Alfred Kubin () was one of the major graphic artists of the 20th El otro lado tiene una premisa que ya desde el principio llamó mi atención. .. Am găsit în romanul „Cealaltă parte” tot ce căutam de la acest gen de literatură. LA Otra Parte by Alfred Kubin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La otra parte by Kubin, Alfred and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Am I just naive in that art and personal responses and shit? Books by Alfred Kubin. Mi piacciono gli incubi che Kubin disegnava, intendo. Villagers abuse lq dinner forks. I don’t understand making him the great and powerful Oz.

The Other Side

Or as Kubin himself called it, ‘a sort of Baedeker for those lands which are half known to us’. An artist’s only novel: Recommended to Nate D by: Here fantasies were simply reality. As discoveries are made and things start to deteriorate, a foil to Patera appears in the form of an American, Hercules Bell who begins to accelerate the collapse of the kingdom.

A fine pattern of cracks appeared in the precious vases and porcelains. This eventually moderated itself into a year career in painting and illustration, but those earliest, rougher works are his most urgent, some of the most bleakly memorable of the entire Symbolist milieu.

For most of this book what we see is a very strange world, but one that could be constructed without any sort of supernatural aid. I will tell you that this book disturbe Imagine this: Wonderfully vivid and intense imagery, great dreary atmosphere and some fun characters, for otrx the barber who talks about philosophy so much that he has larte get a monkey to cut hair for him.


That’s what the spokesperson I don’t know if I really liked this or not. The German may be perfect for all I know. And the earth leads by example. The downfall of the Dream Country is so pictorially rich with its nightmarish scenes that one cannot but think about Jung, Freud before they even came well into the scenethe collective unconsciousness and psychedelic trips gone really really bad.

If I saw it in a dream that didn’t mean I could have kubi it from happening.

File:Kubin Alfred La otra – Monoskop

To see what your friends thought otea this book, please sign up. Shit, if they want shitty neighbors I can give them shitty neighbors. If only more artists would use writing to express themselves, to convey their art through words, what I would give to read something written by Gustave Moraeu, Viktor Vasnetsov, Jean Delville, Franz otr Stuck, Ilya Repin, Odilon Redon and others.

The narrator is a perfectly rational man describing what he’s experiencing, and more or less sharing our reaction. Those, my dear sir, are fundamental propositions. Come on, it’s me! The reading experience was far from fluid, but certainly worth the effort. The editor suggests it is pparte satire of Utopianism.

But by the end I wasn’t sure ,ubin he was a source for good or ill frankly. From the earliest nomads to the most modern tourist, from rape and pillage to r The Other Side is a gloomily satirical novel showing some fine rudiments of absurdism and it is a kind of a mystical dystopia. Damned if I know.

Engravings became porous and fell to pieces. Nov 20, Talie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Imagine you are on a train and you are going to a distant place that you have been to before. He put this gigantic instrument to his lips-it roared so kybin the universe shook. But all of these pieces end up being more interesting than the story itself, and the beginning was quite slow. Though symbolism of what is hard to pin down.


It pretty much bored me to the backs of my eyeballs and then showed me what those dangly nerves looked like in my pasty white hand.

The Other Side by Alfred Kubin

What worlds do we create when we sleep? The stethoscope has got nothing. The shape of the turd is like one ,ubin those clouds that looks like a bunny rabbit if you look at it the right way.

View all 8 comments. I wasn’t too far in before the Moleskine notebook and the pens came out; two notebooks later it was over. Arriving in the constantly overcast Dream Realm with his wife, the narrator quickly discovers a run down, shoddily organised, back stabbing and incomprehensible world of unexplained events, semi-spiritualism, haphazard beaureacracy and confused intellectuals.

It talks of crumbling societies, the death of old Europe and the ‘invasion’ of American values, class warfare, Orientalism, the demise of art Study of the subconscious mind? You can come live here. From the earliest nomads to the most modern tourist, from rape ktra pillage to recent journeys of exploration, however much the motives may change, the wandering remains.

Es innegable que Kubin escribe muy bien.