José Saramago decided to write a book about Portugal some twenty years ago, his only desire Foi atribulada a viagem de José Saramago a Portugal.

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Journey to Portugal: In Pursuit of Portugal’s History and Culture

Roba che ti ricorda la dodicesima minestra di capellini dell’indimenticabile Gian Burrasca. He focuses largely on churches and castles, appears to shun companionship and the new – while remaining aloof and treating his surroundings with a slight air of pomposity.

E anche loro possono prolungarsi in memoria, in ricordo, in narrazione. Ci sono in questo incontro grande riflessione e grande rispetto per la devozione dei fedeli: The beauty of the writing and the pleasure of the company doesn’t quite make up for the fact that basically, he’s visiting places that have little to offer apart from, yawn a church.

Posso dire che il saraamgo mi sia piaciuto, ma non mi ha completamente conquistato. It was a fun journey, one that I made in his own language too. I’m bored out of my mind. Las reflexiones en el camino, su forma de contar las cosas. To travel is to discover; a tourist only encounters. The end of one journey is simply the start of another.

Journey to Portugal: In Pursuit of Portugal’s History and Culture by José Saramago

Y las descripciones de estas son en extremo detalladas, desde las columnas, los frescos, acabados mostrando el gran conocimiento que el autor tiene sobre arte. Alcuni passaggi sono filosofici e vicini al cuore di chi come me ama il viaggio nel senso lato del termine.

Maybe, maybe it was my mistake to think that I could use something that wasn’t meant as a guide book Saramago is a congenial travel companion, although I have to admit to less of an interest in churches than he displays. He was also a well known communist and only once did he visit a collective in the Alentejo.


And there are so many places I still need to see. In a place where the people use the church as a place to celebrate mass, and don’t think of it as a place to visit. Years later his Foundation would be located in this house, and having visited it, I heartily agree with him. I started this while in Lisbon, but put it down pretty quickly. E Nossa Senhora do Enjeito Egito. Finalmente ce l’ho fatta! Saramago is a wonderful writer, and I was finally able to appreciate his observations. Very thorough – perhaps too much so for the casual reader about this Iberian nation.

Trivia About Journey to Portug It was over-ambitious of me to think that I would actually read all of this before travelling to Portugal, and saramxgo, maybe it was over-ambitious of Saramago to think that he could create something that was neither guide book nor travel book.

Oh, and another church.

José Saramago. Viagem pelo Portugal () | the senses of portugal

I almost felt like we we Pogtugal started this book thinking it would be a great introduction to Portugal before my visit, but instead I found it exhausting to read. E’ il motivo principale per cui esito ad accostarmi ai fratelli Karamazov di Dostoevskij, e per cui esitavo ad accostarmi alle pagine di questo “Viaggio in Portogallo” di Saramago.

Fiz um textao aqui. You have to go back to the footsteps already taken, to go over them again or add fresh ones alongside them.

Visiting monuments of superior cultural interest, in the context of the Portuguese people churches, museums, monasteriesmixed with some words with their personal stamp, I should not consider this work the most meritorious of Saramago. Always meticulously attentive to those elements of ancient Portugal that persist today, he examines the country in its current period of rapid transition and growth.

Amanda Hopkinson translates contemporary literature, mainly from Latin America, and reviews for leading British newspapers.

I love Saramago and I wanted to learn more about Portugal. Well for one, and having been to Portugal, there are a lot of churches, castles and places to stop for lunch. Quotes from Journey to Portug But it is a comprehensive road trip across the country, looking at the churches and some of the people who find themselves living in their small town, either affected or unaffected by the religious and folkloric artifacts around them.


Mar 03, David J. The traveller sets out once more. Feb 19, Eduardo rated it did not like it. Altri purtroppo sembrano solo delle interminabili descrizioni che perdono un po’ significato lasciate sospese sulla carta.

I have tried to read this book twice, both times never making it past 30 pages or so. Sometimes it helps; sometimes, not. I’m wondering if it’s the translation, but whatever it is, I don’t need to read anymore. Felipa, deitados lado a lado, dando-lhe ele a mao a ela, na figuracao dos Bem Casados Whether an inaccessible medieval fortress set on a cliff, a wayside chapel thick with cobwebs, or a grand mansion in the city, the extraordinary places of this land come alive with the kings, warriors, painters, explorers, writers, saints, and sinners who have fed its rich store of myth and history.

That said, I decided to pick it up again after I returned home from Portugal, and it opened my eyes to an entirely new perspective. E’ mancato il quid tra me e lui, quel qualcosa che Finalmente ce l’ho fatta! I think for many, it can be a little dated and maybe a little boring. Belmonte eh a terra de Pedro Alvares Cabral, aquele que em chegou ao Brasil e cujo retrato, em medalha, se diz estar no claustro dos Jeronimos. Saramago’s gift for turning anything into a story shines through in this travelogue which even manages to make Portugal seem worth a visit.