Ninjutsu Techniques · Bujinkan Densho · Koto Ryu Koppojutsu Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu · Koto Ryu Koppojutsu · Togakure Ryu Ninpo · Takagi Yoshin Ryu. Koto Ryu Koppojutsu (虎倒流骨法術) translates as “Tiger Knock Down School”. What specializes the Koto Ryu techniques is that distance is created by moving.

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Instead the technique is shown, the set up usually a joint lock will be applied and it will then be explained that it can break thus and such a joint. I really do not know, but suspect that the unwanted injuries it can prevent probably outnumber the wonton use of these techniques to hurt others.

To take advantage of this knowledge, it has to be further understood where the static parts of the structure are as the leverage works its way through the body. It is still possible to use Koppojutsu, but the way to induce stress on the skeleton uses different methods.


I n water this changes, and the system characteristics are different. Frequently, when fractures occur as a result of using martial arts, it is unexpected, unintended and accidental.

Koto Ryu Koppojutsu…… 2. Koto Ryu is one of the very few Ryu that sometimes changes the grip of the sword by holding it with the left hand near the tsuka. This historical information of the seven traditions taught within the Budo Ryu Kai I feel is correct based on my personal training and research.

It also is worth pointing out that in a brief article on this subject, there can only be a perfunctory and superficial level of discussion and that the body of knowledge of Koppojutsu could fill one to two volumes of text with needed copious illustrations. The translation of gravitational force is the single most important force used in Koppojutsu and body weight is a natural stressor that can be manipulated through the center of gravity.

When searching for information regarding secret societies and old martial arts schools of training, it is very hard if techniquws impossible to find all of the information regarding the history of the arts. Two of them have the name of the scroll partially clear and listed as such.: The Koto Ryu techniques use short distancing between the two opponents, the Gyokko Ryu uses greater distance. Many arts will show variations that can be used when the enemy deviates in some manner from the taught pattern.


Okuden, and Hekito are the highest levels of training with the school, and contain the secret teachings. This tecuniques part of the reason why patterns, forms or kata are popular in martial arts. Kongo – Cloud Prayer. Techniquws real task of accomplishing Koppojutsu lies in the process that sets up the opponent to be subjected to a fracture.

The Art of Koppojutsu – Everything Ninja : Everything Ninja

Most of those who would go to the length of acquiring this body of knowledge, are unlikely to be the same individuals to abuse it, when there are so many easier ways to harm people. This understanding of how to induce static postures in parts of the body has everything to do with how our bodies have evolved in a gravitational environment. Attacks to the face, in addition to metsubushi, are common in the techniques of the school.

Anyone who has had the experience of working in an emergency department or hospital with an orthopedic and trauma service can attest to the plethora of different koppojufsu of fractures, their gruesome appearance, the pain experienced and the protracted recoveries often endured. Certainly, many of us are familiar with moments when your instructor or master, will pause and inform you to be careful when executing a technique because of the risk of breaking your training partners bones.

What specializes the Koto Ryu techniques is that distance is created by moving along with the attack, then moving forward with a strike and then move quickly out to a safe distance again. Kongo — Cloud prayer 2. Martial arts have in common with medical knowledge tecbniques force kooppojutsu in one direction destroys life and in another techniquees and protects life. Martial arts like many other things is to a large extent taught through tecuniques process of pattern recognition.


The Art of Koppojutsu

If both schools are studied completely, the student will know all forms of fighting, including distance, striking, throws, and locks. To a large extent Koppojutsu happens when the opponent in their technique or lack of it presents you with the opportunity to use it. There are story’s about Takamatsu Sensei in the ‘s when he convinced Koizume Shizuo, a journalist from the Tokyo Sport Newspaper, by literally drilling five holes through the bark of a tree with his Shako Ken finger strike.

The Koto Ryu has a unique form of Kenjutsu Swordsmanship. Thereby creating a predictable and reliable opportunity to break parts of the skeleton. This conveys that the teacher did not koppojtusu for their students to cause harm.

Like most other things in combative arts there is more to Koppojutsu than meets the eye. Koto Ryu Sanpo Gassho. Short distancing, and striking hard. This approach is practical but has the limitation that the student will pair a specific set up with a specific application and an expected result. Pin It on Pinterest. How the students behave is a reflection on the caliber of the teaching and the selection of the students themselves. Then they can use the art as they see fit, and not only that, but if their goal is to survive a potentially dangerous encounter.

Some might argue that if students follow the teachings correctly they should not injure their enemies or training partners, and that if it occurs it is better that it be accidental and unintentional.

Some of the differences between Koto Ryu and Gyokko ryu are as follows: