Krishnashtakam [2] Translated by P. ander Text, Lyrics, Meaning, Translations of Stothras of Lord Vishnu, Purusha Suktam, Vishnu Sahasra Namam. 1 Sri Krishnashtakam by Adi Sankara Bhagawat Pada; 2 Popular variant of Sri Krishnashtakam by an unknown composer; 3 Second Sri Krishnashtakam by Adi . Meaning: Salutations to Krishna, who is the son of Vasudēva, Who killed Kamsa and Chanoora, And who gave immense joy to Dēvaki and.

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That great man who sings this double octet. Stories you may want to krishnashtajam. Samastha gopa nandanam, hrudambujaika modhanam. Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, Who is embraced by Lakshmi, Kriishnashtakam is Vishnuwho is the teacher to all, Who is the subject of the Vedaswho is the witness to wisdom, Who is pure, Who is Hari, who is killer of Asuraswho has lotus like eyes, Who carries mace, conch and the wheel, who has stable taste and wears forest garlands.

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Krishnashtakamidham punyam, Prathar uthaya ya padeth, Koti Janma krutham papam, Smaranath thasya nasyathi. I bow to the delight of Nand, Who is absolver of all defects in usWho looks after everyone in this world, and Who is the heart of every Gopa or cow-rearer.

In yet another incident, Indra with army fought with Krishna when Krishna and Satyabhama wanted to take it away from heaven.

I bow meanijg him who is the stealer of hearts, Who incarnated to reduce the weight of the world, Who helps us cross the miserable ocean of life, And who is young baby of mother Yasoda. Times Point Know more. This is called as relieving weight of earth. Krishnasjtakam to the sea like Lord KrishnaWho decorates his head with peacock feathers, Who has the sweet sounding flute in his hand, And who is the music of the ocean of love.


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Would be born with devotion to Krishna, In all his births. Drugantha kantha banginam, sada sadala sanginam. Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna, Who decorates himself with flowers of Athasee. Such third party cookies may track your use on Boldsky sites for better rendering.

Salutations to the chief of Gopas, Who grants supreme bliss, To Yasodha, gopas and Nanda, And who is the giver of pleasures. This includes cookies from third party social media websites and ad networks.

Stotras by Adi Shankaracharya. And who has a bangle made of jewels in his right hand. Salutations to the Nanda lad, Whose lotus like feet meqning drowned, Ever truly in my mind, And who has curls of hair falling on his face.

Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna.

Add to Spiritual Diary. I pray Him, who is the ornament to the land of Vraja, Who cuts off entire sins, Who pleases the mind of his devotees, And who is the godly son of Nanda Gopa. Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, Who is the one seen by the wise sages, who follow the prescribed rituals.

Sri Krishnashtakam

Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, Who was the source of birth of Ether, air, fire, earth and water, Who is the killer of Madhu who looks after the world by his pleasure, Krshnashtakam Who is the krishnashtakkam who merges everything in himself at deluge by his power.


Namami megha sundram thathith prabhalasathpatam 6. I salute Krishna, who is the leader of lads of vrija, Who plays soulful music using his flute, Who grants pleasures even though he does not want them, And whose glances are like defenseless arrows. How Old Are You?

Vasudeva Sutam Devam – Lyrics with Meanings. |

Salutations to the elephant like Lord KrishnaWho lifted the mountain by his lotus soft hands, Who has a pretty gaze and smile, And who killed the pride of the great Indra. The source of all wealth.

Yadha thadha yadha thadha thadiva krushna sathkadha. Salutations to the chief of Gopas, Who grants supreme bliss, To Yasodha, gopas and NandaAnd who is the giver of pleasures. I salute Him who swallowed the fire, In the gardens and forests of Vraja land, Who was sleeping in the dreams of the very able gopis. I bow to Krishna, Who roamed amidst the gardens of Vraj, Who is dear to every cow-rearer in Vraj, Who is the only happiness for heart, and Who has a sun like resplendent face.

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