Estudo comparativo entre as provas de imunodifusao em placa e em lamina na deteccao de anticorpos contra o virus da leucose enzootica bovina []. Contagem linfocitaria e anticorpos contra o virus da leucose enzootica bovina em rebanhos do Rio de Janeiro []. Ferreira, M.I. Romero, C.H. Rowe, C.A. Ocorrência do vírus da leucose enzoótica dos bovinos (BLV) e de anticorpos contra herpesvírus bovino tipo-1 (BoHV-1) e vírus da diarreia viral bovina (BVDV) .

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The Youden’s Index J 7 was 0. Microbes and Infectionp.

Enzootic bovine leukosis: performance of an indirect ELISA applied in serological diagnosis

Standardisation and validation of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay techniques for detection of antibody in infectious disease diagnosis. Applying Kappa and Jouden’s Index J coefficients an almost perfect concordance was obtained between both kits.

Prevalence increases as from six months of age, with a greater incidence between 2 and 5 years, being greater in milk bovines than in beef bovines 4, Agar gel immunodiffusion test for the detection of bovine leukemia virus antibodies: Once infected, the bovine remains as a virus carrier for life and such state correlates with the specific antibody detectable level. Like the North American states, those of the Eastern block in Europe did not try to get rid of the virus. A persistent antibody response can also be detected after experimental infection in deer, rabbits, rats, guinea-pigs, cats, dogs, sheep, rhesus monkeys, chimpanzees, antelopes, pigs, goats and buffaloes.


Benefits and limitations of polymerase chain reaction PCR in veterinary diagnostic virology.

Also in this case the Youden’s Index J showed a high concordance 0. Ccomo descrito por Lyons e ParishLyons e Hawkins et al.

Reduced cell turnover in bovine leukemia virus-infected, persistently lymphocytotic cattle. Enzyme-linked inmunoabsorbent assay for the diagnosis of bovine leukosis comparison with the agar gel inmunodiffusion test approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Recebido em 19 de abril de Aceito em 13 de abril de How to cite this article.

The PCR is a technique especially appropiated for the diagnosis of virus infection where virus specific antibodies cannot be detected and the presence of viral genome is the only evidence of infection Bovine leukaemia virus-induced lymphocytoosis in sheep is associated with reduction of spontaneous B cell apoptosis. Transmission via colostrummilk, and in utero exposure is generally considered to account for a relatively small proportion of infections. According to the OIE 19 the analysis of the test results allows us the following considerations: Number K e analisada por citometria de fluxo, como descrito por Vermes et al.

Productive and reproductive performance in cattle infected with bovine leukosis virus.

Once the bovine is infected, it remains as a virus carrier for life and such state is correlated with a specific antibody detectable level. Services on Demand Journal. It leucosee be taken into account that the best “gold standard” test is a direct method or combination of methods that unequivocally identifies the virus carrier animal Flow cytometry detection of phosphatidylserine expression on early apoptotic cells using fluorescein labelled Annexin-V.


The BLV infected bovines mainly yield antibodies against gp Emphasis on cell turnover in two hosts infected by bovine leukemia virus; a rationale for host susceptibility to disease. The Leucokit-La Plata is appropriate to apply to the commercialization of live bovines to export, bovine selection for hemo-vaccines and the implementation of control and eradication programmes.

Leucose enzoótica bovina

Comparison of agar gel immunodiffusion test, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and western blotting for the detection of BLV antibodies. Infected lymphocytes transmit the disease too.

Mostly farm workers drinking raw milk were tested for disease, especially for leukemia. In general BLV causes only a benign mononucleosis -like disease in cattle. In our study we considered a normal distribution, according with the previous descriptive analysis of the original values.

BLV infection is mainly transmitted horizontally, iatrogenic via, through exposure of the susceptible bovines to “B” lymphocytes virus carriers.

Cell dynamics and imuune response to BLV infection: lehcose