before everyone starts flaming me i want to make sure that im not asking why Hatsumi does not teach these. thats up to him and his decision. Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo. This ryu is also a complete fighting system also one of the three Ninjutsu ryu of Bujinkan. Founded by Heinaizaimon Ienaga Iga. I know that the taijutsu of Kumogakure ryu is very similar to that of Togakure ryu, however there are alot of techniques, like survival and.

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This is of course very similar, if not identical to Wing Chun Kung Fu. From what i was told years ago by a Genbukan high grade.

Somepeople study one ryu for a life time we kumigakure 6 at this moment in time, its still way too much to cover without 3 more being added to the kjmogakure schedule. The time now is In the end, the only person that would really know is Hatsumi. It’s budo, it would be taught like budo, with spirit, not stupidity, right?

One of the special weapons of the Ryu is the kamayari hook spear. Maybe you could write to him and ask him yourself? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Originally designed for climbing up the sides of ships, it was also used when kkmogakure against swordsmen. Discussion in ‘ Ninjutsu ‘ started by chowFeb 11, Outdoor skills such as lighting fires in wet and damp weather and various other aspects of outdoor survival were included in Kumogakure Ryu training.

Gyokushin ryu, and Kumogakure ryu?

If you view the Uk Taikai you can see Gikan Ryu and Kumogakure ryu There is at least one densho for Kumoga,ure ryu, and there are kata for Gikan ryu. An infamous ninja called Sarutobi Sasuke who was known for his amazing ability to leap form one tree to the next, used the Kamayari in order to swing from branch to branch like a monkey.


Hatsumi teaches 7 of the 9 ryuha that make up the bujinkan, but why are the 2 that he does teach still considered the bujinkan? Maybe it’s in the works kumogaiure next year, or the year after. A Kumogakure Ryu taijutsu skill is to do double blocks and strikes.

Kumogakure Ryu

Your name or email address: However, is there any written source about why this has happened? Log in or Sign up. These types of deception and mind games were common implements for the ninja. The ninja of the Kumogakure Ryu wore armored sleeves when going into combat to help protect them and also to use in attacking. Another specialty of this ryu is the Demon mask sometimes worn by members of the ryu.

Gyokushin ryu, and Kumogakure ryu? | Martial Arts Planet

Takamatsu Sensei was reputed to be able to leap 8 feet from standstill. ScociaFeb 12, It’s part of what was handed down to him, so why not include it?

Techniques of these two schools are demonstrated on the DVD “Bujinkan koppo-jutsu” Kumogakure Ryu was a scroll that Takamatsu found and reconstructed it. I know that the taijutsu of Kumogakure ryu is very similar to that of Togakure ryu, however there are alot of techniques, like survival and otherwise, lighting fires in different climates, headbutting with a demon mask, maybe even the story behind the masks themselves that I never heard anyone learned.

Nintai Jisei – Be Patient All things come to those who wait. Results 1 to 11 of Or if you do want to learn it i hear the BBD are teaching all nine schools, apparently they did a seminar last year on Gikan Ryu. Any ideas as to why? They might have seen one or two things but that is it.


Gyokushin ryu is about expansion and inserting yourself into the opponents movement as well as the use of the rope The Togakure Ryu teaches that violence is to be avoided. Another climbing device is the ippon sugi noburi single cedar climbing tool. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If the answer is simply because Hatsumi says kumogakurs then i suppose thats ok but im just wondering if anyone knwos of another reason why they are still considered part of the bujinkan if no one but hatsumi knows them and he doest teach them.

Kumogakure ryu I have practiced Bujinkan before and there is something that I’m still wondering, I never got to ask this when kumogakkre and I wish that I did. In the same vain, the Ippon Sugi Noburi a metal pipe with an extendable chain inside and 3 claws at the end was used kumogkaure both climbing trees and as a flexible weapon in the Kumogakure Ryu.

Both schools rhu that violence can basically be avoided. Another taijutsu proficiency was the use of double blocks and strikes, as well as strikes against the forearm, yet again, similar to Wing Chun Kung Fu.

George Kohler Genbukan Kusakage dojo Dojo-cho. I don’t know of any of the Japanese that have been taught that school or the jumogakure two mentioned. I am reading that the art is almost in extinction due to the fact that “he doesn’t want to teach it.

Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo

Maybe you’re, right, though, I’m not soke, maybe i’ll ask him next year when I go to honbu. In the 15 years I ry been here I can only remember two occasions doing Gikan Ryu. All times are GMT.