I am drawing inspiration from the Kill Bargle adventure in dungeon but find it a bit disappointing. It is too many kobolds and not enough mad. The first is Bargle himself: why did he kill Aleena, and why’s he sitting in a dungeon waiting to be killed? The second was Venthavaxus: what’s. The Gold Dragon Inn is a fairly typical inn, in the usually quiet town of Stronghold. Yet it’s oddly quiet, today. Ordinarily, the tavern should be.

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He ruled the lands from his might castle Mistamere, located at the foot of the mountains to the north. As near as we know, he’s an orphaned nobleman who was cheated out of his inheritance. Aleena was such a promising young cleric. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Baron von Hendriks suspects Threshold of housing such a mint, and is gathering more information through his bafgle of spies and nargle such as Bargle the Infamous.

It seems unlikely, without Bargle close at hand and with internal strife in his own barony, that von Hendriks would attempt, or could attempt, a stratagem of arson and murder against the city. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

I’m still unskilled at human interactions.

Dragonsfoot • View topic – Kill Bargle Vol. 1: A dice game of bloody vengeance!

Will there ever be a Kill Bargle Vol. The New World, Part 9: The old man keeps forgetting he raised her, though.


Some background images used barvle the site are a commission by Elena Naylor for the adventure “Treasures of a Dragon’s Corpse” and are copyright Elena Naylor, used with permission. Was he in the old Rogues Gallery?

Is the castle his permanent base, or just his current retreat? I’m Elen, and in case the mandolin and bar songs didn’t give it away I’m a Bard by trade, with a bit of freelance adventuring on the side. I was planning on using Bargle as the main villain for the following adventures and he tried to wreak his vengeance on those that had ruined his dungeon, but it sadly never happened. Keeping mages prisoner isn’t exactly easy, of course, so we understand if you can’t take him alive.

He has no doubt that the rest of their little entourage would be equally powerful. The renegade magic-user Bargle is wanted, dead or alive. Those diamonds cost a fortune, and that merchant knew we needed them right away. He quickly went about dropping the remaining supplies into a sack as the elf gathered the deck of cards with a practiced air.

Any mechanical traps — of which there are a couple in the adventure, like crushing pistons, and whirling, bladed statues — will have similar form and function. If I notice more than a week of stubble on your face I’ll wake you. The evil mage’s current location is unknown.


In the center of it awaits Bargle’s military force, over fighters and their mounts, magically asleep and massmorphed into the form of the woods. Of course, this was back before the kobolds found the castle. With the directions, you have a clear path to the castle.

You get old, and all these young people treat you like a child again. Saturday, 6th September, People whisper of dark magics and of secret, dangerous experiments he performed on humans and hin provided by von Hendriks.

Dungeon World: Adventure Conversion for Kill Bargle!

There have been rumors that he may have returned to his old haunts in the Black Eagle Barony now the Barony of Halag. You can support future reviews and articles at our Patreon. Dungeon Issue – Sep The elf’s eyes repeatedly flickered towards the poster on the far wall, as well as the other patrons who he suspected had the same goals as him.

The mage Bargle follows suit, abandoning Xanthus’s other guards Now, you will kill Bargle! Please select a support frequency. Originally Posted by KillianHawkeye.