Theory of excitons. Author, Robert Seiple Knox. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Academic Press, Original from, the University of California. Digitized, Nov Solid state physics, suppl. 5: Theory of excitons. Front Cover. R. S. Knox. Academic Press, Author, R. S. Knox. Publisher, Academic Press, Title, Theory of Excitons Volume 5 of Solid state physics: Supplement ยท Volume 5 of Solid state physics: advances in research and applications: supplement.

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Exciton Energy Transfer and Migration: Effects of transport coherence on the mutual annihilation of excitons. Arntzen Springer Verlag, Berlin and Heidelberg,sec. Dow and Robert S.

Symmetry distribution of normal modes in macroscopic crystals. Thermocline flux exchange during the Pinatubo event. Picosecond studies at 77K of energy transfer in thery at low and high excitation intensities. Inversion symmetry of the M center. Lindsey, and Dewey Holten. Mourou, and Robert Knox. Ultrafast processes and biology. Blankenship, Su Lin, and Robert S. Theory of singlet-triplet exciton fusion. Circular dichroism and other optical properties of antenna chlorophyll proteins from higher excifons.


Line shape of absorption in crystalline rare gases. The effects of excitation intensity and the fluorescence decay times of phycocyaninphycocyaninand phycoerythrin Knox and Doris J. Knox, Franco Bassani, and W. Account Options Sign in. Douglass, and Robert S. Exciton states in ionic crystals. Excitation dynamics in biomolecular systems.

Electronic excitation transfer in the photosynthetic unit: Xenon impurity states in solid argon. Acta Nature Atomic multipole interactions in rare-gas crystals. Su Lin and Robert S.

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Efficient exciton energy transfer between widely separated quantum wells at low temperatures. Energy distribution in the photochemical apparatus of Porphyridium cruentum: Volume also published as: Direct-reading Planck distribution slide rule. Comparison of excited-state energy transfer in arrays thelry hydroporphyrins chlorins, oxochlorins versus porphyrins: Knox, Deborah Guard-Friar, and.

Solid state luminescence theory and oscillator strengths in KCl: Zewail Springer-Verlag, New York,pp. Generalized-master-equation konx of excitation transfer. Turnbull, Academic Press, Inc. Molecular Physics 22, Physical aspects of the greenhouse effect and global warming.


Distinguishing between energy and electron transfer processes in photosystem two reaction centres. Excited-state equilibration and the fluorescence-absorption ratio.


A Brownian oscillator approach to the Kennard-Stepanov relation. Photosynthetic efficiency and excitation transfer and trapping. Iceland as a heat island.

Craver and Robert S. Recent energy balance of Earth.

Luminescence 34 Absorption band shape for the F center and thallium in KCl. Bonch-BruevichElsevier, New York, Theory of fast and slow excitation transfer rates. Olechna and Robert S. Bruce Wittmershaus, Thomas M. Optics 176 p A 54 Knox and Richard L. Band structure and electronic properties of AgCl and AgBr.