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It is meant to prevent men judensaat taking to crime out of want, by providing them with work and testing their willingness to do it. It can, and will, do both. After an interval of the same length of time — which he will devote to rest, to his family and to his education under guidance — he will be quite fresh for work again.

Each will be able to journey in his chosen fashion as soon as he has settled his affairs. The agrarian question is only a question of machinery. In our economically upper entlish it causes discomfort, in our middle classes continual and grave anxieties, in our lower classes absolute despair. For then the money will be raised in another way — by an appeal to moderately rich Jews.

They must be judiciously evolved out of the original plan by many able men, who must apply their minds to achieving the best system.

But should these gentlemen, who are quite satisfied with their lot, feel indisposed to do anything for their fellow-Jews who re unjustly held responsible for the large possessions of certain individuals, then the realization of this plan will afford an opportunity for drawing a clear line of distinction between them and the rest of Jewry. They will be obliged to build with wood in the beginning, because iron will not be immediately available.

The Jews must previously acquire economic power sufficiently great to overcome the old social prejudice against them. If I said this out loud today, I would be answered by universal laughter. No human being is wealthy or powerful enough to transplant a nation from one habitation to another.

Herzl met with the king of Italy, who was encouraging, and with the Pope, who uudenstaat opposition.

Der Judenstaat. English

Jewish families which regild the old nobility with money become gradually absorbed. The forms ofsuch cooperation will easily be found. This floating proletariat would become judenztaat. The poorest will go first to cultivate the soil.


There will be places of amusement for the proper conduct of which the Society of Jews will be responsible. If not in 5 years, certainly in 50, everyone will know it. English is available for download from Apple Books. We have cradles, we have graves, and we alone know how Jewish hearts cling to the graves. And he can sell the goodwill of his original business, or hand it over to the control of managers under supervision of the Company’s officials.

I pointed out that by means of the system “Assistance par le Travail” the return could be increased fifteenfold. These might, perhaps, even try to oppose the Jewish movement by means of their secret agents. Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a European perspective – Dutch and English. Am I stating a fact? They would certainly be credited with being assimilated to the very depths of their souls, if they stayed where they were after the new Jewish State, with its superior institutions, had become a reality.

He was interested in an economy where free enterprise and state involvement went hand-in-hand. Such labor can do wonders. The creation of our State would be beneficial to judehstaat countries, because the cultivation of a strip of land increases the value of its surrounding districts in innumerable ways. Events occurring in countries undiscovered when Europe confined the Jews in Ghettos are known to us in the englishh of an hour. Parties of work-men will thus be systematically drafted from place to place like a body of troops.

Is it not true, judenstaa our poor endure greater sufferings than any other proletariat? Judejstaat feel almost ashamed of writing down so trite a remark.

How may a number of people be directed to a particular spot without being given express orders to go there! In the Eastern countries of Europe there are great numbers of Jews who are not traders, and judensstaat are not afraid of hard work either. Where they are held by private companies, engglish Jewish Company will receive favorable terms for transport, in the same way as does every transmitter of goods on a large scale.

Precisely these objections were raised to the Balfour declaration in Britain, by some British Jews. This will, in addition to the honors they expect, will be additional pay for their services. A rivulet engliwh even be navigated by boats, the river into which it flows carries stately iron vessels. The Society of Jews and the Jewish Company will unite in caring for and strengthening the family still more, not only morally, but materially also.


The Jewish State – Theodor Herzl’s Program for Zionism

Competition with State prison-labor has al been forbidden, for the State must occupy and feed criminals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Jewish State is available in the versions: It was no longer possible to remove our disabilities in our old homes.

Now our poorest strata alone would suffice to found a State; dnglish form the strongest human material for acquiring a land, because a little despair is indispensable to the formation of a great undertaking.

For our men will crowd to work in the new country, and the world will see then what an industrious people we are. What assurance will the Company offer that the abandonment of countries will not cause their impoverishment and produce economic crises? I shall therefore explain everything connected with rights of property very fully.

The Society will in particular have investigated with exactitude the extent of the new Jewish movement, so as to provide the Company promoters with thoroughly reliable information on the amount of support they englisj expect. Far worse is the circumstance that unsatisfactory results tend to cast doubts on intelligent men.

Der Judenstaat. English by Theodor Herzl on Apple Books

We shall not sacrifice our be loved customs; we shall find them again. I believe that electric light was not invented for the purpose of illuminating the drawing-rooms of a few snobs, but rather for the purpose of throwing light on some of the dark problems of humanity.

Any iudenstaat numerous travelling party can charter a special train and special boat from the Company. The latter will see to it that the enterprise does not become a Panama, but a Suez. Starvation must never be allowed to drive men to suicide; for such suicides are the deepest disgrace to a civilization which allows rich men to throw tid-bits to their dogs.