Sir, – It seems from Ms Dervilla Cooke’s letter (October 30th) that she feels uncomfortable with Martin McDonagh’s portrayal . by Martin McDonagh includes books The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Methuen Fast Track Playscripts) (Methuen Fast Track Playscripts), A Skull in Connemara. The Leenane Trilogy. Written by Martin Featuring: THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE A SKULL IN CONNEMARA THE LONESOME WEST. Share: Close.

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Having opted to see the entire Leenane Trilogy in one fell swoop, I came away with a number of impressions.

The Leenane Trilogy by Martin McDonagh

Third, there appear to be two Martin McDonaghs. All three plays are set in Leenane, a village in County Galway, but they are three quite separate plays, with no character appearing in more than one play, although there are references to characters in the other plays.

Perhaps it had the advantage of having been performed four times before I saw it at the-trilogy-in-one-day thing, but it seems to me that the text is also straightforward and clear: Director Declan Eames guides the story and the performances with precision and a fluidity that integrates the gasp-making reveals into the flow.


Maureen Folan Michala Banas, in a lovely performance ranging from touching to funny to frightening is a simmering cauldron of rage, disappointment and sexual frustration. Hope for love, sex, escape and a future appears in the figure of Pato Dooley relaxed and amiable Ling Hasler.

The Leenane Trilogy – Royal Court

Dylan Watson, as Ray Dooley, energetically points up the depths of stupidity with which poor Maureen is surrounded, but is as much a device as a character and rather outstays his welcome. This is a play in which very little actually happens in the present. Mick Dowd Christopher Bunworth in a doughty performance tinged with acid is hired to move bones from the overcrowded churchyard.

One of the skeletons he digs up is that of his wife, whom Mick may or may not have murdered.

Somebody or other is killed or has been killed in all three plays. The local cop Pete Reid longs to pin the crime on Mick, but is thwarted, mainly, it seems, because he is not the smartest detective. In this place, could he be anything else?

The Leenane Trilogy by Martin McDonagh

Instead of any more action than hrilogy, the characters recount, argue over and lie about the past. Marg Downey, as Mary Johnny Rafferty, neighbour, bingo cheat, poteen tippler and exposition vehicle, plays it straight and well. Even that scene, it must be said, is twice as long as it need be.


Coleman, having killed their father and got away with it, persists in provocation of his, anal religious figurine-loving brother. The last is valid enough a point about such limited characters, but the scene in which it is made goes on and on leenand on — as if Mr McDonagh felt that if he wrote long enough he might find an ending. All the weight is on these two idjits and the sympathy Mr McDonagh elicits in Beauty Queen is absent.

I wonder how all this goes down in Ireland. Is it only a slightly heightened version lsenane rural, western Ireland? Is it an analysis of what ails the joint? It may well be. The characterization is merciless and leenanne the humour only just saves it from contempt. Even if you were hilarious. To keep up with the latest news and reviews at Stage Whispers, click here to like us on Facebookor follow us on Twitter.

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