Liber Pyramidos by Aleister Crowley. With additional notes by Jake Stratton-Kent. A Guide to the Underworld. Published January, 20 pages. I’m bumping this thread and am going to digress for a moment from its orignial intent to ask a question of the forum about theory relating to Liber. I’m just reading up on Kairos and I”m wondering if I can use this archetype for the Liber Pyramidos ritual? How do I use the Chain, the Scourge.

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Edited from a holograph MSS in posession of Dr. Kowal of 59 Chene Street. Michigan, with reference to other sources. John is the diary of a magical retirement undertaken by A. John pp as follows:. Those who understand a little about the Path of the Wise may receive some hint of the method of operation of the L. And I think that a description will help me to collect myself for the proper adaptation of this Ritual to the purpose of self-initiation.

Oh, how soft is the air, and how serene the sky, to one who has passed through the black rule of Apophis! How infinitely musical are the voices of Nature, those that are heard and those that are not heard!

What Understanding of the Universe, what Love is the prize of him that hath performed all things and endured all things! There are two forces; that of Death and that of Natural Life. Death begins the Operation by a knock, to which Life answers.

Then Death, banishing all forces external to the operation, declares the Speech in the Silence. Both officers go from their thrones and form the base of a triangle whose apex is the East. They invoke the Divine Word, and then Death slays with the knife, and embalms with the oil, his sister Life. Life, thus prepared, invokes, at the summons of Death, the forces necessary to the Operation. The Word takes its station in the East and the officers salute it both by speech and silence in their signs; and they pronounce the secret Word of power that riseth from the Silence and returneth thereunto.

All this they affirm; and in affirming the triangular base of the Pyramid, find that they have mysteriously affirmed the Apex thereof whose name is Ecstasy. This also is sealed by that secret Word; for that Word containeth All. Into this prepared Pyramid of divine Light there cometh a certain darkling wight, who knoweth not either his own nature, or his origin or destiny, or even the name of that which he desireth.

Before he can enter the Pyramid, therefore, four ordeals are required of him. So, bound and blinded, he stumbles forward, and passes through the wrath of the Four Great Princes of the Evil of the World, whose Terror is about him on every side.

Yet since he has followed the voice of the Officer who has prepared him, in this part of the Ritual no longer merely Nature, but the great Mother, but Neschamah his aspiration and the representative of Adonai, he may pass through all.

Yea, in spite of the menace of the Hiereus, whose function is now that of his fear and of his courage, he goes on and enters the Pyramid. But there he is seized and thrown down by both officers as one unworthy to enter.


His aspiration purifies him with steel and fire; and there as he lies shattered by the force of the ritual, he hears — even as a corpse that hears the voice of Israfal — the Hegemon that chants a solemn hymn of praise to that glory which is at the Apex, and who invisibly rules and governs the whole Pyramid.

Now then that darkling wight is lifted by the officers and brought to the altar in the centre; and there the Hiereus accuses him of the two and twenty Basenesses, while the Hegemom lifting up his chained arms cries again and again against his enemy that he is under the Shadow of the Eternal Wings of the Holy One.

Yet at the end, at the supreme accusation, the Hiereus smites him into death. The same answer avails him, and in its strength he is uplifted by his aspiration — now he stands upright. Now then he makes a journey in his new house, and perceives at stated times, each time proceeded by a new ordeal and equilibration, the forces that surround him. Death he sees, and the Life of Nature whose name is Sorrow, and the Word that quickeneth these, and his own self — and when he hath recognised these four in their true nature he passes to the altar once more and as the apex of the descending triangle is admitted to the lordship of the Double Kingdom.

Thus is he a member of the visible triad that is crossed with the invisible — behold the hexagram of Solomon the King!

All this the Hiereus seals with a knock and at the Hegemon’s new summons he — to his surprise — finds himself as the Hanged Man of the Tarot. Each point of the figure thus formed they crown with light, until he glitters with the Flame of the Spirit. Thus and not otherwise is he made a partaker of the Mysteries, and the Lightning Flash strikes him.

The Lord hath descended from heaven with a shout and with the Voice of the Archangel, and the trump of God. He is recognised an initiate, and the word of Secret Power, and the silent administration of the Sacrament of Sword and Flame, acknowledge him.

Then, the words being duly spoken and the deeds duly done, all is symbolically sealed by the Thirty Voices, and the Word that vibrateth from the Silence of the Speech, and from the Speech again unto the Silence.

Then the Pyramid is sealed up, even as it was opened; yet in the sealing thereof the three men partake in a certain mystical manner of the Eucharist of the Four Elements that are consumed for the Perfection of the Oil. The Magus at altar with Wand.

In his left hand he taketh the Bell. Two strokes on the bell.

Help with perfoming Liber Pyramidos ritual

Begin the Banishing Spiral Dance to the right at the word “Let”. Let The Silence Speech beget!

Knowledge and Power, twin warriors, shake The Invisible; they roll asunder The darkness; matter shines; a snake. Sebek is smitten by the thunder — The Light breaks forth from under!


He goes to the West, in the centre of the base of the triangle of Thoth alephAsi mem and Hoor shin. Whose serpents strain Their bodies, bounding the beyond. Thou in the Light and in the Night Art one, above their moving might! He lays the Wand upon the Altar. He scourges the buttocks, cuts cross on the heart [4] and binds chain round forehead, saying:.

Smite thy flood Through me — lymph, marrow, and blood! The Scourge, the Dagger, and the Chain Cleanse body, breast and brain! So Life from Death takes fire, and runs Whirling amid the Suns! Pace the Path, bind on The girdle of the Starry One! Vibrate the Secret Word M Hail, thou wanded Wheel!

Alpha and Delta kissed and came For Five that feed the Flame. I know not who I am! I know not whence I came! I know not where I go; I seek — but what I do not know!

Liner am blind and bound; but I Have heard one cry Ring through Eternity: Arise and follow me! I invoke the Fourfold Horror of the Smoke. A later typescript has: But it is very dangerous. It opens the Gates of Hell. Stagger and fall back to earth. Who pins me down?

Who stabs my heart? I am unfit to pass within This Pylon of the Hall of Maat. Let thy flood Cleanse me — lymph marrow and blood!

Let the Oil Balance, assain, assoil. Passes the first Pylon i. Gate into the Pyramid. For I am come with all this pain To ask admission to the shrine. I know not why — I ask in vain Unless — may be — that I am Thine!

I am Mentu the truth-telling brother Who was master of Thebes from his birth: O heart of me, heart of my mother! O heart that I had upon earth! Stand thou not thou up against me a witness! Oppose me not, judge, in my quest! Accuse me not now of unfitness Before the great God, the dread Lord of the West! Speak fair words for OU ME! I was Master of Thebes from my birth; As a dog shall I die?

Thou shalt not let me die! But my khu that the teeth of the crocodile sever Shall be mighty in heaven for ever and ever! I am under the Shadow of the Wings. I am so fickle that I scorn the bridle.

Liber DCLXXI – vel Pyramidos

I am a traitor — die the traitor’s death! Soul-mastering Terror is thy Name Lord of the Gods! Dread Lord of Hell! I fear Thee not.

Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos |

Thy flame Is mine to weave my maiden spell! False Phantom, thou shalt pass before The frowning forehead of the Sun. Now witness Ye upon the earth Spirit and water and red blood.

I eat up the strong lions, I! Fear is on Seb, on them that dwell therein. Behold the radiant Pyramidks of the Lord.