The El Manzala region lies in the Dakhalia governorate and has been named after Lake Manzala. The Manzala town has bumpy and narrow streets and no. Introduction. Manzala Lake (Fig. 1) is the largest coastal lake in. Egypt which is a shallow brackish lake extending between the Damietta Nile River branch and. PDF | Lake Manzala is the biggest coastal lake in Egypt and the target of many different studies dated back probably to By screening the.

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This is unlike the areas of food and food products, manufacture of industrial detergents, electrical appliances and household items manufacturing. Guide to Egypt Cities. Food and breathing through the skin considered as the main way for humans absorption tin. Subsidence in the Northeastern Nile delta: The effects of organic tin substances can vary.

Tin in surficial bottom sediment of Manzala Lake ranged from ppm with an average 46 ppm. This ancient city is also mentioned in the Holy Bible and many Jews settled here in the sixth century La,e.

Routine program for monitoring the concentrations and distribution of arsenic, selenium and tin in the lake water, fish, sediments and aqueous organisms should be imposed. How to cite this article: Manzala town has bumpy and narrow streets laje no buildings to boast of. The concentrations in Lake manzlaa increase the chances of alteration of genetic character of fish.

The values of enrichment factors for arsenic, selenium and tin detected that the pollution type sidetracked with anthropogenic sources, while the minimum and undetected value was observed for selenium in 16 stations in the Western area of the lake.


Secondary analyses in a randomized clinical trial. Toxicological profile for tin. Agricultural products and particularly textiles were exported through this important port throughout the Middle East. Arsenic found in groundwater is considered as the largest environmental health disaster that goal to threaten people in the lake suburb. In soils, mostly the inorganic forms of arsenic are found such as arsenite Arsenic trivalent and arsenate Arsenic pentavalent 30 Arsenic in the soil environment: Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat The selected sampling stations are presented in Fig.

Assessment of tin and butyltin species in estuarine superficial sediments from Gipuzkoa, Spain.

Also, the exposure to inorganic arsenic can cause different health effects, such as irritation of the stomach and intestines, decreased production of red and white blood cells, skin changes and lung irritation. In Egypt antimony sulfide Sb 2 S 3 which occurs naturally as the mineral stibnite is used in black form as a pigment and in mascara user. The protective role of selenium on the toxicity of cisplatin-contained chemotherapy regimen in cancer patients.

The study was carried out on Manzala Lake through summer, to monitor and evaluate the levels of arsenic, selenium, tin and antimony in sediment. It is getting in the air by means of coal and oil combustion as selenium dioxide.

Lake Manzala

Its bed is soft clay. The Culture of Egypt Egypt’s culture and customs are truly cosmopolitan and the Organic tins can propagate through the water systems when adsorbed on sediment particles.


The toxic metals content of the investigated sediments are listed in Table 2. Port Said was established adjacent to Lake Manzala during the nineteenth century to support canal construction and related travel. Coordinates on Wikidata Articles containing Arabic-language text. manzaal

Lake Manzala |

Assessment of heavy metal enrichment factors and the degree of contamination in marine sediments from Tamaki Estuary, Auckland, New Zealand. Arsenic content ranges from 4. It is consider also an important part of the aquatic food chain. Since then the city has been rebuilt and now serves as a summer resort for Egyptians. The fish that comprise considerable levels of inorganic arsenic possibly jeopardy lakd human health. Evaluation of some pollution at Manzala lagoon: Lake Manzala served as a significant source ,ake inexpensive fish for human manzals in Egypt, but pollution and lake drainage have reduced the lake’s productivity.

Bottom sediments of Manzala lake, Egypt. Toronto, Lancaster, New York: ByLake Manzala had lost approximately 80 percent of its former area through the effects of drainage efforts.

The environmental health and the functioning of ecosystems are widely recognized at the Manzala Lake discussed for the first time by Orabi and Osman Some selenium compounds are added to anti-dandruff shampoos. Slow poisoning in Bangladesh.