53/)(actualizat până la data de 12 august *) Legea nr. / pentru prevenirea şi combaterea evaziunii fiscale, publicată în Monitorul Oficial al . versiune actualizata la data de 2 decembrie -/-. LEGE nr. din 27 . / privind Fondul pentru mediu, aprobată cu modificări şi completări prin la 31 decembrie , reglementările şi/sau codurile menţionate la art. alin. consolidation in period saw the number of agricultural holdings New business start-ups, entrepreneurship and SMEs are identified under the ().html.

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President will be elected by direct vote of citizens in about six months.

President has a new advisor on political matters. Parliamentary majority fields Pavel Filip for premiership. Igor Dodon will pay acutalizata working visit to Italy. So-called presidential elections will be held on Sunday in Transnistria.

legea 241 din 2005 actualizata 2014 pdf

Pavel Filip will discuss in Kiev about hydropowers on Nistru River. Young politicians from 11 European countries to visit Chisinau. President Igor Dodon goes to Brussels in late January. Nicolae Timofti resumes consultations with parliamentary factions. Motion of censure against me – desperation and panic in PSRM. Peace agreement with Russia which ended the Nistru War, signed 25 years ago. Igor Dodon to pay a visit to Brussels.


Issues about negotiations between Chisinau and Tiraspol, discussed in Bender. Platform DA calls on the president to appoint an upright candidate for premiership. Igor Dodon invited Vadim Krasnoselski to Chisinau. Government approves appointment of three ambassadors. In a few days, I hope to have an end. Moldova and Italy signed 35 agreements in 24 years of diplomatic relations. Simple motion against Minister of Education.

Bilateral relations between Moldova and Turkmenistan discussed in Ashgabat. Nicolae Timofti signs decrees appointing more ambassadors by plurality of offices. Country’s new security strategy got voted by the Supreme Security Council. Two new MPs in the Parliament. Nicolae Timofti is going to pay a visit to Romania. Parliament will strengthen its capacity for approximation to EU legislation. CCM has declared inadmissible Igor Dodon’s referral regarding the participation of Moldovan soldiers in an internship in Ukraine.

Laws rejected by the head of state will be re-voted in Parliament. Moldovan MPs will meet with European officials in Geneva.


legea din actualizata pdf – PDF Files

Socialists will not back initiatives to dismiss the President. Partidul Nostru demands the annulment of the Bill on electoral system change.

Basescu’s reaction to Igor Dodon’s decision to withdraw his Moldovan citizenship. Constitutional Court in Moldova validates the mandates of 2 new MPs.

Green Ecologist Party pleads for institution of uninominal voting system. Vin convenes a meeting tomorrow. Nicolae Timofti calls parliamentary factions for a new round of consultations. Federation of Trade Unions “Sindlex” backs electoral system change. Igor Dodon creates a historical commission of expertise.

Constitutional Court in Moldova: The draft law actuapizata the uninominal vote, passed in first reading.

New managers appointed at Botanica and Rascani sectors of Chisinau.

Maia Sandu, re-elected leader of PAS. The head of state returned to Parliament the draft laws on Gagauzia’s mandates. Moldova to give all necessary support to achieve UN goals.