Kali Kavacham. The Armor of Kali. Srisadasiva uvaca. The respected Eternal Consciousness of Infinite Goodness said: Kathitam paramam. Kalika Kavacham Translated By ander (This is the version of the prayer as given in a book in Malayalam The prayer obviously. shrIbhadrakAlIkavacham || shrIgaNeshAya namaH | nArada uvAcha | kavachaM pAtu chAmuNDA nairRRityAM pAtu kAlikA || 17|| shyAmA cha vAruNe pAtu.

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Sree hreem iym roopinibhava bandha vimochaniHoom roopinimaha kalirakshasmaan devi Sarvadhaa. Who has a wagging toungue, And who resembles the full moon in her form. Pratyangira Devi kavasam is available in tamil, you can get in Google also. For those with sorrows or fever or those with selfish enemiesA reading of the armour of Kalika grants enjoyment and salvation Om asya Sri Kalika kavachasya Bhairava rishianushtup Chandasri Kalika devathaShatru samharattham jape viniyoga Om for the armour of Mahakalithe sage is Bhairavathe meter is anushtupthe goddess is Maha Kali and it is being read to kill all ones enemies.

Now you are capable of knowing this supreme knowledge, which destroys all the filth of this Age of Darkness and removes all the darkness of ignorance.

Guruji Even I have seen 1 video i. O welfare endower, may you protect my tongue and taste. Guruji charansparsh Guruji mai bhut pareshan hoo or tang a chuka hoo black magic Se or khilane pilane Se Meri much madat kariye please mai aap Ka abhari rahuga.

Reciting this Kavach a thousand times is equivalent to completing the homa offering. Respected Gurudev, i wish ti recite this kavach on daily basis. Oh killer of Chanda and Munda, Oh One who wears garland of severed headsAlways protect me from every one. I am seeing you who is the great goddess who formulated all Dharmas, And would tell you that wonderful armour of the Goddess which helps to fulfill all wishes. May we perform this chanting at night?


kalika Kavacham 2 –

I do not know. Kali is represented with perhaps the fiercest features amongst all the world’s deities. Hreem, hrem hreem Kalikeghore damshtrva rudhira priye, Rudhiraa poorna vakthre cha rudhiranavrutha sthani Will it work or full effective for me??

She is without any fear kavacuam, has a blood drenched face, She is fierce looking,She is worshipped by saints, She is Sitting on yogic pose, She is goddess who is everywhere, And has a clothing resembling the eight directions. Guruji, my nakshatra is Jyeshta, Can I chant this mantra.?

Bhagwandeva devesa, devaanaam bhoghada prabho, Prabroohi may Mahadeva gopyam chedh yadhi hey Prabho. Mama shatroon Khadaya, Khadayahimsa, himsa, maraya, maraya, Bhindi, bhindi, Chindi, chindi, uchatayauchatayaDRavayadravayasoshayasoshaya swaha.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Remove fear – Recite twice the Kali Kavach to remove the fear in life. Sathro prana prathishtam thu kuryath manthrena manthra vith, Hanyadasthra prakarena Sathro gacha yamakshayam.

Dukhinojwarnam chaiva Swabheeshta drohina sthadha, Bhoga moksha pradham chaiva kalika kavacham padeth. Please protect my life breath and all the Siddhis that I possess.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Vairi nasakaram proktham kavacham vasyakarakamParamaiswarydham chaiva puthra pouthra vrudhikaram. A brief puja in the mind is also enough.

Sunday, January 1, Kalika Kavacham. May the Goddess with great eyes protect my navel region. Guruji kaacham we do this kali kavach during periods.

Meditating on Mahakali as sitting in the yogic pose of corpseAnd decorating herself with a garland of severed heads, You have to read this armour. Ok means everyday i have to repeat my wishes and then chant 7 times the kavach right??


Sathru nasa kare devi sarva sampath kare shubheSarva deva sthuthe devi Kalike thwaam namamyaham. Hraamhrrem Kalikayai mama shathroon samarpayami swaha. Such a native becomes an kall scholar well versed in all scriptural disciplines.

Chanting it against enemiesyou would be able to free your country, And later make them your slaves.

Guru Shakti

Should we keep a Goddess Kali photo in front of us while chanting this kavach or may we do without the photo? May She who grants all achievement protect my whole body. Sitting on the top of the Kailasa mountain Pravathi in return asked, Sankara who is the teacher of all devas as well as the universe. Previous Divine mother chalisa s Next Mantra. Smasana angaaramaadhaya choornam kruthwa prayathnatha, Padhodhakena pishtwaa thallikhelloha sakhaya, The other two hands bless her worshippers.

Specially it destroys all enemies and protects all beings, And pacifies all problems and destroys all great dangers. Thus they who read this Kavach get their ambitions realized.

Either way, this site won’t work without it. He receives protection in the entire world, becomes established in enjoyment, and surely receives salvation Moksha. Then the Kali Kavach should be recited with full faith and devotion.

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