Labcold IntelliCold®Pharmacy Refrigerators – Feature Table. MODEL NUMBER. RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/. Door Seal – Labcold RLDF RLDF RLDF Fridge · Probe – Labcold Lock & Keys – Labcold RLDF RLDG RLDF · Rear Power. Labcold RLDFA Under Counter Solid Door Refrigerator Litre. Product no.: HRF Be the first to rate this Labcold Retro fit drawers for RLDF/G .

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Fridge & Freezer Spares By Labcold

Do not use a sharp implement to remove ice as this will damage the coating of the fridge Dry thoroughly and remove any surplus water before returning to use Leave cooling for at least 6 hours before reloading with vaccines or pharmaceuticals 10 Door Lock Your Labcold pharmacy and vaccine fridge is fitted with a door lock with 2 keys.

The freezer comes with 4 plastic drawers, 3 refrigerated shelf compartments and rlvf mounted ice packs to improve hold over temperature.

If you want to silence the alarm if, for example, you are stocking the fridge, labcld press the alarm mute button under the temperature display see page 3. Alarms will then show on the display and you may hear the audible alarm as the fridge completes its start up diagnostic checks.

A labvold Litre Sparkfree freezer with compact dimensions for use on a bench.

Llabcold make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. We trust that you will More information. The display will show Hi and then the highest temperature recorded since the last reset, then Lo and display the lowest temperature. They could cause a health and safety hazard or could be knocked, which may damage the lock. Fires started by use of inappropriate refrigerators are more common in laboratory type environments than elsewhere.


If you press the set button on the front it will show the temperature the fridge is set to. Game and Surveillance Camera. Thank eldf for your trust in. When this process has been completed the display will show done and the card can be removed.

Labcold refrigerators and freezers developed a reputation with large corporate and medical establishments as being safe, secure and reliable through quality construction and performance with appropriate safety and monitoring facilities.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your refrigerator, you should contact your retailer in the first instance. Do not use if the power supply More information. 05100 RLSP uniquely features fan air circulation but is also sparkfree; being designed with an externally mounted motor and shaft drive to labcopd fan impellor. If the final version of this product has any differences from the description of.

Labcold RLDF0510A Undercounter Under counter IntelliCold® Pharmacy Refrigerator 150ltr

This handbook is designed to help you through each step of owning your new appliance, from installation, to use. Labcold recognises the benefit to the environment of this legislation and is designing products to allow more recycling and less impact on landfill.

Keys should not be left in the lock as they protrude from the fridge. EnergySmart monitor user instructions EnergySmart monitor user instructions britishgas.

This temperature is the actual temperature recorded by the probes inside the refrigerator and rlddf the fridge cools to the set point factory set at 5 o C so the number on the display will descend accordingly. If the light comes on when the door is opened and you can hear the fridge working and it feels cold kabcold it means the display may be faulty. Leave unplugged with the door open for at least 6 hours at room temperature or until any ice is melted.

With Tassimo, you can now enjoy your favourite hot beverage any time. If you have a Labcold external alarm kit this can be lavcold to the 2 pin connector on the left. This model provides a large storage capacity on a small floor area. This economical and efficient chest freezer is designed to reliably store products at ultra low temperatures. Introduction 1 The system 1 The meter 2 The display 3 The mode 3 The measurement 4 Coding the meter 4 How to obtain a drop of blood 6 Application of Introduction 1 The system 1 The meter 2 The display 3 The mode 3 The measurement 4 Coding the meter 4 How to obtain a drop of blood 6 Application of the blood 7 Procedure to test glucose 7 Procedure to More information.


This is the latest generation of Labcold combined sparkfree laboratory refrigerator and freezer. Do not place your fridge near a direct heat source or direct sunlight and leave at least 6cm all round the unit for adequate ventilation wall mounted models do not need extra space at the back because the cooling system is in the sides.

Labcold – Medical & Scientific Refrigeration

Bauknecht AG, Industriestrasse 36, Lenzburg, www. A professional Pharmacy refrigerator designed for the storage of vaccines and medicines under controlled conditions.

Please read this Instruction Manual carefully More information. Clean your fridge with mild soapy water to remove any dust that may have accumulated during manufacture and dry thoroughly.

The following information relates to archived product specifications.

Home Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers Labcold. Power Type More information. Cleaning It is recommended that your fridge is cleaned on a regular basis It is essential that you unplug the refrigerator from the mains and transfer the contents where they can be stored and monitored at the correct temperatures before cleaning When cleaning you should: Setting Up Place your fridge in the location in which it is to be used.