Kirkland Revels [Victoria Holt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kirkland Revels loomed high above the wild and eerie Yorkshire moors. Another dusky melodrama rustles through the candlelit chambers of Kirkland Revels, a 16th century house- once an Abbey- in Yorkshire, where Cathy Corder, . They marry without the knowledge of the groom’s family and friends. Gabriel dies within four days of their return to Gabriel’s stately mansion – Kirkland Revels.

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She receives help from an unexpected source, and both her and her child are saved. The mansion was built in the s from s stone taken from an abbey and the ruins of the abbey near the grounds add further mystery to the setting.

It was good though.

There are LOTS of clues she’s getting herself into something over her head, but like many young people she marries not so much for love as for escape. Catherine meets Gabriel while they are rescuing a dog, and their friendship turns into a whirlwind kirklans.

The timeline laid out here or Catherine and Gabriel is hard to swallow, but I don’t recall most of her books having such a whirlwind “romance.

She knew she wanted to be a writer at a young age, but wasn’t published utilwith her book “Beyond the Blue Mountains. Good l Fun dive back into my teenage reading habits with this classic Victoria Holt. She chose to use various names because of the differences in subjec Librarian Note: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The characters are, of course, flat, and the main motive of the story is to change how the reader feels about them all.

And oh, the sweet but lonely rdvels misunderstood heroine! Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Kirkland Revels Catherine marries Gabriel – not out of love but more because she feels protective about him and also to escape from the gloomy atmosphere of her father’s house. Like romances, it has the familiar patterns. Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert died on January 18, After coming home from finishing school Catherine meets Gabriel while out riding.


She is received rather cooly by her in-laws, expecially Ruth, Gabriel’s sister. Maybe it’s time I moved on kigkland Victoria Holt. Honestly I don’t care whether I have figured out who the culprit is in these novels or not.

All who love the English countryside They marry without the knowledge of the groom’s family and friends.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Kirklsnd the amount of alcohol she consumed while pregnant, wow, different times. Victoria Holt revdls always readable even though her plots are often transparent and predictable. I haven’t read this since I was a tween, and I had forgotten how good it actually is.

A gothic romance setting needs an old house with a perhaps sketchy past, and Gabriel’s home, Kirkland Revels certainly is that. She formed a friendship with her late husband’s cousin, Simon.

KIRKLAND REVELS by Victoria Holt | Kirkus Reviews

At a few points I found myself countering between several who the main culprit could be. View all 5 comments.

Shortly after they are married, he died somewhat mysteriously. The characters are, of course, flat, and the main motive of the s An entertaining story. So many reviewers seem to be bothered by that.

Kirkland Revels Book Summary and Study Guide

The story was very good. I’m thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake! Catherine and Gabriel met one day and began to see each other quite frequently. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Pure pleasure in reading this Some reviewers sa Like many others readers, I also read this book at a much, much younger age.

After 4 years of French Boarding school Catherine returns to her home to her fathers house.


Kirkland Revels by Victoria Holt – FictionDB

Thus begins an acquaintance that will lead her to Kirkland Revels. Holt has written a decent book, easy to read, always keeps you guessing with underlying values between friends and While not as good as Mistress of Mellyn, this novel was a success! Cathy finds she is pregnant and she is being terrorized by a vanishing monk, things disappearing and being made to question her sanity.

The first half was a little drab for me but by the second half I was rapt. I kept expecting him to reappear in the next page, chapter, before the end, only to see the poor poochie was murdered. Like many others readers, I also read this book at a much, much younger age. I pretty much suspected everyone in the book, so I wasn’t too surprised with the outcome, although I was relieved when certain characters were found to be innocent.

review: Kirkland Revels

You’d think I’d learn to copy first before I hit save. If that is the ca A very entertaining novel. Published April 1st by Sound Library first published A sixteenth century manor built upon the ruins of an Abbey, Kirkland Revels is the grand, but mysterious ancestral home to the Rockwells. When Catherine finds her life is in danger, she is determined to do everything in her power to unearth dark family secrets and discover the truth behind the strange happenings. From inside the book.

I felt that this plot wasn’t as predictable and had plenty of twists and intrigue. I really enjoyed it. I was amazed how much I still enjoyed it.