Leslie Allen “Les” Carlyon AC, is an Australian writer, who was born in northern Victoria in The book was the basis for the Australian TV miniseries Gallipoli, released in the year of the th anniversary of the campaign. His The. The definitive work and national bestseller”The book of the year” Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning HeraldLes Carlyon’s Gallipoli is the epic story of the fighting. Booktopia has Gallipoli, Centenary Edition by Les Carlyon. Buy a discounted Hardcover of Gallipoli online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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Review: Gallipoli by LA Carlyon | Books | The Guardian

They became inured to filth, lice, “bully beef and fly stew”. This was certainly the way the story played in newspapers. A Panorama of the s Pimlico. However, he lets them off in a gal,ipoli by attributing their failure mostly to a lack of understanding o I really enjoyed this book.

Oct 04, Campbell Mcaulay rated it it was amazing.

And another one that sticks with me was a boy who died on Gallipoli in October. Views Read Edit View history. I think what makes this a fascinating read is that it’s not just gallipli cold replay of the facts, but Carlyon’s opinions bring colour and clarity.

He alternates between the politics of the British government and military High Command and anecdotes of life in the gallipo,i that will make you laugh, cry, be outraged and feel a little bit sick in a regular rotation.

Gallipoli by Les Carlyon

His book Gallipolia popular history of the Allied Gallipoli campaign in the Dardanelles during the First World War which remains a key event in the Australian and New Zealand national consciousnesseswas published inand met with critical and commercial success in Australia, New Zealand and England.

Rather than knowingly directing a certain suicidal attack like the movie suggests, Carylon sees it as more like a robotic neglect assuming the proportions of murder: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Had he managed to take Achi Baba, he possibly would have been made Archbisop of Canterbury. They got used to their exposed position, “the crazy piers, the landing of stores by hand from bumping lighters, the strings of kicking mules, the heavy dust, the cramped spaces, the jostling crowds on the narrow beach within range of the enemy’s guns”.


If you survived that, you went to Bullecourt. Carylon is particularly pissed at how the journalists, historians, and memoirs of the generals whitewashed some of the terrible faults of certain divisional and regimental commanders in the August escalation of the battle. It isn’t perfect and I found the telling of the story to be fractured, confused and in some places downright illogical. Simply the best book of its type I have ever read.

In the end, Gallipoli, like all foundation stories, it won’t die, it just is and you can’t be too rational about it. It’s beloved of the seagulls, and every April and May it sprouts poppy wreaths from strange, far away places. In his view the Allied attempt to capture the peninsula guarding the Dardanelles, the artery that leads from the eastern Mediterranean to the heart of Turkey, came into the second category.

History books Higher education Gallipoli reviews. Very hard to quantify this, but they came back traumatised, most of them and we didn’t look after them.

Bully beef and fly stew

This is essential reading for anyone, not just interested in Australia’s military history, but military history in general. But chaos, confusion, and critical mistakes abounded every step of the way. He suffered from perpetual optimism, and thus failed to convey in his reports to London the dire situation the expeditionary forces were in and the extent of casualties being sustained in reality.

A fabulous story written by a historian who could write. Carlyon captures in a very readable way, the details of the logistics and terrain as At 4: He sees a rose where others see a cabbage. I read this because I wanted to and since have travelled to Gallipoli and the book really made the Peninsula more special than had I not read the book.

What can you expect of men who have never worked seriously, who have lived for their appearance and for social distinction and self-satisfaction, and who are now called upon to conduct a gigantic war? Gaklipoli so it took on an importance which, if you’re rational about it, you can sort of say, ‘Well, actually, what happened to the Australians at Passchendaele in was worse.

General Aylmer Hunter-Weston despised the unspeakable Turk, espoused the gospel of attack and, when the subject of casualties was raised, snapped: Shakespeare might have seen it as a tragedy with splendid bit-parts for buffoons and brigands and lots of graveyard scenes. Carlyon uses a lot of symbolism throughout the book that helps give you a solid idea of the suffering that these men went through.


I used to be able to read books like this large, in depth military histories with little problem, but my tastes have changed over the years and I now find them a lot harder to wade through. They had minimal artillery support but did not flinch from barbed wire and machine guns. When Brooke died, still nursing his ambition to go on a military expedition against Constantinople, Hamilton wrote that God had “started a celestial spring cleaning, and our star is to be scrubbed bright with the blood of our brightest and our best”.

Les Carlyon

A Turkish Red Crescent man came and gave me some antiseptic wool with scent on it And what Ashmead-Bartlett wrote One of the things that does was a famous brigadier called Pompey Elliott, who, er Those at fault for the thousands of casualties are not spared and the senseless of war and the galllipoli of leaders is not swept under the carpet. And, of course, what became apparent is you had, in Australia, a new country, it wasn’t very old – the country itself, as a nation, was only 14 years old.

Such minor complaints aside, after working at this for a couple of chapters, I eventually found my feet and began to enjoy the story and I can recommend this as a fine account. Then he pointed to the dead bodies and said: Along the line of communications, and especially at Mudros, are countless high officers and conceited young cubs who are plainly only playing at war.

For those who may not be familiar, the Gallipoli campaign was basically the invasion of Turkey via the Dardanelles by the Allied forces ingalipoli to open up a second front against Germany. After a period of demonizing their opponents and take-no-prisoners attitudes, they soon came to respect their enemies.