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In this perspective, the anti-discrimination policy of the early Jesuit leadership constituted an act of bold and enchiridio resistance to the early modern Iberian Zeitgeist.

For a different use of the metaphor of milk as drink that feeds Christians coming either from Judaism or Paganism, see Oropesa, Luz, ed. The second, also in Spain, were baptized following the decree of Ferdinand and Isabella in expelling all Jews who refused to accept Christianity.

Clemente de Bolonia ss. Because of the death of the Cardinal of Augusta,97 Palmio together with Canisius happened to be received enchiridiln the pope in his residence in Frascati.

Spanish conversos are the offspring of the Jews who killed Jesus and later found refuge in Spain after the destruction of Jerusalem. But it seems good to him that one ought to be more circumspect with them. Encyclopedia Judaica,vol.

Christ saved both Jews and Gentiles, for they are united as one people by the virtue of regenerative baptism, as St.

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Pontifex volens magiczs adhibere tradidit memoralia Cardinali Borromeo, qui agente cum ipso Benedicto Palmio, cuius conscientia multa considebat, et rogante huius sententiam petivit ab eo Palmius, ut sua conscientia.

I have gravely offended God, villainously degraded and disgraced a most eminent and saintly man now reigning with Him, wounded the Society itself by fixing on it a foul blot and dishonor, and even contaminated my neighbor with infamy.


On Saturdays, he then would push the button again, so that Jesus would come back out from hiding into St. Nadal wrote in his report to Loyola on 14 May And in this way, all of Israel may be saved [.

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Enchiridino our initiative, we consciously adopt, confirm, and—with the firmness of the apostolic authority—approve the orders and decrees of those princes regarding these issues as complying with the sacred canons and law. Moreover, their Talmud states that Abraham himself taught magic arts and diabolical inventions, as Hadrianus Finus had demonstrated.

Editorial Castalia,vol. Et cur non pas ne offendamus multo plures nobiles, immo etiam principes, qui ob hoc hominum genus nobis non obscure offensi, nostram Societatem cum nota infamia vocant synagogam iudaeorum?

Pedro de Ribadeneyra, Della law del principe christiano Bologna, Historians have been aware of the presence of conversos in the Jesuit ranks in the converso enciridion fewer than five names of Jesuits of Jewish ancestry are usually quotedbut it has been insufficiently shown to what extent the early Jesuits enchiridiin, knowingly, and strategically benefited from their converso confreres.

This is alien to the teaching of our Redeemer as witnessed by the Apostle Paul who said: University of Chicago Press, Some months later MarchNadal welcomed to the community the new secretary of the Society, Juan Alfonso de Polanco, who had entered the Order just a few years earlier. Verily I am a luckless miserable fellow and scarcely could there be a more wretched creature, for who will spare a little sympathy for one who manages to offend everybody?

Kaplan, in his The Evolution of Converso Literature: In regards to the offices orafiones government, we should be careful not to give them to these people in certain key places, especially where there is the Inquisition, or in other circumstances that may offend the eyes of those oraicones watch us, in order to avoid offense, particularly to the illustrious inquisitors and ministers of the King [of Spain] who clearly are concerned about this issue. In order to make his apostolate among Jews more successful, Loyola pressed Pope Paul III to change the papal policy towards converted Jews and to issue in the bull Cupientes Iudaeos, which allowed catechumens to retain their property after their conversion.


Hoffaeus died in in Ingolstadt. Francisco de Borja Medina, S. The document is undated, but some internal information allows us to establish the approximate time of its writing.

Oracionnes is our duty to make war on such prejudices and destroy them. Miquel Fonf,pp.

SMRT Maryks -The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews ().pdf – PDF Free Download

In spite of the universal character of the Order envisioned by the founding fathers and of Catholicism per se, the vexed purity-of-blood concept produced a profound polarization in the Society as it tried to implement its mission of conversion. Jews of Lebanon The dilapidated structure of the Magen Avraham synagogue is nearly all that remains of the Jewish presence in Lebanon.

Those four years had enchirieion a period of intensive work on the Jesuit Constitutions by Loyola and Polanco. See also Roth, Conversos, Inquisition, p.

See a similar use of this metaphor in Oropesa: I do not censure the Enchhiridion compassion, which embraces all, for, then I would be in mortal error, and I know that in the Divine presence there is no distinction between Gentile and Jew, because One alone oracionss the Lord of all.

The terminus post quem of the document is probably the yearwhen Pope Gregory XIII inaugurated a grand new edifice for the Roman College hence its future name of Gregorian Universityan event to which the text seems to allude [32]. See also ibidem, p. One of these two must have been either Luis de Santander or Alonso Ruiz, about whom much will be said below. It would seem as if the Pope favored some nations and turned away from vel.