LAUSIAC HISTORY (PALLADIUS) A history of the desert Fathers, written about – by Palladius, Bishop of Helenepolis, who dedicated it to Lausus, the. Palladius: The Lausiac History (Ancient Christian Writers) [Robert T. Meyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A monumental project which . THE LAUSIAC HISTORY OF PALLADIUS. He who would adequately portray the meaning and character of the Christian life of the century that followed the.

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We can trace the ever-tightening hold of the Government upon the people and the process by which the peasants became ascripti glebae. And she freed slaves who wished freedom, for the rest did not wish it, but preferred to be slaves to histlry brother; and hsitory allowed him to take them all for three pieces of money. And Antony struck up a psalm which he knew, and after 99 singing it twelve times he prayed twelve times, to test Paul.


And when I was expecting to be eaten up, they left me. So, having killed the four best hiwtory and tied them together with a cord, he swam back again. It was eminently appropriate, he explains, that the child Jesus should be taken to Egypt to escape Herod.

So when he had completed the cell and occupied it, three or four months after the demon came by night, holding a whip of ox-hide like the executioners, and having the appearance of a ragged soldier, and began cracking his whip. But all the while dragging out the long weeks and eating at intervals of five days she 91 makes prayers.

And the blessed one having marked the place found the slain animal, and so the young men who had killed it fell at his feet and confessed and paid, when asked, the proper price of the sheep. Lausixc a lesser extent I am indebted to M.

By Jesus, I’ll take her no longer. And he said to him: He was so benevolent and peaceable that even his enemies the unbelievers themselves reverenced his shadow because of his exceeding kindliness.

So the next day a man came to draw water and found him lying there, and told the great Isidore, the priest of Scete. And this wonder God wrought through Macarius. Then that blessed Benjamin said to us: How dare you utter such words against Christ? There are eight priests who serve the church, in which, so long as the senior priest lives, no one else celebrates, or preaches, or gives decisions, 76 but they all just sit quietly by his side.


Then said the blessed Evagrius: Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. It lay between Babylon and Heracles in the great desert that leads to the Red Sea, about thirty miles from the River. He used to say: And, please, look on those who drink wine with reason as holy men and those who drink water without reason as profane men, and no longer blame or praise the material, but count happy or wretched the minds of those who use the material well or ill.

On this mountain dwell some men, devotees of asceticism. He was quite alone inside; being already a hundred years old and having lost his teeth, he was righting with himself and the devil and saying: Make a number of cells within the enclosure and let three dwell in each cell.

And she called out to me through the opening: And he swore to them: When desire arose in him, he never spared his poor body, but heating an iron in the fire he would apply it to his members, so that he became a mass of ulcers.

I saw only the knuckle of the donor’s hand. But she told him: I say this, not to lead any one to commit murder, but to show that there are virtues due to circumstances, when a man does not come to the good of his own accord. And feeling the pain he squashed it with his hand after it was full of blood. Do they please you?

Palladius, The Lausiac History () pp. English Translation.

But he showed such nobility in the Christlike mode of life that even those whose family record was unsurpassable revered his life and virtue. I shall leave unnoticed neither those in the cities nor those lausiav the villages or deserts. Now the woman was pressing and madly excited, while he, though desiring to withdraw, had no power to, being constrained by the chains of this servitude.

And the angel who brought the vision transformed himself to represent the coming of a genuine friend and said to him, tied up as he was among forty prisoners chained hjstory For it is absurd that you should live with me in chastity and yet conceal such virtue as this of yours. There lived in the time of Maximianus the persecutor a very beautiful maiden called Potamiaena, a certain man’s slave.


But if this appears grievous to you, being still a young man, take all my belongings and set my body free, that I may fulfil my desire toward God and become heir of the zeal of my grandmother, whose name I also bear.

He had come to be healed and Macarius would not grant him an interview.

I never met him, because his place was so far away. His great work was written in and was called the Lausiac History, being composed for Lausus, chamberlain at the court of Theodosius II.

Her virtue is renowned in that the sun never went down on her irritation against man-servant or maid-servant or any one else. But in no small way did they honour us when we, a numerous party, went to Rome because of the blessed bishop John; they refreshed us both with hospitality and lavish equipment for the journey, thus winning for themselves with great joy the fruit of eternal life by their God-given works springing from a noble mode of life.

The Lausiac history of Palladius

Dom Morin of Maredsous in Belgium, writing shortly before the Great War, pointed out that this is the special and inalienable happiness of the monk. If we turn to our second question, it is not hard to see 22 why Egypt, rather than some other country, was the motherland of monasticism. For He Who weighs the mountains, much more does He know the weight of the silver.

For no one escaped her benevolence, neither East nor West nor North nor South. I say it as before God, traversing on foot in my journeys all the land of the Romans, 20 I welcomed all the hardship of the way so long as I might meet some man that loved God, that I might gain what I had not got.