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The hands rest on the thighs. Raise both arms above the head. This posture influences the Vishuddhi Chakra. The postures of this exercise sequence can also be performed as individual Asanas. This Asana activates the Manipura Chakra. Bring the palms together and look towards the hands.

Inhaling bring the upper body forward along the floor khath the shoulders are between knatu hands, the toes are tucked under. Khatu is a village in Rajasthan, India.

Stimulates the flow of energy and increases the flow of the breath into the sides of the lungs. Stimulates blood circulation and particularly increases the flow of blood into the head.

The back is evenly extended.

The position calms strong emotions. Upper body and arms form a line and the head hangs relaxed between the straight arms. Perform rounds of Khatu Pranam once or twice a day, especially when feeling tired and you will feel fresh and vital.

Stretches the calf muscles and helps foot strain and venous return. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing is promoted which stimulates the flow of energy throughout the whole body.


KHATU PRANAM – an invigorating sequence

Circulates blood to all organs of the pelvis, abdomen and chest, and stimulates function of all glands. Level 7 Ptanam Pranam Close navigation. The palms or fingers touch the floor. If one practices these exercises with regular discipline, Khatu Pranam also becomes a powerful tool in regulating the entire nervous system. Yoga in Daily Life – The System.

Keeping kahtu back and arms straight, bend forward from the hips until the arms and forehead touch the floor Shashankasana. Because more blood is supplied to the head, there is an improvement in concentration and eyesight. Deepens the breath, stimulates digestion and helps relieve diseases of the throat. Inhaling raise the body with the arms extended above the head. Be sure not to over-extend the lower back. Holding the breath lower the hips to the floor and with the help of the hands lift the body up Bhujangasana.

This sequence should not be practiced with very high blood pressure or if there is a tendency to become dizzy. Bring the palms together and stretch the whole body up and slightly back. Relax the whole body. Khxtu posture balances the energy flow of the whole body and has an activating effect upon the Sahasrara Chakra.


Khatu Pranam

All joints of the spine, shoulders and arms are relieved of strain and receive an increased supply of prana. On a spiritual level, Khatu Pranam is like a cosmic dance or Mudra spiritual expression. Place the left foot beside the right and straighten the knees. The more advanced levels of Khatu Pranam are practiced in coordination with the breath and with concentration on the energy centres of the body Chakras as described in Level 7. The shoulders are pressed down and back.

KHATU PRANAM – For Daily Health & Harmony

The toes of the left foot can be tucked under or lie lhatu on the floor. Strengthens the whole body. The buttocks are slightly raised. To practice in this way hold each position for some time with normal breathing.