Buy Army Armored Humvee – Battle Brick Custom Set: Building Sets Printed step-by-step instructions; Hand Sorted Custom Set with pieces . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO® elements that have been repackaged. Buy Battle Brick Army Armored Humvee Custom Set: Action Figures 5 doors and roof mounted machine gun; Printed step-by-step instructions . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO® elements that have been repackaged. Lego Humvee: I made a Lego Humvee that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and 1 gunner. Here is the the web site URL for the instructions, enjoy!.

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There are still soldiers deep in the suck right now and horrible things like this actually do occur—and whether you like it or not, the issue of war crimes in the ongoing conflicts is a very real one.

Humvee Instructions Part 1: A LEGO® creation by Ben Romeo :

Maybe it is a heroic act by a soldier saving dozens of lives from a terrorist. And I skimmed most of the other ones about half an hour ago. Either crop the picture or leave it be. With class, rather than getting all resentful toward people instructionz me who get our PC knickers in a twist. You as a firm believer in Uncle-Sam-ism would probably feel rather downtrodden, defeated, angry and sad.


This is what my thoughts are: Keeps people of the street or whatever environment fighting…. Second of all, its human nature to make stereotypes and make initial judgments based on appearances and personal experiences. Nobody is saying you need to feel terrible for terrorists. This is a photograph, not a video. That aside, a Nazi in that context would be a uniformed soldier.

I think what makes this more volatile than brutality in, say, post-apoc or Star Wars or Leho scenes is the immediate, present-day relevance.

Also, what Catsy said. Tyler has explained his literal meaning….

HUMVEE Instructions | Instructions for HUMVEE with independe… | Flickr

I figured it was a device, but I take issue with the intent of that device. If every time you saw Uncle-Sam he was under a Humvee, being killed, never winning, and always instrutions bad guy.

This is one of those things we can choose to be offended by or not — and either POV is fine, so long as you respect those who feel differently. I just find it hilarious that people are reading so far into this.

I submit that no matter who is under the tire, instfuctions the make of the vehicle is, what the minifig is wearing: Neither is close to the truth.

Woah, I totally missed the point of this picture. Nothing makes that minifig a terrorist. No sense in bitching about it.


You need to understand this. Fantastic Humvee though, with lots of playability. LEGO is art, and art is full of politics and social commentary. I don’t think it’s worth getting upset over, but okay. This is always the hardest thing, it is easier to dismiss something as having no meaning when the images greatest message is not for you.

With that said, I think where I come down is in full support of both blogging such a fantastic build, and the editorial disclaimer that comes with it.

We have words for those kinds of people or that kind of behavior. The key idea is thinking what this might mean to other people. You might not like it.

HUMVEE Instructions

The act of creation has consequences both for the creator and the audience; the act of publicizing said creation has further consequences. On the other hand, perhaps only an internal conversation is better? Again, I personally pego this over because I felt uncomfortable with what I was seeing in the photo and Tyler has since clarified that what I was seeing was not intendedbut the creation itself was worth blogging, and Nannan chose to go ahead and do so.