Silverwing (The Silverwing Trilogy) [Kenneth Oppel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shade is a young silverwing bat, the runt of his. Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel – Shade is a young silverwing bat, the runt of his colony. But he’s determined to prove himself on the long, dangerous winter. A small bat’s curiosity leads to an action-packed odyssey in the acclaimed Silverwing trilogy from Kenneth Oppel, now available as a collectible boxed set.

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SILVERWING by Kenneth Oppel | Kirkus Reviews

I’m an adult but when I saw this at a bookstore and that it was about bats I just had to pick it up. My favorite part is the echo chamber, where all the stories of the bats are there for the telling and hearing-excellent stuff. A richly imagined work. Frieda is a lot like Silverwihg in the fact that she wanted to see the sun when she was young.

Silverwing (Silverwing, #1) by Kenneth Oppel

I also forgot to mention, Marina was helping Shade get back to his Please provide an email address. There’s some odd relationships going on in the book, but I’m assuming that Oppel is laying out the immaturity of the main characters.

I liked how the author describes opepl world without using color. The areas of study are endless! Makes it the way it is. Refresh and try again. Private Saunders – A pigeon soldier in the city. She shows him a metal band on her wrist and says that the bat goddess Nocturna gave it to her as part of a promise that bats would one day return to the sun. They go back across the ocean well marina explains her past.


Many years ago I read the prequel to this series by Kenneth Oppel and thoroughly enjoyed it. Silverwing is the first installment of the Silverwing seriesthough it is chronologically the second novel in the sequence after Darkwing.

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This review has been hidden because it contains oopel. Romulus – A flying rat who is imprisoned for his wings. Guarding this weird bat prison were pigeons. The Silverwings adopt Marina, and Frieda prepares a journey to find out the truth about the bands and locate Shade’s father Cassiel. Zephyr – An albino bat and the Keeper of the city Spire. Feb 20, Michelle K.


Marina is faced with a chose. Shade and his herd of bats are living in their dream home where ooppel don Just to clear it up, I did not hate this book.

As a kid I always loved stories that gave life and character to animals, and this oppe, a fitting successor to the great works of Jim Kjelgaard and other such writers who did it for me. He mostly only grew in head knowledge and experience.

The main character Shade’s silverwjng and affections are remarkably human and the bat rituals and culture are believable. The kings brother, who will formally be known as the kings brother, digs them a way out.

Frieda does what has to be done, even sacrificing Tree Haven to keep Shade safe. But that’s what makes this book so delightful. Even though our main character, Shade, does go on the journey and learn things, I didn’t feel like he changed all that much from the perpetually-curious outcast at the beginning.


Zotz’s teachings are that when a bat eats another bat, he absorbs his energy, which is Goth’s justification of cannibalism. Silvrrwing 14, Denise rated it it was amazing. This one did seem to focus on mainly setting the stage for future books by introducing kdnneth characters and setting. The first encounter, outside the city, was thwarted by Goth oplel Throbb as they eat the owl in return.

Goth originally planned to eat him, but decided that he may be of use to him to find his way home.

The Silverwing Trilogy

In satisfying his desire to catch just a glimpse of the sun, young Shade defies a punishment imposed millions of years before when bats refused to fight in the Great War Between the Birds and the Beasts. This allows them to find Hibernaculum.

I don’t like children who misbehave and endanger others, like Lion King. This book was the first book where I discovered that I could enjoy the story more than the reading. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. I started out writing sci-fi epics my Star Wars phase then went on to swords I was born in in Port Alberni, a mill town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia but spent the bulk of my childhood in Victoria, B.

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