Liber Aleph Vel Cxi: The Book of Wisdom or Folly (The Equinox) [Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Crowley. (Aleister Crowley). An LVII Sol in 0º 0′ 0“. September 23 e.v. a.m.. Page 2. Liber Aleph – 2. A.·. A.·. Publication in Class B. Liber Aleph – 3. In Hastings. LIBER ALEPH CXI. THE BOOK OF WISDOM OR FOLLY. An extended and elaborate commentary on the Book of the Law, in the form of a letter.

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Written as a series of letters from Crowley to his ‘magical son’ and supposed heir, Frater Achad, which is just as useful to anyone who considers themselves heirs of the tradition of Thelema. Crowly again, in our Holy Qabalah, the one is of Tiphereth, the other of Binah, and in pure philosophy, his is a contemplation of the Cosmos, causal and dynamic, and hat of its effect in static presentation.

August 4, at 8: Even the titles of each epistle are given in Latin, and its often medieval guise aldph dealing with subject matters, such as the effects of “melancholy bile”, can be considered another of Crowley’s great examples of using ancient texts as templates.

Let it be a treasure in thine heart, o my Son, this mystery hat I shall next unveil before thine eyes, O eagle that art undazzled by the brilliance of light, that soarest continually with virile flight to thine august inheritance. His language is very hard to libeg if you are not very deep into Thelema practices, so I aleeph some troubles crowleg most of his books. Verily, it is the art of life to develop each organ of body and mind, or, as I may say, each weapon of the will to its perfection, neither distorting any use, nor suffering the will of one part to tyrannize over that of another.

Hay, behold the croley of our lady Nuith, therein are found twin suns, that revolve constantly about each other. You must be logged-in to reply to this topic.

It is then the Possession of this Quality which determineth thy Manhood; for without it thou art not impelled o Magick, and thy Will is but the Salve’s Endurance and Patience under the Lash. Quinn E rated it really liked it Apr 19, Thou art but a pretext for my action, and a focus for my light.

Set up a regular payment of just GBP5. Regarding the 91 editions, of which there are two, weiser and 93 publications, both these editions have the same as the later weiser reprints the libfr changes made to the text that differs from the first edition are the grammatical errors. Viewing 7 posts – 1 through 7 of 7 total.


Liber Aleph – Wikipedia

Herein is truth and wisdom concerning this matter, that so long as love be not wholly satisfied, and equilibrated by entire fulfilment and exchange, constancy is a point of thy concentration and adultery a division in thy will. Nevertheless heed these my words, for they shall profit thee, thou being of age responsible in judgment, and free in the law of Thelema. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Aleister Crowley, born Edward Alexander Crowley, was a British occultist, writer, mountaineer, philosopher, poet, and mystic.

Behold, in the nature of woman is no truth, nor apprehension of truth, nor possibility of truth, only, if thou entrust this jewel unto them, they forthwith use it to thy loss and destruction. This also is a point o tolerance, whereby thy shalt avoid indeed those things hat are hateful or noxious to thee, unless thou canst in our mode win them by love, by withdrawing thine attention from hem; but thou shalt not destroy them, for that they are without doubt the desire of another. An incredibly concise and terse book, organized by chapters laeph no longer than a single page.

Published June 1st by Ccrowley Books first published In thine own body, the vile intestine is of more worth to thee than the noble hand or he proud eye, for thou canst lose these and live, but not hat. Written in New York City at the end of the First World War, this has been described by Crowley as an extended and elaborate commentary on The Book of the law, in the form of a letter from the Master Therion to his magical son.

And this doctrine be it accursed! For hey make pretence to know a man’s thought better than he doth himself, and to direct his will with more wisdom than he, and crowle make plans for his happiness. Want to Read saving…. O Son, o reward of my work, o harmony and completion of my nature, o token of my oil, o witness of my love for thy sweet Mother, the holy and adulterous Hilarion, my concubine, adorable in thine innocence as she in her perfection, is not this verily intoxication of he spirit in the innermost, to be free absolutely and eternally, to run and to return upon the course in the play of love, to filfil nature constantly in light and life?

Liber ALEPH vel CXI

This is a mystery, o my Son, and of old times it was declared in the fable of Scylla and Charybdis, which are the formula of the rock and the whirlpool. But now consider him that worketh not with his will, how his crowleg is idle, not reaching out after reality, but debating within itself of its own affairs, like a democracy, introspective.


Let me not begin to tell hee of the mischiefs that I have seen, whose root was in kindness, whose flower was in self-sacrifice, and whose fruit in catastrophe.

These Three are from this Superna and complete the Theorick of hy Work. Books by Aleister Crowley.

Liber Aleph |

Ultimate criminal enigma continues to intrigue and horrify years on — Sunday Post. Maxime Daher rated it really liked it Jun 16, Therefore the fury of thine early victory in these arts magical and sciences is but the sign of thine own baseness and unworthiness, since he contrast or differential is so overwhelming to thee; but, becoming expert and adept, thou art balanced in the glory, and calm, even as crowoey stars. My Son, there are afflictions many and woes many, that come of the errors of cfowley in respect of the will; but there is none greater than this, the interference of the busy-body.

Esteem therefore a thing in relation to thine own will, preferring the ear if thou love musick, and the palate if thou live wine, but the essential organs of life above these. For there is a balance in all things and the body hath charter to fulfil his nature, even as the mind hath. But this is a right and natural subordination of the superficial and particular to the fundamental and general will, and moreover it is a libef extraordinary, relating ilber accident or extremity, not in any wise a rule of life, or a virtue in its absolute nature.

Rememberest crodley the first time hou was thrown into water, thy fear and thy struggles, and he vehemence of thy joy when first thou didst swim without support? This book then shall serve thee but as a food for thy meditation, as wine to excite thy mind to love and war. I wonder if that is the source. I am moved in myself by the absence of the virgin that is appointed for librr. The concept of the book is based on a passage from The Book of the Law Liber AL vel Legisthe central text of Thelema, and states what appears to be a prophecy of later knowledge and secrets of the new Aeon of Horus being taught to a “magical son”.

And they feign falsely, with every wile, and cast about for thy soul, until either in love crowpey in wrath or in some other folly thereof, thou speak truth, profaning thy sanctuary. So mote it be!