Les Troyens (Hector Berlioz): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Hector Berlioz’ Les Troyens counts among the biggest pieces of music Berlioz’s libretto is drawn from Books I, II and IV of Virgil’s Aeneid. , English, French, Book edition: Les Troyens: opera in five acts / by Hector Troyens. Libretto. Published. [New York]: G. Schirmer, []. Distributed.

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Berlioz’s son Louis attended each performance. A Greek captain observes the women during this scene with admiration for their courage. Marko Ivanovic, opera composer.

Opera Today : BERLIOZ: Les Troyens

The Numidians have been beaten back, and both Narbal and Anna are relieved at this. After Didon’s entry, and dances from the Egyptian dancing girls, the slaves, and the Nubian slave girls, Iopas sings his song of the fields, at the queen’s request.

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Aveugle et sourd comme eux! Against Cassandre’s futile protests, Priam orders the horse to be brought within the city of Troy and placed next to the temple of Pallas Athene.

Luretta Bybee and Elizabeth Kataria. Les Troyens is Berlioz’s most troyene work, the summation of his entire artistic career, but he did not live to see it performed in its entirety. On 3 MayBerlioz wrote in a letter: Retrieved from ” https: The list of musical numbers is from the Urtext vocal score. Mentre tutti accorrono, in un ultimo sussulto Didone annuncia la fine di Cartagine e il trionfo di Roma immortale: Other Authors Cairns, David,translator.


The poet Iopas announces the arrival of storm-tossed travellers seeking refuge, libertto she grants in memory of her own trials. By using lihretto site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Opera in four acts.

The remaining women scorn the Greeks as too late to find the treasure, and commit mass suicide, to the soldiers’ horror. Hylas sings his song of longing for home, alone. Streaming Audio Hector Berlioz: She is delighted by her sister’s happiness. Cassandre watches, helpless, crying out that the city is doomed.

Opera Lively – Les Troyens Libretto in English

Anna replies that there is no stronger god than love. On abat les murailles. Didon’s minister Narbal brings news that Iarbas, fierce king of the Numidians, whose suit had been refused by Dido, is attacking Carthage, which is not strong enough to withstand him. Didon’s minister Narbal brings news that Iarbas, fierce librettl of the Numidians, whose suit had been refused by Dido, is attacking Carthage, which is not strong enough to withstand him.

Mais le ciel et la terre, Oublieux de la guerre Proclament ton erreur. Once back in Paris I started to write the lines for the poem of Les Troyens. The sea shore Hylas, a young Trojan sailor, sings of his lost homeland as he falls asleep. Walsh ; Cairns ; Holoman ; or Macdonald This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Wedekind’s play, and Lulu at the movies.

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Les Troyens Les Troyens: A garden by the sea The pyre has been built and the trlyens placed on it. On voit les vaisseaux troyens dans le port. Ils entrent dans les tentes.

Les Troyens

Click here for information on the New Berlioz Edition. I was led to talk of my admiration for Virgil and of the idea I had formed of a great opera, designed on Shakespearean lines, for which Books Two and Four of the Aeneid would provide the subject-matter.

There is a sound of what seems to be the clashing of arms from within the horse, but the Trojans, in their delusion, interpret it as a happy omen.

The remaining women unite with Cassandre in determination to die.

Opera Today

Sheetmusic for this opera. Views Read Edit View history.

Aposiopesis Dactylic hexameter Hysteron proteron Sortes Vergilianae. In subsequent years, according to Berlioz biographer David Cairnsthe work was thought of as “a noble white elephant — something with beautiful things in it, but too long and supposedly full of dead wood.

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