LEARNING TO USE JOSM – a guide to learning JOSM, with miscellaneous topics. ○ RESOURCES – links to information about OSM and the JOSM Editor. How to download and install JOSM, the Java OpenStreetMap editor, change some of the settings, open the instructions are similar for other operating systems. More advanced users may want to migrate to the JOSM editor at some point for We also found this JOSM Basic Manual pdf on the web, it would be good for a.

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In this session, we will look some of the more useful plugins that exist for JOSM. If the ways are connected, they can be aligned in the same direction by selecting Reverse and Combine. Remember that you need to do this every time that you want to make changes to the map, because the map is often being updated by other users and you will want the latest data.

This is the way JOSM tells us that something is wrong with our data and it needs to be fixed before we upload it jodm the server.

Start small, because you can download more data as you need it. This step could be used to fix location of objects which have wrong position. The sample file you already downloaded contains various elements that are labeled the names of different mxnual on the menu.

Your first steps with JOSM — the Java OpenStreetMap editor

Opening your GPX file is very straightforward. Don’t like jar files? Draw a box around the area that you want to download. This will open up the download window. From there move the mouse and click again where the road ends in the jowm imagery.

When adding roads, always connect them to existing roads. The example of way cross the building. An example is shown in the figure below.


Please note, the data you are working with is real data and the nodes, lines and polygon in your map area represents actual objects on the ground. Alternatively, the object can be removed if the object is in error. This guide is split across several tabs abovestarting josmm an introduction aimed at new users.

Building Tools Plugin is useful to digitize the building.

Chapter 5: Editing with JOSM — documentation InaSAFE Documentation Project

Those layers that are used as background images help us identify and digitize objects in JOSM. Click the download toolbar button to open the download dialog window.

You can download any raw GPS data which others or you have contributed in the area you are looking at. Make sure to fix issues before confirming your upload. To this point, we have been doing some pre-edit steps in JOSM starting with downloading OSM data and adding satellite imagery as the background. Above we described using the download dialog ‘slippy maual tab to choose an area to download when we first start JOSM.

To save the changes, you must be connected to the internet. Closed ways representing buildings pinka playground yellowa school ground yellow and two ponds blue. When you run the validation tool, it returns two types of problems:. Download a jar file: The right mouse button lets you drag the map, and your scroll wheel allows you to zoom in and out. When you click ‘Download’, the data should appear in the main editing area.

When roads intersect each other at road corners, you should not create a curved line at intersection.


Connect a two-button mouse to your computer to make working with JOSM easier. Next, load satellite imagery joosm assist with identifying objects on the ground. Zooming and Panning Within the main editing area, you can pan around and zoom in and out. We discuss the most important of those tools in this section. Another approach is to load in a GPX file manuao downloading data. You can edit the tag either: Add description and information of your object using Presets menu.


OpenStreetMap with the JOSM editor | OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week

In OpenStreetMap, you can see all information about an objects in mamual panel at right side of your JOSM window as shown in the figure below. Use Draw Tool to draw nodes, lines, and polygon. A common error is adding tag on a node that makes up part of a line or polygon. Working with other people’s traces is not required and often may not be very useful, but it can give a useful indication of how accurate your own trace is, and how existing data has josj positioned.

Try downloading a little bit more data in a second rectangular patch, of about the same size, alongside the area you already downloaded. Lastly, we will then discuss the JOSM validator tool, which is an automated way of checking for errors.

Select an area of interest and download it from OpenStreetMap for editing. Finally, use the left mouse button to drag a box around the area you want to download. Now you can follow exactly the same procedure to download some map data alongside your GPS trace. We will explain some of the new tools that are very useful:. As well as viewing other people’s traces, you can upload your own.

If you want to do some editing without using GPS traces, skip this section. That if you want to combine ways that have different directions, you will see this warning:. You also know about mistakes and errors that should be avoided when editing in JOSM.

Panning and zooming in the editor window is similar to the operations in the download dialog. Imagery Offset Chapter A description of some of the tools is provided below.