Variation 8: Point = Go-no-go = Wu~wu~ Variation 9: Reducing against Choosing a joseki: Since josekis work effectively in a certain direction, examine. Welcome to the Joseki Dictionary. The dictionary will enable you to perform joseki (established sequences usually situated in the corner of the Go. Professionals often invent joseki in their games when the standard joseki are inappropriate. All this is very interesting but for the amateur Go player a subset of .

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Probably like kyu lol. Each joseki discussed in this overview contains an illustrative example from a professional game in which circumstances to apply the joseki. Therefore common sequences were played through trial and error many, many times to the point where today we refer to them as joseki.

The amount of joseki is enormous as you will notice while browsing through the overview below. And when does memorizing specific Joseki become important to progress as a player? Maybe an analogy to chess would be to say that the towers are worth more than the knights no idea if this is true btwbut this just an understanding as it obviously depends on the situation of the board.

Other plays that have been experimented with includeandall of which sacrifice territory for influence. After a joseki sequence has ended, a play returning to the same area may be termed a follow-up play.

I will put a simple joseki variation in our game.

The term may also be used for sequences that occur in other parts of the board sides and center and at various josekki in the game opening, middle and endalthough such usage is usually made using explicit wording, such as endgame joseki. I am learning already.


It is also possible, although uncommon, to use the term joseki to refer to sequences whose outcome is not equal. Pick the wrong one, and you die. Understanding strong and weak points of particular joseki and being able to at least vaguely understand possibilities fo following play – playing itself especially with stronger players will put your thinking to the test. So taking away good shape move from opponent can sometimes be of greater value than making one yourself if you are stronger in the area and it is good to try and learn to think that way too.

Note that “locally even” neither implies optimal nor even at the whole-board level.

Players Ranks and ratings Professionals Organizations Competitions. JosekiIndex page. That said, a bit more seriously, I agree that the difference between learn and study is key.

What are the attacking moves What are the defensive moves What are the forcing moves What are the endgame moves Which joseki are most frequently played and by whom Which joseki are currently fashionable How do joseki evolve over the years.

The dictionary will enable you to perform joseki established sequences usually situated in the corner of the Go board searches in thousands of online professional Go games.

Learning Joseki: When to learn and how? – General Go Discussion – Online Go Forum

Of those plays, the classical point komoku and more contemporary point hoshi are the most used. If you know which joseki you are looking josekii, then you can use the position search page.


Josekis are not fixed but comprise patterns that have gained acceptance in professional games; they constitute a consensus that may change with certain caveats.

The initial play in the corner is almost always on a,or point. The main reason for choosing an existing index is that it will enable you to study the joseki using these books while using the online dictionary to fetch up-to-date examples of each of the joseki coming straight from the tough battle grounds of professional Go. Jozeki page Discuss page 5. Chess Openings are the same every time and are pretty much always played in the same context.

Two special categories of joseki study are trick plays and hamete. bo

The correct joseki choice in a particular situation must be based on whole board thinking. With my move, opponent could get a good shape in sente.

Joseki pages

Things which you might be interested to learn from the professional games are: With 2 you are already in variation not to be found on josekipedia. Joseji to krnzmb a high dan player on OGSyou can get to tygem 6D with basic knowledge of joseki say around 30 common ones.

Playing josekis blindly will not improve one’s game. I just got your challenge, Have a nice game! But what I think is important to at jjoseki try and think about this stuff.