The conflict in Darfur continues a decade after the war began in Sudan’s western region, analyst James Copnall reports. Di dalam makalah tersebut, insyaalloh memberikan gambaran tentang bagaimana konflik antar Sudan Utara dan Sudan Selatan beserta konflik Darfur. Semoga. Darfur highlights how low-income countries lack the means to address grievances waterskaarste en konflik deur gebruik te maak van die Darfur- gevallestudie.

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The world is experiencing increasing water scarcity and with such scarcity comes a greater likelihood of violence. Worldwide countries have had to investigate scarcities and resultant challenges such as violence. Low-income countries which suffer from lack of good governance and possess an array of ethnic groupings within their borders are the most vulnerable to water scarcity-related violence.

The water scarcity-conflict Nexus: The case of Darfur

The purpose of this thesis is to examine the relationship between water scarcity and conflict through the case study of Darfur. Darfur highlights how low-income countries lack the means to address grievances which arise between different ethnic groups around issues knoflik water sources.

This thesis takes an important stance on water scarcity in that it does konvlik agree that water scarcity alone is enough to cause major incidences of violence, it is rather the mixture of ethnic tensions, water scarcity and bad governance which is toxic and results in violence. This is often forgotten by fear-ridden media articles and politicians which believe the globe is doomed to dehydration and war.


Darfur conflict – Wikidata

Water scarcity and conflict are complex phenomena and thus require comprehension of the theoretical principles which created them. Traditional International Relations theories are therefore analysed in order to provide insight into why scarcities are occurring and how they have indirectly contributed to scarcities. Liberalism and realism have ensured that the world views nature as something to be used and profited from. This has proven to be unstainable and notes an area where International Relations needs to improve.

Newer environmentally-minded theories have emerged and have fought to alter the current world order where natural resources are pillaged and lives are at risk.

Such theories would include Green Theories. Green Theories are multifaceted and normatively show an alternate outcome when applied to the Darfur crisis.

The purpose of the theoretical component of this thesis is to highlight that newer more environmentally-minded theories are needed in International Relations, and currently demand further study. Die doel van hierdie tesis is om die verhouding konflij ondersoek tussen waterskaarste en konflik deur gebruik te maak van die Darfur-gevallestudie.

Darfur werp lig op die wyse waarop lae-inkomste lande nie oor die nodige middele beskik om hierdie griewe aan te spreek nie — griewe wat ontstaan darfug verskillende etniese groepe rondom kwessies verwant aan toegang tot en die beskikbaarheid van waterbronne.


Waterskaarste en konflik is ingewikkelde verskynsels. Dit verg begrip van die teoretiese beginsels wat daartoe aanleiding gegee het.

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Konflik Darfur

The water scarcity-conflict Nexus: The case of Darfur Smith, Robyn dafur Thesis MA –Stellenbosch University, This item konvlik in the following collections: Masters Degrees Political Science varfur. Related items Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. Stellenbosch University Sudan is a country that has been affected by a history of multiple destructive civil wars. Conflicts that, in a global perspective, have proven to be as devastating as interstate wars, or on occasion even more destructive, Non-interference as a doctrine in China’s Africa policy: The New War in Darfur: In the context of the present conflict in Darfur, and in the years preceding it, the distinction between so-called African and Arab tribes has come to the forefront, and the tribal identity of individuals