As viewed from the southeast, the Kunsthal is intersected by a service road Architecture (OMA), cofounded by Dutch design mastermind Rem Koolhaas, Hon . Masterclass Rem Koolhaas — Exclusive for students. Specially for its 25th anniversary, on Thursday 2 November the Kunsthal will focus on. The architect Rem Koolhaas was asked to draw up a design for the present location on the Westzeedijk. His first design, Kunsthal Hoboken Draft Plan (27 April.

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The Kunsthal in Rotterdam is kundthal of the icons of modern architecture and is visited every year by large numbers of architecture lovers from all over the world. Koolhaas involves the concept of assembly by the appearance of simultaneous generation of different elements that, combined, lead to a different component.

However, the set is permanently subjected to the presence or absence and the approach and the distance to other premises.

Read more about the history of the Kunsthal here. One of the access ramp starts at the park and connects to the building across the avenue, in this place is difficult to define whether we are inside or outside, as if it were a problem of inclusions, this element is also the link between interior and exterior of the gallery.

Koolhaas assumes different attitudes compared to the contemporary city: Ramps acquired a role as a connector and as builders of the proposed space. This is where the architect works best indeterminacy. A ramp steps which the audience connects with the terrace is situated above, at a distance, running in another direction.

Kunsthal/Rem Koolhaas

Although very compact and small it contains many faces and layers. How to get there? Lightweight and transparent from one side, the other translucent rose to affirm the presence of the building in its communicative function, especially in the avenue. Extraordinary project that has to be visited to understand completely. We prefer you log in when posting a comment. The Kunsthal is steel, concrete, stone cladding, glazing, also translucent corrugated iron sheets or plywood.


After an intense renovation lasting seven months, the Kunsthal reopened on 1 February Columns inclined defy gravity; slabs, large flat koolhaaz, are conceived as elements which emerge from the columns of concrete, metal or wood. Sundays and public holidays 11 a.

Here the building is open in the interior or exterior-interior-interior relationship. Architecture with many faces The Kunsthal building has many faces. The bottom is a space, only to open the park. Archdaily read the article. Corrupting the pure form, the geometric distortion produced by the imbalance. The various flows, speeds and rhythms are part of the design challenge, exchanges and connections are overlapping, and mutually overlap, as appropriate.

The site presented a dual condition: Location Is located in the vicinity of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in the quiet area of a park, along an avenue of intense traffic.

CityFilmtv Watch the clip. More projects in Rotterdam. A small street to vehicular traffic drilled perpendicular to the square pit producing ramps. Each maintains its identity. The ramp that runs right through the building bridges the difference in height of six metres and links the Museumpark with the Westzeedijk, the Hoboken area and the Park. The park at the northern koolahas, the visitor receives outgoing with a ramp, as a language, devouring expected; divided glass panels with an autonomous language for the restaurant and lounge, while the industry prefers a higher image heavy, and closed firm, with a coating of rectangular slabs of stone.

The Kunsthal rm officially opened on 1 November kunsthzl Home Projects Netherlands Rotterdam Kunsthal. It has a large exhibition space of 3, m2.

The exhibitions are of various characteristics, from a retrospective of Andy Warhol samples compact cars. The continuous ramp winds its way upwards and links the different exhibition spaces. The Kunsthal is a temporary exhibition gallery designed by Ioolhaas Koolhaas with a series of local support that enrich their primary function.

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OMA – Rem Koolhaas. The work immediately attracted wide international attention for such features as its innovative use of material, the position of the entrance, and the steep ramps.

Introduction The Koklhaas is a temporary exhibition gallery designed by Rem Koolhaas with a series of local support that enrich their primary function. Contained in a rectangular prism, the building is immediately disrupted by successive approximations, it puts in crisis, for example, the diversity of autonomous enclosures that respond to internal functions or its relation to the context.

Kunsthal, OMA – Rem Koolhaas | Rotterdam | Netherlands | MIMOA

The themes of the activities vary depending on the exhibitions. David studied architecture and construction technology at koolhsas Eindhoven University of Technology, where he is also a professor in the Architecture Design and Engineering department.

Circulations, as well as joining the different points, create instability across the inclined planes requiring the displacement. As a whole it seems straightforward: The result is expressed as a series of changing images, variously integrated, autonomous or partial readings. A second ramp, running parallel and reversed, is terraced to accommodate an auditorium, and beneath it the restaurant.

Its position, wedged between a busy highway and the network of museums and green spaces known as the museum park, allows it to function as a gateway to Rotterdam’s most prized cultural amenities. Opening hours Tuesday – Saturday 10 a. In addition to large-scale and complex projects, he has worked on interiors and small-scale structures, including private houses, product design, and temporary structures such as the Prada Transformer in Seoul More exposition space projects.