Launay-Slade Hallucination Scale Scores on the X-axis and Number of Top- Down Errors in the Semantic Task on the Y-axis. Using partial correlations, we. Keywords: Launay–Slade Hallucination Scale (LSHS-R); Predisposition to hallucinations; Misattribution of source; Intrusive thoughts The Launay–Slade. The Launay-Slade Hallucination Scale (LSHS-R) (Launay Slade, ; Bentall & Slade, a) is a frequently used measure of predisposition to hallucinations.

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Therefore, the Portuguese version of the LSHS includes a total of 16 items, distributed by the 3 factors that emerged from the analysis. Second, olfactory and tactile sensory modalities of hallucinations were also combined with auditory and visual hallucinations in the current study, resulting in a multisensory factor.

Continuum model, hallucinations, psychotic—like experiences, phenomenology, qualitative analysis, schizophrenia. It revealed exactly the same factor loadings as the PCA with the only difference being that item 1 Table launa Three-factor Oblimin solution showing item loadings above 0. When the participants responded positively to an item, they were encouraged to provide further detailed descriptions i.

E University of Coimbra, Portugal. Principal factor analysis was subsequently carried out in order to check the fit of the PCA.

In addition, in case the use of the oblique rotation on the PCA was not appropriate because the factors were in fact independent, PCA with Varimax rotation was carried out. A new scale of social desirability independent of psychopathology. Overall number of participants and percentages for each of the 16 LSHS items according to prevalence, frequency of hallucinztion, and perceived degree of control. Individual differences in reaction to brief exposure to unpatterned visual stimula- tion.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The measurement of hallucinatory predisposition in male and female prisoners. Psychotic-like experiences in the general population: In my scal I can hear the sound of a 2.

slave Moreover, three items loaded below 0. This analysis identified similar factors as those obtained with PCA with oblique rotation with the only difference being that Factor III now accounted for more of the variance A number of outliers were also identified for these items defined as scores more than 3 S.


Table 1 shows Cronbach’s alpha values for each factor of the Portuguese version of the LSHS, with values ranging between a minimum of 0. The sounds I hear in my daydreams are usually clear and distinct 5. Differences between males and females, which were not tested in the previous adaptations of the scale, were also examined.

When I look at wlade in the mirror I look different. The sounds I hear in my daydreams are 2. A frequency analysis for each item was conducted to determine whether all response categories were represented in this sample sensitivity. Dimensional psychotic experiences in adolescence: I have heard the voice of the Devil 0.

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The psychometric proprieties of the LSHS here examined suggest that this scale is a reliable and valid questionnaire to objectively assess hallucinatory experiences in the nonclinical population. No matter how hard I try to concentrate, 2.

Why halkucination need more debate on whether psychotic symptoms lie on halluucination continuum with normality. Although, an exploratory factor analysis of the LSHS has shown that hallucination predisposition is better represented by a multi-factor structure e.

PCA with varimax rotation on the scores of psychiatric patients with a history of auditory hallucinations yielded four factors accounting for The characteristic features of auditory verbal hallucinations in clinical and nonclinical groups: Taken together, these results confirm the internal hallucinaiton of the Portuguese adaptation of the LSHS.

Visual hallucinations in the psychosis spectrum and comparative information from neurodegenerative disorders and eye disease. The people in my daydreams seem so true to life that I think they are real. Personality and Individual Differences, lauunay 1— In line with these results, prior studies demonstrated that positive emotional reactions to hallucinatory experiences tend to be more common among nonclinical individuals de Leede-Smith and Barkus,whereas the opposite is observed in psychotic patients e.

The online survey began by introducing the goal of the study and providing specific instructions about the questionnaire. Moreover, AVHs are perceived as more uncontrollable and unpleasant in psychotic individuals de Leede-Smith and Barkus, The current results are actually closer to Levitan et al. In that moment I thought I had power and that others were able to hear me [Thought transmission] I imagined lauhay another woman was me that there was another woman inside of her [Passivity experience] RHS – Revised Hallucination Scale.


Of note, nonclinical cases launah the largest proportion of the full continuum van Os et al.

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Moreover, the presence of hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations is higher in sllade individuals than in patients de Leede-Smith and Barkus,whereas patients experience wakefulness hallucinations more often than nonclinical individuals Ohayon, ; Cheyne, ; Jones et al. The role of emotion and acoustic quality in self-other voice discrimination in schizophrenia.

Help Center Find new research papers in: This analysis revealed that data for some of the variables under study prevalence, frequency, valence, and control were not normally distributed. The internal structure of the phenomenology of auditory verbal hallucinations.

No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. In my daydreams I can hear the sound of a tune 0. Previous studies have shown that the presence of both anxious-depressive hallucinwtion and schizotypal tendencies Paulik et al. Why does psychiatry need philosophy. Data were collected from April to February haallucination To extract the same number of factors, a second factor analysis was conducted.

These analyses suggest that the factors identified with the PCA were fairly robust and that three separate factors hallucinatioon be identified.

Launay-Slade Hallucination Scale-Revised (LSHS-R) – Allie: Abbreviation / Long Form Info.

Citations Publications citing this paper. Prin- cipal component analyses identified three factors characterised scael 1 vivid mental events, 2 hallucinations with a religious theme, and 3 auditory and visual hallucinatory experiences. The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.