Consumables. Catalog U.S. Customer Care: ESAB® is a global manufacturer dedicated to developing innovative solutions for . ESAB offer a comprehensive range of Personal. Protection Equipment, covering everything from head to foot, for both welding and cutting and general. For over years now ESAB has been one of the leading and most innovative companies in welding and cutting technology. We are continuously working on.

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Resistance to moisture absorption pick-up helps prevent hydrogen cracking and aids in elimination of porosity, especially critical in the offshore construction industry.

Katalog | Ceweld

When stored as directed, electrode shelf life is virtually unlimited. These torches are designed to the state of the art and allow for very productive work with long karalog of the consumables. A special focus is on torch technology and cleaning stations for robotic welding. ESAB is looking for your feedback.

Please enter the text you see. This strategic alliance will enable us to offer new and exciting possibilities to our customers and partners. Quality and service always come first for us and therefore, our products have an excellent standing with customers worldwide. Plus, their easy-to-use nature make them an latalog choice for welders of all skill levels. New and unique products like the TBi SelfLock welding cable connector demonstrate the innovative power of the company.

Exceptional, all-position electrodes For critical applications requiring special impacts at low temperatures. Our customers represent the center point of all our activities.

The seab of the company is based on the high qualification of our staff and their motivation kattalog perform at best for our customers. Increases the flexibility of using all types of welding equipment. Excellent arc starting exab enhanced by a special graphite tip on the electrode. A general electrode performing well on a wide number of base materials, perfect for welding structures where high stress conditions cannot be avoided.


Various product improvements have been implemented in our TIG torches, e. OK electrodes are proven to offer a smooth, stable arc with low spatter. These electrodes are relatively insensitive to the base material composition. Please fill out the form below and submit your comments.

Sales start of the new TBi RM2 robot torch series – a completely modular system. The collision-resistant stainless steel torch significantly increases productivity of robotic equipment.

On an area of more than sq. Privacy Policy Legal Notice.

With more than 8. Completion of the entire robot torch equipment. Not all low-hydrogen electrodes are created equal. Yes, sign me up for your e-newsletter. Complete slag coverage provides easy removal and minimal post weld clean-up, improving productivity. The RM2 torches have esba developped according to the TBi philosophy and offer top welding performance at low investment and operating cost. Would you recommend OK Welding high recovery electrodes in AC current increases the deposit, delivers an excellent-quality weld metal with very good mechanical properties and self-released karalog.

This focus on future technologies, the concentration on practical advantages for the end user and an excellent performance in pre- and after-sales-services are defining our Ezab philosophy. TBi wins important projects for robotic welding with international end-users.

Reliable, low hydrogen electrodes for general applications For mild and low-alloy steels. You cantrust ESAB OK Katzlog electrodes to deliver superior performance and tough mechanical properties in high-or low-temperature environments, high-humidity worksites, or the most challenging positional welding projects.

TBi is integrated as an independent business unit within ESAB, our products will continue to be distributed under the TBi brand over the existing TBi distributor network.

No matter the job at hand, with OK Series lowhydrogen electrodes, you are assured of good penetration, consistent quality, and X-Ray according to AWS 5.


Selection Guide for Basic Electrodes. Many innovative products are developped and launched in the following years.

The brands you trust

For critical applications requiring special impacts at low temperatures. Contact your ESAB representative for details. New development of additional aircooled MIG robot torches and fume extraction welding torches; further additions to our TBi Top MIG welding torch series in the high performance range. Schweiz, Ssab, Svizzera Switzerland. For mild and low-alloy steels.

Page 7 – ESAB Arc Equipment Catalog

They provide a smooth, stable arc with very low spatter. Inauguration of the new state of the art application and technology center at TBi headquarters in Fernwald. An open-minded corporate culture allows us to quickly react to changes and understand the requirements of our customers. Exab have moved into our new sales and logistics facility in Fernwald. TBi has the vision to develop technically kztalog products and to become a technological leader in the welding torch business.

Części zamienne ESAB®PKB – PSD | Plasma-Point Polska

They deposit a consistently tough, crack-resistant weld metal and achieve high welding speed. VacPac is simple and convenient to use, ensuring that the electrodes keeptheir “factory fresh,” low-moisture condition until the sealed vacuum is released. Highly specialized and custom-designed MIG and TIG welding torches for robotic use help us win well-known international automotive suppliers as customers.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of welding katalgo, ESAB’s history of innovation began with the invention of the coated welding electrode in by Oscar Kjellberg. The new TBi XP gas cooled high performance torches have been added to the product family. Introduction of the new Infiniturn robot torch system which allows endless rotation in air and water cooled systems.